Monday 21 June 2021

Meal to celebrate the summer solstice 2021

 Today, my astrology buddy in Hong Kong cooked up a delish meal according to the planets.

Our Midsummer's Eve menu

All guests were served with coconut water in its original container, representing milk from Mother Earth!

For starters, pea soup was served to honor the Moon and Mercury.  This yummy pea soup (Moon) was made with coconut milk (Moon) seasoned with mint (Mercury).  We had a potato and turnip (both lunar ingredients) pancake but I was too busy eating that I forgot to take a photo of it!

Then we had an interlude of honoring Jupiter with fresh figs and chestnuts glazed with maple syrup.  Don't they look like a work of art?!

Honoring Jupiter continued with another dish:  chopped chestnuts with cloves, nutmeg, sage and maple syrup.

Then we moved onto the Sun and Mercury with this sassy salad:  tangerine (Sun) and fennel (Mercury) drizzled with a olive oil-based dressing.

Continuing with the solar theme:  rice with cashew nuts and raisins, flavoured with cinnamon.  We also had cucumber (Moon) and celery (Mercury) salad, but I forgot to take a picture of it!

Lunar dessert:  peaches, papaya and pears with roasted coconut chips, drenched in coconut sauce.

Sparkling water with lemon slice (Mercury!)

Thank you for your hospitality Kimberly!  We also had a great astro conversation with another fellow astrologer, Tom, who gave us many food for thoughts!

Saturday 22 May 2021

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius 2021

The lunar eclipse happening at 5 degrees Sagittarius on 25th-26th May 2021 square Jupiter, the ruler of the moon.  Beware of greed - one of the seven deadly sins.  If something looks too good to be true, it probably is exaggerated.  Overconfidence and blind optimism are on the cards.  In addition, we have Neptune square Mercury and Venus, possible misunderstandings and even deceptions are likely.  

This can be a highly emotional time so it is best to avoid making important decisions until you are mentally calm, especially for those with planets in mutable signs (Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo and Pisces).

Wednesday 19 May 2021

The Mirror of Opposition Part 1

In astrology, when 2 planets are facing one another, i.e. 180 degrees apart, it is called an opposition. 

It has been described as both parties wanting the same goal but approaching it from opposite directions.

The word 'opposition' is understood as something or someone standing against you. The nature of an opposition in astrology is very similar - a part of you is being reflected to you in the external world. Ever had the experience of getting annoyed by someone? Sometimes you know why, but other times, you simply cannot stand that irritating git!  The key is to work out why you have attracted that person into your life and is able to trigger you emotionally.

An opposition is formed when 2 planets are in opposing signs.  With 12 signs altogether, we have 6 pairs of signs in opposition, each have the same goal, but approaching it from a different perspective.  Try to work out the role of the other person you have attracted and identify the part you play in this tug of war:

Aries - Libra
This is the axis of 'me' against 'you'.  Aries is concerned with the self, me me me, whereas Libra is about putting the others first.  However, they are both at the extremes.  

Is the other person being selfish? (Aries) Or are you annoyed by their inability to stand up for themselves and allow others to walk all over them? (Libra)

Common goal:  Relating to others
Incorporate both signs:  Relating to others cooperatively (Libra) but without losing oneself (Aries)

Taurus - Scorpio
Taurus is hoarding material possessions, whereas Scorpio is holding onto emotions.

Is the other person being Taurus (hoarding, being stubborn) or Scorpio (vindictive, jealous)?

Common goal:  Building/creating something that will last
Incorporate both signs:  Building steadily out of love (Taurus) and not go to the extremes (Scorpio) , e.g. being destructive and annihilate when the going gets tough 

If you could bear to take a moment and ask yourself why those people annoy you so much, you will often find that those irritating souls are merely mirroring a part of you that you have disowned.

Tuesday 11 May 2021

The Power of the Moon: Transiting in Gemini

The moon is the closest piece of rock/satellite to us, hence its influence is said to be strong for us Earthlings.  

