Sunday, 20 October 2013

Living Astrologically: Mercury retrograde in Scorpio 2013

Mercury is due to make its final retrograde motion this year on 21st October at 18 degrees 23 minutes Scorpio.


30th September/1st October - Mercury enters shadow period 

21st October - Mercury goes retrograde at 18 degrees 23 minutes Scorpio

11th November - Mercury goes direct at 2 degrees 31 minutes Scorpio

26th/27th November - Mercury leaves shadow period

The first 10 days of a Mercury retrograde period is often filled with confusion and challenges.  We then reach the midpoint, i.e. when Mercury conjunct the Sun, signalling the delivery of the Mercury retrograde message.  This will occur around 1st-2nd November. 

I looked at my own chart and found that the Trickster will activate my angles under this retrograde. Starting with forming a fixed grand cross with my ASC-DSC axis and Chiron, then conjunct my IC for 4 days as it slows down to move direct again.  At least all this will happen after the midpoint message. I have a feeling that this may bring another PET or two into my life once again.  It is likely to be the start of a new chapter, especially with these aspects occurring shortly after the solar eclipse in Scorpio.  Since it involves my IC, perhaps it will bring an opportunity for me to build a new foundation (IC) in my life. However, old structures might have to be demolished first in order to make room for the new.  Well, I'm due to attend more psyche-digging workshops during that time, quite apt for the Scorpionic energy......

Where will the Scorpion be pinching/stinging in your life?

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