Saturday, 19 October 2013

Living Astrologically: Lunar Eclipse in Aries 2013

For someone who needs to learn to be more assertive, I am not surprised to find myself encountering many PETs in my life.  Personal Emotional Trainers, as mentioned in Rhonda Byrne's 'The Power', are people serving the purpose of training our emotions by provoking strong feelings such as anger, hatred and fear in us.  To put quite simply, they have the ability to annoy the hell out of us so we can understand ourselves better.  To put it another way, PETs are only our projections.

With my transiting Saturn hovering in my 4th house, forming a T-square to my ASC-DSC axis, I've met my fair share of these people in the past year.  I've also noticed whenever there is a full moon in Aries, it also summons a few PETs my way.  Thinking back, there was a time when my secondary school friends were training me to be a bitch - they weren't PETs, they were literally saying, 'You're too nice, you need to be more of a bitch.'  Little did I know that they were actually onto something then......

Lunar eclipses are super full moons, signalling the peak of a situation.  At 25 degrees Aries 45 minutes, the Aries-Libra axis is under the spotlight, i.e. the 'me' versus 'you' dynamic.  It is about striking an equilibrium between asserting oneself without upsetting others.  On the other side of the coin, we don't want to be a doormat and get trampled on.  Oppositions seek balance.

This lunar eclipse in Aries square my natal Jupiter (which conjunct my ASC), thus highlighting issues of asserting myself and standing my ground in a partnership.  I didn't think it would be potent at all, since some astrologers do not even consider squares to be significant enough when it comes to eclipses.  However, it has brought along a PET, though I do not consider this individual to be much of a challenge, more like a nuisance; a wake-up call to remind me to stand up for myself and not hide in the background anymore. This eclipse straddles my 3rd-9th axis, it is time to speak-up and speak out.   Eclipses are like alarm clocks, waking-us up from our slumber.  I've definitely been woken up by it!  The shock is still reverberating in my system....

Where do you need to assert yourself?

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