It enters a new sign every 2.5 days.  

Depending on which part of the world you are currently located, it's due to make its ingress into  Gemini on:

12th May 2021  05:43:06 (Los Angeles PDT)

12th May 2021  08:43:06 (New York EDT)

12th May 2021 13:43:06 (London BST)

12th  May 2021 20:43:06 (HK Time)

12th May 2021 08:43:06 (Tokyo JST)

12th May 2021 22:43:06  (Melbourne AEST)

Mood, behaviour, state of mind under a Gemini moon:

Chatty, communicative, sociable, cerebral, inquisitive, restlessness

This is a great time for brainstorming, as your mind is buzzing with ideas, bursting to be manifested.  Multitasking becomes easier.  Make that phone, contact that acquaintance on your mind.  

Dinner parties held under the Geminian moon are likely to be lighthearted and filled with jokes,  laughter and gossips!

Friday 7 May 2021

The Power of the Moon: Transiting in Taurus

 The moon is the closest piece of rock/satellite to us, hence its influence is said to be strong for us Earthlings.  

It enters a new sign every 2.5 days.  

Depending on which part of the world you are currently located, it's due to make its ingress into Taurus on:

9th May 2021  16:46:58 (Los Angeles PDT)

9th May 2021  19:46:58 (New York EDT)

10th May 2021 00:46:58 (London BST)

10th  May 2021 07:46:58 (HK Time)

10th May 2021 08:46:58am (Tokyo JST)

10th May 2021 09:46:58  (Melbourne AEST)

Mood, behaviour, state of mind under a Taurus moon:

Indulgence, sensual, natural, stable, practical, stubborn, gluttonous, sedentary

Take advantage of this time to organise your finance, be it your porfolio or shopping around for better returns.  Go out and enjoy walks in the great outdoors and immerse your soul in the beauty of the natural world.  Compared to the previous zodiac sign, this is likely to be a time of inactivity/rest, sticking to what is familiar rather than being adventurous.

Dinner parties held under the Taurean moon is likely to influence our appetite.  Hosts can expect to see your guests mopping up their plates or asking for more.  Not so good for those who are watching their diets!

Thursday 6 May 2021

Power of the Moon: Transiting in Aries

 The moon is the closest piece of rock/satellite to us, hence its influence is said to be strong for us Earthlings.  

It enters a new sign every 2.5 days.  

Depending on which part of the world you are currently located, it's due to make its ingress into Aries on:

7th May 2021  04:52:58 (Los Angeles PDT)

7th May 2021  07:52:58 (New York EDT)

7th May 2021 12:52:58 (London BST)

7th  May 2021 19:52:58am (HK Time)

7th May 2021 20:52:58am (Tokyo JST)

7th May 2021 21:52:58am  (Melbourne AEST)

Mood, behaviour, state of mind under an Aries moon:

Courageous, combative, competitive, ambitious, active, pioneering, impatient, impulsive

It is the perfect time to take the plunge and do something you fear (without causing danger to yourself and others of course) - skydive, bungee jump. Be daring, create your own path!

Discussions occurring under this moon may become heated easily, as even the most timid may not be able to keep a stiff upper lip.  Getting ones point across seem to be more important than usual.  There is an urge to act, to begin, to fight....anything but do nothing.

Wednesday 5 May 2021

Mercury in Gemini, Mercury goes retrograde May 2021

Mercury is the messenger god, ruling communications and transportations.

It enters its sign of dignity (Gemini) on 3-4 May and will remain there until 12th July.

Normally, Mercury stays in a zodiac sign for just over 3 weeks.  However, with this messenger planet going retrograde on 30th May, it will remain in this strong position for an extended period of over 2 months.

While Mercury is in Gemini, expect more active cerebral activities (ideas buzzing in your head, planning projects),  and smoother communications (willingness to share thoughts and opinions, chatting on the phone/internet).

