Friday 23 January 2009

Obama's inauguration vow - take two

A reader of 'Mountain Astrologer' (issue no. 143, Feb/Mar 2009) wrote in to point out that the time scheduled for Obama's inauguration was under a void-of-course moon.  This is when the moon is not making any major aspects to other planets.  Events taken place under such a phenomenon are likely to require some kind of adjustment afterwards.  Sure enough, soon after the ceremony, Obama's inauguration vow was nulled due to a word being spoken out of sequence. Just to err on the side of caution, the oath was repeated the following day.  On top of that, we are still under a Mercury retrograde!

Sunday 18 January 2009

Collective Consciousness

I remember a quite a few years ago, when I first began to read prolifically on spiritual matters, I encountered the concept of a collective consciousness, which I often see as the mind 'shared' by everyone.  

I honestly cannot remember where I came across the idea that when one individual is inspired with an idea, s/he is not the only person endowed with that idea.  This 'idea' is put in the collective consciousness pool, if you like, and so that it is likely to be 'seeded' in quite a number of minds around the world.  I am sure you often hear of stories of what I would term as  'simultaneous  discovery' where laymen were kicking themselves for not following through with their ideas when they see professional inventors launching similar products with a successful outcome.  

I too, had a similar experience a while back.

I had the urge to update my blog by adding more pictures and including new features.  Then the idea of using my angel cards entered my mind.  I thought perhaps I could draw a card each week and use that as a message for the week, perhaps combining this with a weekly horoscopes column.  In the end, I dismissed the idea.  Yesterday, as I was listening to Doreen Virtue's radio re-broadcast online, I heard that Doreen is now going to do Angel horoscopes for Spirit & Destiny (a UK New Age magazine).  Fortunately, I did not have the urge to kick myself, instead, I was glad that I was on the same wavelength as Doreen, or rather, we shared a similar cosmic idea.  I feel Doreen is a lot more qualified to use her angel cards and combine it with astrology. I look forward to reading it in the next issue!

Saturday 10 January 2009

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

Mercury, the planet of communication, turns retrograde in Aquarius on 11th January until the end of the month. Communications of all forms are prone to disruptions so be sure to back-up your computer files, double check your traveling schedule before you leave the house, use your words carefully to avoid misunderstandings and read the small print before you sign anything. 

Fortunately,  this period is not all doom and gloom. It is the perfect time to review, revisit and revise any projects you have been working on.  In Aquarius, it encourages breaking away from old habits and limited thinking.  The exact nature will depend on the placement of your Mercury in your natal chart.

Thursday 1 January 2009

Saturn Retrograde

One thing I would put at the top of my New Year Resolutions list is to be able to maintain a positive mindset at all times.  This is a personal challenge, since with my natal Sun in the 8th house in a tight opposition with my natal Saturn in the 2nd house, I often succumb to negative thinking. These last couple of years, I have made a conscious effort to monitor my thoughts and cleanse negativity from my system.  This includes weaning negative people and situations from my life.  I do feel towards the final quarter of 2008, I have made a wise (though there are people around me who would describe it as foolish) decision in my career.  I still firmly stand by my original decision and feel that I have successfully extracted all the lessons from that harsh experience and can now move on to greener pastures.  There are still cords attached to that experience, of which I ask Archangel Michael to help me sever (Doreen Virtue's Angeltherapy technique).  I no longer require to be in association with that place, situation and the people concerned.  I thank the universe for bringing me this challenging lesson.  I trust that the universe only brings me what I can handle and I release the whole experience to the light.

Towards the end of 2008, as we were approaching the Saturn retrograde (on 31st December 2008), I was once again given another lesson which questioned my decision-making skills to the core.  Thank you angels for sending me earth angels to help me through those tough days.  I trust my intuition and all the decisions made.  This Saturn retrograde in Virgo highlights a period (from now until May 2009) in which we need to face up to the lesson being delivered to us from the universe, the nature of which depends on the house your natal Saturn resides in. Pushing self-limiting beliefs and behaviours aside and constructively making plans to complete any outstanding projects is the message.

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