Sunday 22 November 2009

Saturn in Libra

Transiting Saturn moved into Libra on 30th October.  Saturn represents structures, stability and authority figures.  Having transiting Saturn in Virgo for the past 2 years had certainly been a tough ride for me personally.  The fact that I have natal Saturn in Virgo in 2nd house does not help either.   One moment I thought I have mastered my assigned life lessons, but the next, found myself back to square one again.  Since the Saturnian sign change, I have felt the shift of energy in my internal and external world.  To start with, I have been feeling much more relaxed.  I no longer feel guilty for spending money on myself and be affected by external factors as much.  Unfortunately, the relaxed attitude turned into procrastination, hence my lack of contribution on my blog for the past six weeks.  Thanks Tamare for the reminder and for visiting my blog despite my lazy silence.  More posts will follow.

Pondering Pisces

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