Tuesday 4 May 2021

I keep on meeting ........ Sagittarius

There is nothing scientific about these 'I keep on meeting....' series.  Just something I have noticed personally.

Similar to receiving signs from above, like seeing feathers or finding pennies, when I keep on meeting people under the same zodiac sign within a short time span, it does make me wonder 'Is it mere coincidence?'

For those who think it's utter non sense, you can stop reading now, this is clearly not for you, but for those who do resonate with what I'm saying, read on....

Keep on meeting Sagittarius and it's a sign that either you are too blunt, tactless, overly idealistic, or you're too serious and you can learn a thing or two from these fellow Sag counterparts - be carefree, fun-loving and spontaneous.  These free spirits are teaching the rest of us to lighten up and be adventurous.  Life is like an adventure playground, or a sea voyage, a chance to discover new territories.  Life is FUN!  Their enthusiasm is contagious and they show us that being bogged down by the past or being fearful of the future is depriving one to enjoy life to the full.  

Live in the present.

Image courtesy of Graphics Mouse / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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