Thursday 19 April 2018

Mercury Direct!

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With my natal Mercury in Aries, I know one of my lessons is to express (Mercury) myself courageously (Aries) as I tend to keep a stiff upper lip.  However, during the previous Mercury retrograde in Aries (between 22nd March to 16th April to be exact), the pendulum totally swung the other way - I was being TOO bold and direct.  I completely felt the full damage caused by my foot-in-mouth behaviour.  I'll get the balance right one of these days......

How did you fare during this Mercury in Aries retrograde?

For those of you who are not astrologically aware.....

So what is Mercury Retrograde?

This usually happens 3 times a year.  For 3 weeks each time, the planet Mercury appears to be moving backwards from Earth's perspective.  Mercury is the planet of communication so the typical astrological advice you tend to read about include not signing contracts, not to buy any electronic goods, communicate clearly to avoid being misunderstood and leave in plenty of time in case of traffic delays.  So what can you do during this time?  Anything with 're' in front:  revise, revisit, review, renew, research.  For example, if you want to get a new laptop, use these 3 weeks to do your research and make your purchase when Mercury goes direct.  But, if you must sign a contract or buy a new phone, then just double check the small prints and ask if you are unsure of anything.  I like to think this period is a time for introspection, especially on something which you have put on the back burner.

Photo courtesy of Pam Gunton, thank you for allowing me to use baby Nina's photo:-)

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