When Mercury reaches 24 degrees 43 minutes on 30th May, it will begin its retrograde motion and moves backwards, retracing its steps until it reaches 16 degrees on 23rd June, where it will resume direct motion again.  

Astrologically, it will affect those with planets in Gemini and other mutable signs (Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces) between 16 to 24 degrees.  

The usual advice given on the internet include:

- avoid signing contract (renewing is fine), if cannot be avoided, scrutinize the small print

- refrain from expensive purchases

- expect traffic delays

Personally, I experience the above even when Mercury is in direct motion anyway.

What I do notice when Mercury goes retrograde, and it triggers your natal planets,  is that communication with others become more sensitive than usual.  The chances of misunderstandings are higher.  So double check and triple check your instructions are being correctly processed.  Be extra polite in your choice of words.  When in doubt add an emoji to lighten the mood.  Be humble.  Double confirm your facts before you launch into a heated argument......

Mercury goes retrograde 3 times a year, each time for around 3 weeks.  It is a period of readjusting the way we communicate.  If we are too blunt and crass, then try to be more refined and subtle in the way we interact with others.  In Gemini, we can learn to be short and simple in our choice of words.  Be direct.  Say what you mean.  And most importantly, INTERPRET in a simple way.  For example, if your husband wants to add a pinch of salt to your soup, then it means the soup is bland.  It does not mean you are a lousy cook, good for nothing, can't even manage a simple task of putting a decent meal on the table........  Your cooking skills and your self esteem are not interlinked.  And if you are the husband, perhaps compliment on other aspect of the soup before you say 'I think adding a pinch of salt will bring out the flavour even more....'

What kinds of difficulties do you run into during a Mercury retrograde?

Tuesday 4 May 2021

I keep on meeting ........ Sagittarius

There is nothing scientific about these 'I keep on meeting....' series.  Just something I have noticed personally.

Similar to receiving signs from above, like seeing feathers or finding pennies, when I keep on meeting people under the same zodiac sign within a short time span, it does make me wonder 'Is it mere coincidence?'

For those who think it's utter non sense, you can stop reading now, this is clearly not for you, but for those who do resonate with what I'm saying, read on....

Keep on meeting Sagittarius and it's a sign that either you are too blunt, tactless, overly idealistic, or you're too serious and you can learn a thing or two from these fellow Sag counterparts - be carefree, fun-loving and spontaneous.  These free spirits are teaching the rest of us to lighten up and be adventurous.  Life is like an adventure playground, or a sea voyage, a chance to discover new territories.  Life is FUN!  Their enthusiasm is contagious and they show us that being bogged down by the past or being fearful of the future is depriving one to enjoy life to the full.  

Live in the present.

Image courtesy of Graphics Mouse /

Monday 3 May 2021

Power of the Moon: Transiting in Pisces

The moon is the closest piece of rock/satellite to us, hence its influence is said to be strong for us Earthlings.  

It enters a new sign every 2.5 days.  

Depending on which part of the world you are currently located, it's due to make its ingress into Pisces on:

4th May 2021  19:08:58 (Los Angeles PDT)

4th May 2021  22:08:58 (New York EDT)

5th May 2021 03:08:58 (London BST)

5th  May 2021 10:08:58am (HK Time)

5th May 2021 11:08:58am (Tokyo JST)

5th May 2021 12:08:58am  (Melbourne AEST)

Mood, behaviour, state of mind under a Pisces moon:

Romantic, compassionate, spiritual, dreamy, artistic, imaginative, intuitive, emotional, confused

It's a great time to take time out to meditate or just relax!  It is not particularly favourable for mundane or work-related matters, as it is easy to become distracted or even prone to procrastination.  

Parties held under this time may end up to be a spiritual affair.  It is easier to understand one another and increases rapport.

Sunday 2 May 2021

Power of the Moon: Transiting in Aquarius

The moon is the closest piece of rock/satellite to us, hence its influence is said to be strong for us Earthlings.  

It enters a new sign every 2.5 days.  

