Sunday 30 September 2012

VOC diary for the week beginning 1st October 2012

British Summer Time

Monday 1st October:  VOC in Aries from 23:31

Tuesday 2nd October:  VOC in Aries ends at 00:26
Wednesday 3rd October:  Venus enters Virgo at 07:58

Thursday 4th October:  VOC in Taurus from 08:44 to 12:46
                                 Jupiter goes retrograde at 14:18

Friday 5th October: Mercury enters Scorpio at 11:35
                              Saturn enters Scorpio at 21:34
                         VOC in Gemini from 22:08

Saturday 6th October:  *********************

Sunday 7th October: VOC in Gemini ends at 01:45
                                  Mars enters Sagittarius at 04:20

Hong Kong Time

Monday 1st October:  **********************

Tuesday 2nd October:  VOC in Aries from 06:31 to 07:26
Wednesday 3rd October:  Venus enters Virgo 14:58

Thursday 4th October:  VOC in Taurus from 15:44 to 19:46
                                Jupiter goes retrograde at 21:18

Friday 5th October: Mercury enters Scorpio at 18:35

Saturday 6th October:  Saturn enters Scorpio at 04:34
                                 VOC in Gemini from 05:08

Sunday 7th October: VOC in Gemini ends at 08:45
                                      Mars enters Sagittarius at 11:20

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Tuesday 25 September 2012

Natal Saturn devouring personal planets

Cosmic Potential natal Saturn devouring personal planets
In Greco-Roman mythology, Saturn (Cronus) devoured most of his children for fear of dethronment by them one day, thanks to his father, Uranus' curse.  Well, that is what you get for castrating your own dad....

Any planets, especially personal ones, in close challenging contacts with natal Saturn, is akin to having them swallowed by Saturn.  The outward manifestation is that of feeling restricted emotionally (if involving the Moon), inhibited mentally (involving Mercury), displaying self-sabotaging behaviour (involving Mars) and having a suppressed personality (involving the Sun).  I know this is the case with me.  Thanks to my Saturn-Sun and Saturn-Mars contacts, I am an overly-cautious individual who is too afraid to break new grounds.  My Saturn in Virgo swallows my Sun and Mars in Pisces' creativity and replaces it with rules and structures.  I can draw - but only if I have something to copy from.  Creating something from thin air disturbs me - like drowning in the ocean.  Give me something to copy and I am confident that I can do a great job.

Saturn becomes easier to negotiate with age.  Life experiences allow us to see why we need Saturn in our lives - to give us a framework to live in, to adhere to a set of rules so the world doesn't become too chaotic, to give us enough consistency and stability for us to get on with our mundane lives.  As always, moderation is the key.  When life gets too predictable and too structured, it makes one want to break free from the mould and engage in more adventurous tasks.  

How can we break out of Saturn's grasp?  Going back to the myth, it was Jupiter/Zeus, one of Saturn's offspring, who released his siblings from the pit of Saturn's stomach.  Therefore, take a look at your natal Jupiter and the house it rules, for there lies the key to unlocking those personal planets within Saturn.  For me, trusting the Universe and having faith in my own talents (Jupiter in Cancer 12th, ruling 5th ) soothes my innate fear of expressing myself truthfully (Saturn in Virgo 2nd house oppose Sun & Mars in Pisces 8th). 

With outer planets, the dynamic is like in a tug-of-war.  In the myth, Saturn castrated Uranus but Uranus cursed in return, instilling fear in Saturn.  Saturn sticks to the tried and tested whereas Uranus blazes a new trail.  Saturn forms boundaries and Neptune dissolves them.  Saturn builds and Pluto demolishes.  The key here is to find a middle ground to permit both parties to exhibit their natural skills and talents.  Uranus provides us with new ideas but we need Saturn to manifest them into form.  Neptune can clear away unnecessary barriers but a certain level of defense is healthy to keep the ego intact.  Pluto can help us de-clutter ruthlessly and thereby clearing out outdated junk from our system.

Has Saturn swallowed any of your personal planets?  How can you release them?


Monday 24 September 2012

Full Moon in Aries 2012

Full Moons are culmination points in the lunar cycle, bringing previously hidden information to light.  With the Sun in Libra and Moon in Aries on 30th September at 3:20 am (GMT), we are dealing with our own needs in relation to others.  The close conjunction between the Moon and Uranus can help us to gain a more detached view of our emotional shadows.  Does the 7 degrees 22 minutes Moon in Aries make any significant aspects to your natal chart?  Where are you being self-centred, impulsive, impatient and domineering?  

