Sunday 26 June 2011

July 2011 horoscopes


Your mind is buzzing with ideas on ways to improve your living environment - to the dismay of your family or housemates. Watch how you spend your hard-earned cash; listen to the wise advice of those around you. This is a time where you can do with some ‘me’ time and retreat into your own sacred space - occupy yourself with activities which can be carried out in the comfort of your own home.


The New Moon ushers in a sense of determination to make a fresh start, which can be achieved by releasing old habits and changing your old ways of thinking. Your creative energy is high and you may want to tap into your feminine side. Your social life is likely to pick up speed this month. Watch out for unnecessary spending. Having that new outfit or the latest gadget that your friend has may boost your self-esteem, but true happiness emanates from the heart.


What do you value in life? With this month’s new moon, you are likely to invest quite a bit of time pondering over what is important to you. This is also an ideal time to research into possible ways to manage your finances – is there another bank account offering a more competitive rate? Is it time to re-mortgage your home? Use your contacts and ask lots of questions.


Enjoying the company of friends and having a good time with them appear to feature significantly this month. You would like to allow your logical side to rest and be in touch with your feelings and emotions. This could also be a time to explore a new image to present to the world. You may have fun getting a new hair cut with your friends or go shopping with them.


This is not a time to be a hermit. Get out there and mingle with people. Through relating to others, you may re-acquaint with a wish or dream that you have forgotten about. Is there something you have always wanted to do or are passionate about but have never taken it further for whatever reason? It may be a project which benefits a large audience.


This month is likely to be a time when you would like to be alone to think things through. You may be feeling rebellious and not want to follow the crowd. There appears to be a focus on your career so perhaps you are exerting your mental energy on a work project. Conflicts with co-workers and/or authority figures are likely. You understand the importance to be nice and courteous to others, however, during this time, unless they share the common goal(s) with you, you seem to have little patience to entertain them.


This is a time where you are likely to get on well with people in your professional life. Your work environment is relaxing and harmonious. You could even fall in love with someone at work! There are opportunities to meet like-minded people and working with them towards a common goal. A balance needs to be reached between optimism and realism. Be open-minded and not limit yourself with what you can or cannot do, but at the same time, to exercise caution and not let arrogance rule the game.


Travelling abroad appears to be on the cards. Whether it’s a personal or professional trip, it is likely to be a pleasurable experience. This trip will broaden your horizon and expand your social circle. Even if you are staying put where you are, it is probable that the universe will bring foreign experiences into your life e.g. meeting individuals from a different culture, attending lectures from an international speaker.


Watch your temper this month as there is an increase likelihood of conflicts with others. This may occur at work with a co-worker or a significant other. They may not see eye-to-eye with your optimistic way of thinking. You are feeling rather open-minded and receptive to foreign experiences, which may be the start of something intense and unforgettable.


You may love your job or whatever you do for a living, but there comes a time when you feel the need to receive recognition for your effort. You are putting in a lot of time and energy into your work and all you ask for is some encouragement, preferably from an authority figure. You are feeling friendly and sociable and are likely to get on amicably with the people you meet.


You crave some change at work, whether it be more challenges or simply making a mark in what you do. Injecting the ‘wow’ factor in your ideas but making it realistic will be hard to achieve, but with your determination to succeed, anything is possible. In your intimate relationships, you are feeling comfortable enough to speak your mind. Your easy-going nature helps you to communicate your feelings to your object of affection and win over their heart.


A new way of working may find itself to your workplace. Your creative muse may pay you a visit and inspire you to take your work to a different level. Though caring and selfless by nature, you are toying with the idea of allowing a bit of an ego to come through your work. You enjoy what you do and like to make things beautiful, but all of a sudden, you feel it is time to let your true self stand under the limelight. You are the star of the show and it doesn’t hurt the world to know that.

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