Sunday, 20 October 2013

Living Astrologically: Transiting Jupiter in 12th

It's rather uncanny how transiting Jupiter in Cancer is playing out in reality while traversing in my 12th house.  

Last month, I've had my first taste of family constellation.  It's a group workshop which explores (Jupiter) your family history (Cancer).  It involves a lot of digging (12th) into one's family unit (Cancer).  

12th house is also associated with hidden talents and forgotten dreams.  When transiting Jupiter first crossed over the threshold of my 12th house cusp, my interest in hypnotherapy was revived.  I recalled my initial fascination with the subconscious, which eventually led me to embark on a degree in Psychology.  Unfortunately, it didn't turn out the way I expected so I switched career upon graduation.  I have no regrets as I had a fabulous time in my first job as a teacher in Japan, but my original wish to be a hypnotherapist got put on the back burner.  Transiting Jupiter is certainly stirring up a lot of forgotten memories in my 12th house.  Luckily, with its benevolent effect, I'm traipsing down into the abyss of my psyche with optimism and curiosity.

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