This Aries Full Moon forms a T-Square with the Uranus-Pluto square. Previously, we had Mars (Cancer new moon), Venus (Leo new Moon) and Mercury (near Virgo New Moon) locking in a T-Square with the infamous Uranus-Pluto square.  This time, it is the Sun's turn.  All the current rioting and other social unrest (Uranus in Aries) have stirred up a lot of 'dirt' from the depths of the collective unconscious, challenging what appears to be stable and wholesome structures (Pluto in Capricorn).  Secrets are floating to the surface voluntarily or exposed involuntarily.  Globally, power struggles among world leaders may escalate to another level.  Fighting for peace and justice may just be a cover-up of more selfish intents.  

Saturday 22 September 2012

VOC diary for the week beginning 24th September 2012

British Summer Time

Monday 24th September:  VOC in Capricorn from 22:18

Tuesday 25th September:  VOC in Capricorn ends at 00:32
Wednesday 26th September:  ***********************

Thursday 27th September:  VOC in Aquarius 04:33 to 06:23

Friday 28th September: ************************

Saturday 29th September:  VOC in Pisces 03:34 to 14:13

Sunday 30th September: Full Moon in Aries at 04:18

Hong Kong Time

Monday 24th September:  **********************

Tuesday 25th September:  VOC in Capricorn from 05:18 to 07:32
Wednesday 26th September:  ***********************

Thursday 27th September:  VOC in Aquarius 11:33 to 13:23

Friday 28th September: ************************

Saturday 29th September:  VOC in Pisces from 10:34 to 21:13

Sunday 30th September: Full Moon in Aries at 11:18

Saturday 15 September 2012

VOC diary for the week beginning 17th September 2012

British Summer Time

Monday 17th September:  Mercury enters Libra at 00:22

Tuesday 18th September:  Pluto goes direct at 06:07
                                                        VOC in Libra from 12:30 to 15:45
Wednesday 19th September:  ***********************

Thursday 20th September:  VOC in Scorpio from 14:11 to 17:33

Friday 21st September: ************************

Saturday 22nd September:  Sun enters Libra at 15:48
                                                                   VOC in Sagittarius from 17:45 to 20:20

Sunday 23rd September: ************************

Hong Kong Time

Monday 17th September:  Mercury enters Libra at 07:22

Tuesday 18th September:  Pluto goes direct at 13:07
                                                        VOC in Libra from 19:30 to 22:45
Wednesday 19th September:  ***********************

Thursday 20th September:  VOC in Scorpio from 21:11

Friday 21st September: VOC in Scorpio ends at 00:33

Saturday 22nd September:  Sun enters Libra at 22:48
Sunday 23rd September: VOC in Sagittarius from 00:45 to 03:20

Friday 14 September 2012

New Moon in Virgo 2012
The New Moon in analytical Virgo on 16th September is at 23 degrees 37 minutes, exact at 2:11am GMT.  

This New Moon conjunct its ruler Mercury, symbolising the start of a new plan, a new way of thinking and a new routine.  However, with the other Mercury-ruled planet, Jupiter, in Gemini quincunx action-oriented Mars in Scorpio, there is a danger of taking on too much and thus energy becomes scattered.  Moreover, with the New Moon trine the South Node, laziness is likely to creep in through the back door, since the South Node is the path of least resistance.  Any supposed 'new' inspirations may merely be a regurgitation of re-organised old ideas.  Creativity is likely to be strained too with Neptune square this South Node.  

How to harness this New Moon energy in Virgo

Practice Makes Perfect 
Virgo rules the 6th house of daily routines and mundane living.  Being a practical and down-to-earth sign,   Virgo reminds us that repeated actions do eventually become a habit.  The more you do something, the better you become, i.e. Practice Makes Perfect.  The process may seem like a drag, but obtaining expert status ultimately is well worth the hard work.

Increase your Efficiency
Virgo has the wonderful energy of helping us to organise our time and focus our energy on getting things done.  This is fantastic for procrastinators like me.  I find it a necessity to write a 'to-do' list on a daily basis. It acts as a framework for me to accomplish compulsory tasks/chores.  So instead of allowing time to fritter away, have in your mind what needs to be completed and have the determination to stick by it.  If it feels as if 24 hours isn't enough for you, work faster or find a different method of working.  Use your time effectively and efficiently.

