Saturday 19 May 2012

Solar Eclipse in Gemini 2012

The first solar eclipse in 2012 will occur on 21st May at 12.47am BST at 0 degree Gemini 20 minutes.  Solar eclipses are extra-strong new moons with longer-lasting effect than the 'standard' monthly new moons.  The shadow period of this new moon is approximately 3.5 hours so this equates to an influence of 3.5 years after the start of the eclipse.  (For the technicalities behind shadow periods, please go to: )

If this solar eclipse aspects your natal planets/important points in your chart (with an orb of 3 degrees), then it denotes a new start in the area associated with that planet/point.  In addition, the eclipse point (i.e. 0 degree Gemini 20 minutes) will become extra-sensitive to upcoming transits, so any future transiting planets passing over that degree is likely to bring significant messages or signal important events.  On the contrary, this eclipse may not aspect your chart as not all eclipses are relevant to everyone (just as well since there are 2-3 solar eclipses annually, bringing transformational/significant changes - we don't want too many of those on a regular basis or we'll go crazy coping with the upheavals!).

This solar eclipse conjunct the South Node, which is traditionally associated with loss and sacrifice.  However, it can be interpreted as the release of unwanted materials, especially that the South Node is the path of least resistance so instead of running back to our comfort zone, we are encouraged to venture into the unknown (North Node in Sagittarius oppose this eclipse; with NN trine Uranus in Aries).  

Gemini is an air sign with a focus on the mind and intellect.  This is the perfect time to release any thought patterns which are hindering our spiritual progress (eclipse square Neptune in Pisces).  The South Node also square Chiron in Pisces so we have a theme of Gemini versus Pisces - head versus heart, IQ (intelligent quotient) versus EQ (emotional quotient), objectivity versus subjectivity.  This is a time for us to think about how to appreciate both and incorporate them effectively into our lives.  

Venus in Gemini, ruled by Mercury, is in retrograde, creating a fertile ground for introspecting on Venus-related issues, e.g. our values, money matters, relationships, what we find pleasurable and beautiful.  It also reminds us that playfulness has a purpose - to relax the mind muscle.  Mercury itself is in an earth sign of Taurus, conjunct Jupiter, so think positive thoughts but be realistic at the same time.

Where does this solar eclipse fall in your chart?


Thursday 3 May 2012

Full Moon in Scorpio 2012

The Full Moon in Scorpio at 16 degrees 1 minute is exact on 6th May at 4:35am GMT.  The Sun in Taurus fully illuminates the Moon, bringing hidden information to light.  Look out for any messages presenting themselves to you a few days before or after this full moon.  

With Taurus and Scorpio, a balance is called for between simplicity and complexity.  This may not be easy to achieve, especially with expansive Jupiter conjunct the Sun in Taurus, magnifying one's optimism and blowing emotions out of proportion.  Luckily, the Mercury in Aries and Saturn in Libra opposition acts as a brake, making us think twice before we voice our thoughts, and with Venus in Gemini sending a trine to Saturn, take it easy and don't take seemingly negative comments to heart, the intention may not be as bad as you think.  Having said that, be discerning when it comes to dishing out your compassion with Mars continuing to oppose the Neptune-Chiron conjunction.  The solution could be very simple indeed, but over-analysis of the situation may bring distrust and suspicion into the picture, clouding your ultimate judgement.  

With retrograding Pluto trine Mars and the Sun, the undercurrent of the world's turmoil can be distressing, but it can also act as a driving force, encouraging us to dig deep within and extract our hidden potential - how can we survive in our present society with job cuts and inflation?  What more can we offer our clients/customers/company/family/community?  In addition, Pluto in Capricorn is tightening its square to Uranus in Aries - how can we deal with our frustration and anger towards those in authority, who appear to have the power and control to affect our everyday lives?  

This Full Moon trine and sextile my North Node in the 2nd house, bringing me opportunities to move out of my comfort zone and achieve what I've signed up for in this lifetime.  Just as long as I'm willing to take the first step, it won't be as insurmountable as I think...

Where is this Full Moon illuminating in your chart?

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Tuesday 1 May 2012

Buddha's Relic in Hong Kong

On the 4th month of the 8th day in the Chinese lunar calendar is the birthday of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha.  This year, this special day fell on Saturday 28th April 2012.  For me, it was a highly memorable day as I had the great fortune to pay my respect before one of Buddha's relics - his parietal-bone, symbolising wisdom.

Thanks to the Hong Kong Buddhist Association, the people of Hong Kong were able to attend one of the grand blessing ceremonies being held between 25th-30th April.  It was a great honour for us to have the once in a lifetime opportunity to be in close proximity to the relic, which is considered to be akin to being in the great presence of Buddha himself.
The skull of Buddha

During the recitation, I took the chance to ask for a message from Buddha, not really expecting to receive anything.  However, as I closed my eyes, a black and white world flashed before my mind's eye.  Not really understanding the meaning behind the vision, I opened my eyes (because I couldn't shake the black and white image from my mind at all) and tried again, asking for 'anything I need to know at this moment in time'.  On hindsight, I should have added 'give me a message that I can understand' because once again, the black and white world reappeared.  Perhaps it was trying to tell me that the present world is colourful and I should take advantage of it and have more fun?  Or perhaps the world is TOO colourful and I need to take the minimalist approach and de-clutter my life?  I'm still trying to make sense of it...

Before the recitation, the audience was asked to stand and hold their hands in prayer position. After receiving my 'message', I felt the palms of my hands heating up.  Immediately, I felt guilty for neglecting my daily reiki ritual.  I took this as my second message from Buddha.

My parents and sister were in Hong Kong for a short visit at the time and were due to return to the UK that same evening.  Normally, when I say goodbye to my family, I would go through a brief period of loneliness from the separation, but I'm usually able to bounce back fairly quickly.  This time though, the melancholic feeling lingered on for days.  I do recall that being initiated into reiki does make one vulnerable to experience great sadness.  Maybe being in the great presence of Buddha reawakened me to the Universal energy of reiki, sensitizing me to the heaviness of the heart.  Deep down though, I believe we are equipped to deal with whatever is being thrown our way. 

I have the power to lift my spirits!

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