Monday 21 June 2021

Meal to celebrate the summer solstice 2021

 Today, my astrology buddy in Hong Kong cooked up a delish meal according to the planets.

Our Midsummer's Eve menu

All guests were served with coconut water in its original container, representing milk from Mother Earth!

For starters, pea soup was served to honor the Moon and Mercury.  This yummy pea soup (Moon) was made with coconut milk (Moon) seasoned with mint (Mercury).  We had a potato and turnip (both lunar ingredients) pancake but I was too busy eating that I forgot to take a photo of it!

Then we had an interlude of honoring Jupiter with fresh figs and chestnuts glazed with maple syrup.  Don't they look like a work of art?!

Honoring Jupiter continued with another dish:  chopped chestnuts with cloves, nutmeg, sage and maple syrup.

Then we moved onto the Sun and Mercury with this sassy salad:  tangerine (Sun) and fennel (Mercury) drizzled with a olive oil-based dressing.

Continuing with the solar theme:  rice with cashew nuts and raisins, flavoured with cinnamon.  We also had cucumber (Moon) and celery (Mercury) salad, but I forgot to take a picture of it!

Lunar dessert:  peaches, papaya and pears with roasted coconut chips, drenched in coconut sauce.

Sparkling water with lemon slice (Mercury!)

Thank you for your hospitality Kimberly!  We also had a great astro conversation with another fellow astrologer, Tom, who gave us many food for thoughts!

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