Friday 30 September 2011

October Horoscopes


The full moon on 12th October in Aries provides fertile ground for starting something new. Full of enthusiasm, you’re raring to go and do what’s close to your heart. However, this is likely to be greeted by challenging remarks from those around you. You may not see eye to eye with those who give you opinions you didn’t ask for, but their words of wisdom do have a point. Take a diplomatic view and hear them out. They are not trying to put you down or blocking you, but merely want you to slow down and think more realistically about what you want to achieve.


People at work or romantic/business partners may not be what they seem. Your family members are concerned about how trusting you can be and want you to protect yourself more. However, you think they’re being unnecessarily pessimistic. Once you realize that they are only trying to be supportive rather than critical, you will embrace their wise advice.


Thoughts go deeper than usual as Mercury enters the intensive Scorpio on 13th October. The light-heartedness of a Gemini gives way to a more serious demeanour. Put this focused energy in your work and share your insights with your colleagues, especially if there is a new project on the horizon. Consider everyone’s viewpoints and cherry-pick the best option available.


Changes or new beginnings at work may alert you to the fact that you have been neglecting your home life and/or family. An air of distrust fills you this month. On the one hand, you want to share your woes with your friends, but on the other hand, you somehow feel vulnerable to open up to them. Follow your heart and do what feels comfortable to you.


The full moon finds your mind fully satiated from all the ‘spiritual food’ gained from conversing with inspiring individuals. With Mars travelling in your sign this month, you are embracing life with a renewed sense of enthusiasm. Some of you may just want to take a step back and live simply (and dare I say superficially) by focusing on your exterior; splash out on that new outfit or experiment a new image to greet the world.


Thoughts turn inward with Mercury entering Scorpio on 13th October, along with Venus also in the enigmatic Scorpio from 8th October, trusting those around you could become an issue. You are not inclined to discuss your fears openly and would rather seek solace by retreating into a safe space. Life isn’t as complicated as it looks, simplify where you can.


How can I increase my earnings/material assets? With Jupiter opposite your ruling planet Venus, thoughts turn to putting your hard-earned cash into investments or multiplying your current resources through other means. With the instability of the current economy, you want to tread carefully. Go mingle and have fun with your friends, there might be someone in your social circle who could give you the advice you are looking for. Even if you don’t find it, at least you would have had an enjoyable time catching-up with your buddies.


The Full Moon on 12th October highlights the need to look after your physical health. Take time out to rest and pamper yourself. With the New Moon in your sign on 26th October opposite Jupiter and in harmony with Neptune, you are asked to be creative with the limited resources available to you at work. Be positive; think about what you have instead of what you don’t have.


There may be someone at work you have your eyes on but are not ready to declare your love to just yet. Perhaps this new object of affection is not someone you would normally go for, e.g. from a different culture or religion. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Even if it doesn’t work out, there are plenty of other fish in the sea.


Climbing the career ladder and gloating at the top of the summit may be your ultimate goal, but to reach there, it’s not all about one person’s glory. Being a team-player and listening to other people’s opinions are all part of the package to achieve the success you are seeking.


Humanitarian Aquarians would like to invest their time and energy on a worthwhile cause. This month’s new moon on 26th October falls in your house of public life. Having conversed with people from all walks of life, your mind is buzzing with new ideas to take your project to a bigger and more influential audience. You are imbued with an enigmatic charm and are ready meet challenges head-on.


A busy month awaits you at work. Don’t worry, it’s not all hardwork but a time to exchange ideas and get inspired from your colleagues and receive support from your friends. There’s no room to be shy; put on the coat of confidence and catwalk down the aisle. Everyone wants a bit of your enthusiasm.

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