Healthy Lifestyle
A participant in my Virgo New Moon Wishing workshop mentioned the importance of adhering to a set routine when it comes to eating and sleeping, i.e. at the very least, keep your meal times and bedtime stable.  Virgo is associated with physical health and unless we feed our bodies with wholesome food and allowing them to rest adequately, we won't be able to reap the benefits of good health.  Too many people take their health for granted and do not realise that it is something which requires active maintenance.  And we mustn't forget the importance of exercise too.  Doreen Virtue, angel therapist, once claimed on her radio show that exercise should be a daily habit - just like having a shower!

Find order from chaos
Besides becoming an efficient individual, the Virgoan energy also allows us to untangle 'knots' we encounter in our daily lives.  What appears to be a mess in your life?  It may look ominously impossible but there is a way to straighten it out - perhaps not completely in one go, but there is bound to be a solution for it.  Or maybe it's not as serious as you think?  Sometimes, I find it extremely valuable to run the 'problem' by a friend and get their perspective on it.  They could take you closer to the solution than you think.  (Or tell you it isn't a problem in the first place!)

Be kind to yourself and others
It is easy to fall into the Virgo trap of focusing too much on the finer details and missing the forest for the trees.  Both are equally important - find a healthy balance between organising the smaller steps without losing sight of the overall picture.  Being meticulous is one thing, but being downright pedantic is another.  Relax and permit yourself to say 'Well done, you have tried your best.'  Being overly-critical on yourself and others is not productive for anyone.

Sunday 9 September 2012

VOC diary for the week beginning 10th September 2012

British Summer Time

Monday 10th September:  **********************

Tuesday 11th September:  VOC in Cancer from 22:58
Wednesday 12th September:  VOC in Cancer ends at 04:00

Thursday 13th September:  ************************

Friday 14th September: VOC in Leo from 06:13 to 10:30

Saturday 15th September:  ********************

Sunday 16th September: New Moon in Virgo at 03:10
                                                 VOC in Virgo from 12:25 to 13:55

Hong Kong Time

Monday 10th September:  VOC in Gemini ends at 00:49

Tuesday 11th September:  ***********************
Wednesday 12th September:  VOC in Cancer from 05:58 to 11:00 

Thursday 13th September:  ***********************

Friday 14th September: VOC in Leo from 13:13 to 17:50

Saturday 15th September:  ********************

Sunday 16th September: New Moon in Virgo at 10:10
                                                 VOC in Virgo from 19:25 to 20:55

Wednesday 5 September 2012

Saturn transits from 3rd to 4th house - time for a system update

I was yet again inspired by intuitive astrologer, Robert Ohotto's latest radio show on 'The Power of your Imagination versus Will'.  

Ohotto mentions that we all have different programs running in us (aka our belief system).  These were all downloaded from childhood - from the interaction with parental or authoritative figures, to the background influence of our family, society or culture.

I certainly have the 'Critic' and 'Perfectionist' programs running in me, though I think I was only conscious of them from my mid 20s (as transiting Saturn was approaching my 2nd house, where my natal Saturn also resides).

I also recall that in my late 20s, I began to 'update' my beliefs on money. I assimilated, culturally, that money was earned through blood and sweat, hence I associated money with extreme hardship.  How refreshing it was when I encountered Louisa Hay and John Randolph's views on this very topic.  In their books,  'You Can Heal Your Life' and 'The Abundance Book' respectively, they discuss that it is our consciousness on abundance that is bringing prosperity to us, and not just sheer hard work.

Here's a link to one of Louise Hay's article on success and abundance:

Here's a link to my previous blog entries on both of these authors on the topic of abundance:

As transiting Saturn approaches my 4th house of home, family, roots and emotional history,  I feel it is time, yet again, to take an inventory of my past and reassess which 'software programs' running in my psyche require an upgrade or a total eradication.

Taking this one step further, are there any virus in your system which is hindering the smooth running of your other programs?

Come to think of it, perhaps I need to update my 'firewall' to protect myself from malicious verbal attacks.  Or perhaps I merely need to update my virus scan?

What programs are currently running in your system?  

Are you due for an upgrade?


Monday 3 September 2012

Virgo - Pisces Polarity: The Connection between Mind, Body and Spirit

Cosmic Potential Astrology Virgo Pisces Polarity
I'm an avid fan of Louise Hay's work on the connection between mental thoughts and physical ailments. I have already blogged about this years ago when I was suffering from hives for over 8 months and NOTHING worked - conventional medicine, herbal medicine.....then I came across Louise Hay's work and was fascinated by the messages we receive from our bodies. Unfortunately, most of these signals go undetected.