Depending on which part of the world you are currently located, it's due to make its ingress into Aquarius on:

2nd May 2021  12:30:58 (Los Angeles PDT)

2nd May 2021  15:30:58 (New York EDT)

2nd May 2021 20:30:58 (London BST)

3rd May 2021 03:30:58am (HK Time)

3rd May 2021 04:30:58am (Tokyo JST)

3rd May 2021 05:30:58am  (Melbourne AEST)

Mood, behaviour, state of mind under an Aquarius moon:

Individualistic, innovative, rebellious, experimental, electrifying, humanitarian, altruistic

It's a great time to be different; surprise others or prepared to be surprised!  Hop outside the box and step away from the tried & tested, perhaps be a volunteer and do something for others in the community.   

Parties held under this time may take an unexpected turn.  It is a great time to network with like-minded individuals and discuss matters which benefit the masses.

Saturday 1 May 2021

Power of the Moon: Transiting in Capricorn

The moon is the closest piece of rock/satellite to us, hence its influence is said to be strong for us Earthlings.  

It enters a new sign every 2.5 days.  

Depending on which part of the world you are currently located, it's due to make its ingress into Capricorn on:

30th April 2021  09:15:58 (Los Angeles PDT)

30th April 2021  12:15:58 (New York EDT)

30th April 2021 17:15:58 (London BST)

1st May 2021 00:15:58am (HK Time)

1st May 2021 01:15:58am (Tokyo JST)

1st May 2021 02:15:58am  (Melbourne AEST)

Mood, behaviour, state of mind under a Capricorn moon:

Serious, sober, calm, mature, controlled, stable, cautious, business-like, diligent, ambitious, practical, dutiful, responsible,  restrained, pessimistic

It's a great time to get things done, especially for work, or other practical matters.  Also appropriate for discussing serious topics.

It is not particularly an entertaining time, so parties held under this moon may end up to be like a meeting!  Or Topics discussed may take on a more serious tone than usual.

Friday 30 April 2021

Sun conjunct Uranus; Moon in Sagittarius; Moon square Neptune; sextile Jupiter

The Cosmic Weather for the last day of April 2021

Sun conjunct Uranus - surprises, surprises, surprises, personal breakthroughs, jump outside the box

Moon in Sagittarius - freedom, fun-loving, gallop into the distance (in spirit at least)

Moon square Neptune - overly sensitive, feeling hurt, misled,  misunderstood

Moon sextile Jupiter - exuberant, positive, warm, sociable, happiness, feeling abundant and confident

Thursday 29 April 2021

Jupiter in Pisces 2021

On May 13th-14th, depending on which part of the world you are in, we find the planet of abundance, Jupiter, enter its sign of dignity - Pisces.  Pisces is a sign of compassion, spirituality and the infinite realm.

Jupiter is the planet of luck, expansion, abundance.  With it entering a new sign, we can expect it to usher in a breath of fresh air into this stifled world of social distancing.  Bringing in the much needed hope and prosperity into every part of the globe.

On a personal level, where Jupiter traverses in your chart is the area of life with increased luck and opportunities, chances for advancement and expansion. Check both your sun sign and ascendant:

Aries - hidden talents, secrets, behind-the-scene matters

Taurus - social network, friendship, future plans, hopes and dreams

Gemini - promotion, better relationship with mother, positive public image

Cancer - higher learning, travelling, religion, publishing

Leo - investment, partner's money, facing/overcoming fear and paranoia

Virgo - new partnerships, business opportunities, winning lawsuits

Libra - better health, happy daily/work routine, getting on well with colleagues, new pets

Scorpio - love opportunities, leisure time, gambling luck, children 

Sagittarius - harmonious home life, better relationship with father, bigger homes, new family members

Capricorn - positive thinking, better relationship with siblings/neighbours/peers, inspiring ideas

Aquarius - increased earning and/ spending, elevated self esteem

Pisces - a new outlook on life, a new image, general wellbeing

Images from pinstrest and

Wednesday 28 April 2021

The Crown - Princess Margaret

A recent addiction on Netflix piqued my interest on Princess Margaret's birth chart.  

