Wednesday 19 May 2021

The Mirror of Opposition Part 1

In astrology, when 2 planets are facing one another, i.e. 180 degrees apart, it is called an opposition. 

It has been described as both parties wanting the same goal but approaching it from opposite directions.

The word 'opposition' is understood as something or someone standing against you. The nature of an opposition in astrology is very similar - a part of you is being reflected to you in the external world. Ever had the experience of getting annoyed by someone? Sometimes you know why, but other times, you simply cannot stand that irritating git!  The key is to work out why you have attracted that person into your life and is able to trigger you emotionally.

An opposition is formed when 2 planets are in opposing signs.  With 12 signs altogether, we have 6 pairs of signs in opposition, each have the same goal, but approaching it from a different perspective.  Try to work out the role of the other person you have attracted and identify the part you play in this tug of war:

Aries - Libra
This is the axis of 'me' against 'you'.  Aries is concerned with the self, me me me, whereas Libra is about putting the others first.  However, they are both at the extremes.  

Is the other person being selfish? (Aries) Or are you annoyed by their inability to stand up for themselves and allow others to walk all over them? (Libra)

Common goal:  Relating to others
Incorporate both signs:  Relating to others cooperatively (Libra) but without losing oneself (Aries)

Taurus - Scorpio
Taurus is hoarding material possessions, whereas Scorpio is holding onto emotions.

Is the other person being Taurus (hoarding, being stubborn) or Scorpio (vindictive, jealous)?

Common goal:  Building/creating something that will last
Incorporate both signs:  Building steadily out of love (Taurus) and not go to the extremes (Scorpio) , e.g. being destructive and annihilate when the going gets tough 

If you could bear to take a moment and ask yourself why those people annoy you so much, you will often find that those irritating souls are merely mirroring a part of you that you have disowned.

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