Transiting Mars was hovering over my natal Saturn in December 2011, March (retrograde) and May (direct) 2012.  By the last hit, my cheeks were covered with acne.  My body had been attempting to communicate with me but I chose to ignore its signals by using my concealer to hide the mini explosions erupting on my face.  In the end, I consulted Louise Hay's, 'Heal Your Body', which is basically a mini dictionary of the hidden messages from our bodily symptoms, to see what my body is trying to say to me:

Skin - protects our individuality, a sense organ. 
Suggested affirmation: 'I feel safe to be me'

Skin problems - Anxiety, fear, old, buried guck.  I am being threatened.  
Suggested affirmation: 'I lovingly protect myself with thoughts of joy and peace.  The past is forgiven and forgotten.  I am free in this moment.'

Coincidentally, skin is ruled by Saturn (Capricorn).  How appropriate that my natal Saturn was triggered by a Mars transit (Mars/Aries rules acne).  This is yet another example of the ancient adage 'As above, so below; as within, so without'.  The Mars 'above' is symbolically represented as my acne 'below'.

Acne - Not accepting the self.  Dislike of the self.  
Suggested affirmation: 'I am a Divine expression of life.  I love and accept myself where I am right now.'

Fear and anxiety are related to Saturn.  In my chart, my 2nd house Saturn is associated with my self-esteem.  I was under the scrutiny of others and could feel the pressure building up.  I thought I had done enough internal work previously to withstand any criticisms heading my way, but evidently not.  For the sake of my face though, I decided to temporarily remove myself from the situation which caused me to be fearful and then plan my next stage of action once I'm healed.  I am not going to be hard on myself over this.  I've tried my best.  I decided to be gentle and kind to myself instead.

Being gentle and kind to ourselves is more important than you think.  How often do you find yourself say 'I'm so stupid' or 'I hate myself'?  Your cells in your body are responsive to your negative emotions.  Here is what Louise Hay has discovered in her research on cancer growth:

Tumour - nursing old hurts and shocks, building remorse.  
Suggested affirmation: 'I lovingly release the past and turn my attention to this new day.  All is well.'

Feeding yourself toxic thoughts and holding onto past hurt appear to be the culprit here. Tumours are associated with the astrological sign of Cancer (ruled by the Moon). Perhaps nurturing our bodies with emotional nourishment is the key, as is fully releasing the toxicity from our bodies.

I want to emphasise that I'm not shunning conventional medicine at all.  I still visit my GP when my elbow rash spreads uncontrollably.  However, once it is under control, I ask myself what exacerbated it in the first place and analyse it from a spiritual point of view. 

Each system is incomplete by itself. Different healing methods complement one another to form a comprehensive structure - not just for the physical body, but also for the mental and spiritual.  Unfortunately, once tumours are discovered in the physical body, using alternative therapies alone may not be enough to eradicate the problem.  Steve Jobs comes to mind.  I personally think that alternative therapies are for preventative measures and also as a last resort, i.e. when conventional medicine has given up on the patient.  

Siding with one and shunning the other is not conducive to the purpose of balancing the polarity. No man's an island; nothing works in isolation.  What's wrong with using both? There is definitely a place for both systems to exist in tandem in order to serve humankind harmoniously - if we are willing to be pragmatic and open-minded with the idea.

Sunday 2 September 2012

VOC diary for the week beginning 3rd September 2012

British Summer Time

Monday 3rd September:  **********************

Tuesday 4th September:  VOC in Aries from 12:05 to 16:41
Wednesday 5th September:  VOC in Taurus from 19:54

Thursday 6th September:  Venus enters Leo at 15:47

Friday 7th September: VOC in Taurus ends at 05:09

Saturday 8th September:  ********************                                            

Sunday 9th September: VOC in Gemini from 11:58 to 17:49

Hong Kong Time

Monday 3rd September:  **********************

Tuesday 4th September:  VOC in Aries from 19:05 to 23:41
Wednesday 5th September:  ********************** 

Thursday 6th September:  VOC in Taurus from 02:54
                                         Venus enters Leo at 22:47

Friday 7th September: VOC in Taurus ends at 12:09

Saturday 8th September:  ********************

Sunday 9th September: VOC in Gemini from 18:58 (to Monday 10th 00:49)

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