(Yes, it's 'The Crown'.  Yes I know it's ancient, I'm slow, I just discovered it last week!)

I was amazed to find the chart endowed with 5 planets in dignity and one in exaltation.  However, we all know that being dealt with a fine hand of cards is only part of the story.  It is how we play with it that really matters.

A gregarious socialite, exuding glamour and charm, the late Princess Margaret captured her audience with her bright and cheerful exterior with ease (Sun in Leo, Venus in Libra).  

Within this fashionably-cladded shell encased a softer, emotional core (Moon and Jupiter in Cancer).  A soul who craved to belong to the clan, but at the same time, sought independence and individualism (Uranus in 1st, oppose Venus). No doubt, as picked up by the series, she was proud to be her papa's joy, but wanted to be herself within the constitution.  

Endowed with a sharp tongue and quick mind (Mercury in Virgo), humorous at times, offensive and inappropriate at others (Mercury square Mars), she was a captivating entertainer.  Love, whether it be family or partnership, came through in short and interrupted dosages via a narrow duct (Venus square Saturn), which the late princess may have found to be difficult to grasp (Venus oppose Uranus).  Underneath this beautiful surface lay the thick soup of deep and intense emotions (Moon closely conjunct Pluto), be it dark feelings from sibling rivalry (a Leo feeling overshadowed) or lost love (having one's own choice of partner disapproved by the greater system), the strong Leonine ploughed on, with her head held up high.

Tuesday 27 April 2021

Full Moon in Scorpio 2021

Full Moon is a time when hidden matters come to the fore.

26th April 2021 04:32am GMT (Chart 1) / 27th April 2021 11:32am Hong Kong time (Chart 2)

Chart 1
The dark Scorpionic Moon opposes a stellium (Sun, Uranus, Venus, Merucry) in Taurus, expect to have your values and opinions shaken up in the least expected places.  The axis straddled by this full moon can give you some hints as to where these places may be:

1st - 7th:  how you relate to others; personal partnerships

2nd - 8th:  money matters, personal values

3rd - 9th:  siblings, neighbours, communications

4th - 10th:  parents, heritage, home life, career

5th - 11th: lover, hobbies, friends, social circle

6th -12th:  physical & mental health, mundane matters, hidden agendas

Have fixed sign (Taurus - Scorpio, Leo - Aquarius) planets at 7 degrees?  This full moon may bring some surprises your way.

Issues raised:
  • Out with the old, in with the new
  • Problems in relationships/matters swept under the carpet need to be faced head on
  • Have the grace and integrity to admit something isn't working
Chart 2

What may appear to be a painful separation could in fact be a blessing in disguise. 

Familiarity doesn't just breed contempt, it can also encourage inertia, making one unwilling to take the plunge for fear of the unknown.

Are you ready for a change?  If so, clear out the clutter and embrace the excitement ahead!

Monday 26 April 2021

The Identification of Attachment

Buddha said 'The Root of Suffering is Attachment'.

When we mortals don't get what we want; when things don't go our way, we become upset, or even depressed.  

To remove this pain and discomfort, the simplest way is to detach from our worldly desires.

Easier said than done, but hey, we have a life time (or lifetimes!) to work on this detachment.

Using astrology, here are the kinds of attachments each zodiac is likely to become fixated upon:

Fire Signs

♈️ Aries - Winning

♌️ Leo - Pride

♐️ Sagittarius - Freedom

Earth Signs

♉️ Taurus - Material Comforts

♍️ Virgo - Perfectionism

♑️ Capricorn - Status

Air Signs

♊️ Gemini - Gossips

♎️ Libra - Vanity

♒️ Aquarius - Detachment

Water Signs

♋️ Cancer -  the Past

♏️ Scorpio - Lust

♓️ Pisces - Worry

This list is only a start, can you think of more to add to it?

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