Saturday 9 October 2010

Astrological aspects on a painting

Besides the plaques showing the zodiac signs, I also came across another painting with an astrological association:

Can you see it? Let take a closer look:
Let's zoom in further at the tower:
Can you see the twelve glyths of the zodiac within the circle? Also the different aspects in the next inner layer:
Conjunction is show by the new moon; square by the square shape; trine by the triangle. However, opposition looks more like the sextile symbol.

Here's some background info on the painting:

Astrology inside V & A (1)

It's been a long time since my last post (again!). I've been meaning to share my find at Victoria & Albert Museum during my summer visit to London. I managed to squeeze in a trip there with a friend and was surprised to find traces of astrology in some of the exhibits.The first exhibit was a set of twelve roundels depicting the agricultural year.

On closer inspection, I noticed that besides showing the length of daytime and night-time (upper light blue and lower dark blue arcs respectively), each plaque also has a zodiac sign on top of the sun:
January - Aquarius:

February - Pisces:

March - Aries:

April - Taurus:

May - Gemini:

Astrology inside V & A (2)

June - Cancer:

July - Leo:

August - Virgo:

Astrology inside V & A (3)

September - Libra:

October - Scorpio:

November - Sagittarius:

December - Capricorn:

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