Saturday 29 November 2008

Understanding Your Chart - Houses

'How on earth do you make sense of that circle with lines and strange symbols scrawled all over it?' is the usual response I get when giving astrological readings.

A birthchart is basically the map of the heavens at the time of your birth. Imagine the moment you 'greet the world', if you were to look directly up to the sky, and were able to see all the planets out there, then you would see the locations of the planets in relation to one another - the way it is depicted on your birthchart.

A birthchart is like a pizza divided into 12 slices. Each slice, or house, represents a particular area of life. Here are some typical keywords associated with each house:

First house: Personality, outlook on life, first impression given to others

Second house: Physical body, material possessions, self-esteem and values

Third house: Communication and thinking style, primary education, siblings, local area

Fourth house: Family, roots, heritage, one of your parents, home life

Fifth house: Creativity, self-expression, hobbies, addictions, love affairs

Sixth house: Daily routine, workplace, pets, physical health

Seventh house: Marriage partner, business partners, enemies, legal battles

Eighth house: Inheritance, taboo issues, sexual relationship, shared resources

Ninth house: Higher learning, foreign travels, philosophy, religion

Tenth house: Public status, career, one of the parents

Eleventh house: Friends, love received, organisations, collective consciousness

Twelfth house: Hidden talents, psyche, behind-the-scenes, institutions, universal source

Saturday 22 November 2008

Elements of Signs

'Is his Sun sign compatible with mine?' is a common question I often hear people ask me during astrological consultations. Looking at the elements of each planet is a good starting point.

The twelve zodiac signs are grouped into four elements: fire, earth, air and water:

Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Air signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

As a rule of thumb, fire & air signs get on well with one another, as do earth & water signs. Afterall, air keeps the fire burning and earth is nourished by water. However, merely analysising the Sun signs is too simplistic. The whole chart needs to be taken into consideration. Besides the Sun sign, the Moon sign is also important. In addition, the Ascendant will further influence the elemental balance of the chart. These three significant factors tend to have heavier weighting when it comes to elemental analysis.
Here are the basic traits of each element:

Fire: With many planets in fire signs, you may be a dynamic character, infused with energy and enthusiasm for life. You tend to take the initiative, as leadership comes naturally to you. You are likely to be the life and soul at parties and gatherings. You could be prone to sudden outbursts, but they disappear as quickly as they appear.

Earth: With many planets in earth signs, you tend to be down-to-earth and practical. You may also be a methodical and an organised individual. You have a tendency to be stubborn and may find it hard to change from your day-to-day routine.

Air: With many planets in air signs, it is likely that you enjoy a good chat and the company of others. You tend to think analytically and logically, i.e. think with your head rather than your heart. Being mentally stimulated may be important to you, as boredom is something you cannot cope with. You may find it hard to stay still - both physically and mentally. You have a tendency to frequently change your mind.

Water: With many planets in water signs, you tend to be a sensitive and an emotional individual, whom tend to listen to your intuition and follow your heart on many matters. You may get influenced by others easily. You are caring and enjoy nurturing those around you. You have a knack for detecting the feelings of others.

Thursday 13 November 2008


With transiting Uranus hovering over my natal Sun, I knew that major changes were to occur in my life. However, changing jobs for the second time this year is not exactly what I had in mind!

As mentioned by life coach Gill Edward, and further echoed by many other spiritual writers, our external world is a reflection of our inner state. Perhaps my recent cleansing is finally having an impact on my external environment?

Recalling my thoughts and emotions for the past few months, I have noticed that I had been acting very much out of character. Similar to Lucinder Ledgerwood - a candidate on last season's 'The Apprentice' in the UK. She was fired by Sir Alan Sugar for being 'too zany'. The competitive nature of the show was probably too harsh for Lucinda's spiritual self. I too feel my current environment is vibrating at a dangerously low energy level to suit my sensitive nature. The Uranus-Saturn opposition has been 'conversing' in my chart in the last few months - shall I move or stay put? In the end, Uranus won. My Saturn side is still getting over the shock of my brave decision during this economic decline! Fortuntately, positive affirmations are keeping me optimistic and spiritually content.
I was on the underground last month when I noticed a butterfly perched on the air con vent. It should be fluttering in the open air - where it truly belongs. Instead, it somehow got stuck inside a man-made environment, i.e. a train. We could call it an adventure. On the other hand, we could also interpret it as 'Fish out of water'. It's not being true to itself and should seek a location suited to its biological state. I too feel I have been drowning in the sea of confusion and being suffocated by Scorpionic and 8th house themes. With Uranus transiting my 8th house, where my natal Sun, Mercury, Mars and North Node reside, I have been wondering how I would experience this transit? Back in August during the astrology Summer School event, I remember one other participant commented that with such a significant 8th house influence, it would be a good idea to experience that through client work, i.e. I could deal with these issues through others. Otherwise, I would meet them head-on in my own life.

Monday 10 November 2008

Is there truly enough money for everyone?

Louise L. Hay, founder of Hay House Publishing and an advocate of positive affirmations, often mentions in her work that 'money' is an energy exchange. It is not dependent on a person or event. John Randolph Price also reinforces this notion in his 'The Abundance Book'. By changing the consciousness of the law of abundance, we can increase this flow of energy into our lives. Louse Hay also believes that business doesn't have to be cut-throat. There is enough abundance from the universal source to support everyone.

It would be absolutely unthinkable to send customers to a competitor's door - but what happens if you simply cannot provide service for these customers?

When I was working part-time at a chain-store in England, we would openly send customers to our competitors if we could not provide our customers with the relevant products. As a customer, I have been recommended to shop elsewhere when the shop did not have what I was looking for. This truly shows the ethics of putting the customers first - they have our own interests at heart.

Somewhere down the line, I inadvertently attracted the complete opposite workplace - turning customers away - if we could not take their money, then no one else will. Or at least, we would not take an active part in sending them to others.

As a follower of positive affirmations, I believe that our universal creator is the ultimate provider of abundance. I stand by my beliefs that there truly is enough for everyone. Even in our current economic decline. There are still people looking to spend their hard-earned cash - less so than before, but would you not agree that some of our modern spending habits have been too extravagant? Perhaps with Pluto re-entering Capricorn later on this month, we need to think about our resources more prudently. Oil and house prices have been soaring to ridiculously high levels in recent years. People are spending money they do not have. It is a great shame that everyone globally has to suffer the consequences of these reckless behaviours.

Thursday 6 November 2008

Congratulations Obama!

In a conversation a month ago, some of my acqaintances remarked that America wasn't ready for a black president. These acquaintances also commented that I wasn't good enough to achieve certain projects. Deep down, I said to myself 'If Obama does become the first black president, it would proof these people wrong and also the fact that I can achieve my dreams too.'

So, on the day of the election, I was diligently tracking the votes minute by minute.

To begin with, McCain was leading, but after that, Obama raced right ahead, remaining in the lead until the very end.

Obama's success has proved that miracles do happen. This historical event shows that anything is possible if you dare to dream it. The universe is there to support us. What is it that you honestly desire from life?

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