Saturday 30 July 2011

August Horoscopes

The Cosmic Backdrop

It is impossible to remain emotionally oblivious to the recent global catastrophes, from the Norwegian attacks to Amy Winehouse’s sudden demise, and closer to home personally, the train collision in China. The common thread linking these tragedies is death. When mortality is involved of that magnitude, it surely makes us ponder on the fragility of human lives. How are these worldly concerns affecting you internally?

Astrologically, we have Uranus, the planet of sudden changes, and Pluto, which governs profound transformation, at 90 degrees from one another, i.e. a square. To embellish the picture further, Mars will square the former and oppose the latter a few days before the full moon on 13th August. This may be experienced as intense anger over events which are beyond our control. The full moon, with the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius, is waking us up to the fact that no man is an island; we are individuals within a social network. With all these planets dancing away together, fun-loving Venus will conjunct the Sun in Leo, allowing us to value our true self and see our inner beauty, regardless of external influences.

Be warned though, trickster Mercury will retrograde from 2nd August to 26th August. Ask for second opinion where possible, as this Leo influence may inflate confidence when caution should be exercised. Avoid signing contracts and other official documents within this period, unless it is for a renewal. If it cannot be avoided, then go through the small print with a fine toothcomb to minimise future misunderstandings. Always have a contingency plan when travelling, just in case the inevitable should occur.


The full moon this month allows you, Aries, to focus on yourselves – something you do on a regular basis, but with a spin this time. Instead of merely thinking about ‘me me me’, you wonder who you truly are so you can contribute to the wider community. In a nutshell, you want to reach out to other people by gaining an understanding of yourself first.


The full moon this month highlights the beauty on display around you. You are proud of your heritage, your family background and simply being ‘you’. You would like to immerse this newfound sense of pride and love of life into your professional life. How can I function more effectively at work with my innate skills and talents?


Have you been invited to a school reunion? Are you thinking of visiting your folks who are still living in the house where you had spent your childhood? A catch-up session with your long-lost pals or siblings may highlight the fact that Geminians could travel to the edge of the world to satiate their needs for variety, but at the end of the day, home is where the heart is.


The full moon this month is a great time to re-evaluate your assets. Financially, you could review your investments and see if there are alternative ways to make your cash grow more. Physically, how can you make your inner beauty shine through your flesh? Spiritually, what do you value? What is important to you and is that shared by your partner?


This month’s full moon turns your thoughts on relationships. We are not just flesh and bones but encased within are our inner charm and deep-seated beliefs. We tend to attract individuals who can deliver a great life lesson. No matter how annoying the person or situation may seem on the surface, try to extract the underlying meaning and move on.


You are stirring from your hibernation from last month and are ready to mingle and face the world. Feeling rejuvenated, you are now contemplating on ways to incorporate your newly discovered spiritual understanding into your everyday life. Can you practise what you preach?


Librans like to sit on the fence and be as diplomatic for as long as they can get away with. This month, you are exerting your energy at work in order to fulfill a wish which is likely to benefit a huge audience. You enjoy this project immensely and pride yourself in giving something back to the community.


Your muse pays you a visit and you are feeling rather inspired to go where no man has roamed. It may be uncomfortable at first, but what the heck, the world is changing around you as we speak, even if you do not budge, the Universe will find a way to kick you into motion. Show the world what you are really made of.


Questioning on the meanings and purposes of life may come naturally to you but not everyone understands the lingo. How can we make it more practical and relevant to the average person? Thinking philosophically energises you. Wouldn’t it be great if this is shared by all?


Under this month’s full moon influence, ambitious and conscientious Capricorns may consider expanding their knowledge to aid in the climbing of their career ladders. Attending a course in a higher education institution could be the answer, but the wise counsel from a mentor can also do the trick.


It is unlikely that you will be bored this month. Your social life is packed to the brim but watch what you say, express your thoughts clearly to avoid misunderstandings. When in doubt, just close your mouth.


Without a healthy body, nothing can be achieved. This month, thoughts turn to caring for your physical body and appreciating its beauty. Tone up those muscles with a new exercise regime and put yourself on a wholesome diet. After all, we are what we eat, a healthy body means a healthy mind.

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