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Neptune Transits

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Howard Sasportas mentioned in his 'Gods of Change' that one of the purposes of Neptune transits is to dissolve boundaries.  No matter how rigid your thinking, how stubborn your personality or how stable your structure, Neptune can dissolve them all.  Maybe not instantly or suddenly like Uranus, but its gentle effect will slowly melt down any obstinate barriers.

The reason for Neptune's overwhelming splash is not to punish us.  The Sea God merely wants to get rid of any inflexible components in the psychological make-up so that we can move one step closer towards our solar destiny (as depicted by our Sun's sign, house and aspects).  Another reason, which resonates strongly with me, is the issue of seeking approval.  Neptune may dissolve away a job opportunity, melt away the bond of a long-term relationship or liquefy your material wealth, leaving you feeling hurt, empty and worthless.  However, the Neptunian lesson is for the individual to understand that happiness is sought internally and not externally.  Neptune does not want us to rely on a job, a house or a relationship to supply us with a source of happiness or to give us approval.  You are perfect, whole and complete as you are NOW.
I'm about to receive my 3rd (and final, thank god!) Neptune conjunction to my Mars.  Mars has an innate drive to achieve, to make a mark on the world.  Mars is self-centred.  Neptune is selfless.  So what happens when such two opposing forces meet?  Well, if I insist on asserting myself regardless of others, then the chances of succeeding are fairly low.  I need to shift my focus on 'How can I serve others while exerting my energy?' instead.  However, Neptune asks us to be emotionally honest - is our motive really to help others or to gain recognition and power in a roundabout way?

Sacrifice is another Neptunian theme.  Under a Neptune transit, something may have to be given up, or sacrificed, in order to move on to the next step in life, for example,  a spouse's job relocation may mean the sacrifice of one's own career in order to keep the marriage intact.  

Addiction, substance abuse, victim/saviour relationships are other possible manifestations under this transit.

Where is the Sea God traversing in your chart?

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