Sunday 26 February 2012

Transiting Venus in Taurus 2012

Get ready for a wave of relaxing and indulgent energy to wash over us when Venus enters one of its own signs, Taurus, on 5th March at 10:24 GMT.  The Goddess of love and money is due to stay in comfort-seeking Taurus for about a month, leaving on 3rd April.  Transiting Mercury is due to conjunct Uranus in Aries an hour after Venus' ingress into Taurus, which may possibly bring sudden outbursts of ideas and impulsive actions on how to be kind to yourself (shopping comes to mind!  Having said that, transiting Mars is in retrograde so this urge may no be that hard to conquer).  Then we have a Full Moon in Virgo 3 days later (on 8th March), a time to review your ongoing plans and projects. 

I have my MC, Chiron and Moon in Taurus.  I tend to indulge myself in the food department usually when anything conjuncts my Moon.  I'm already feeling rather lethargic with planet Mars in retrograde motion (but my workload is still on the increase), so with Venus transiting in Taurus conjunct my MC, Chiron then my Moon, I hope I won't become a couch potato and adopt a listless attitude towards my work.....

Taurus is also a sensual, tactile sign.  Hug and kiss.  Pamper your body.  Visit a spa, have a facial, a body massage, a manicure, a pedicure.....ummm,  I have a facial booked during this period... I was hoping Venus in Taurus would bring me some cash instead of the opposite.....

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Friday 24 February 2012

Zodiac Butterflies

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a 'home-made' birthday present from my sister the other day. She has creatively designed a set of butterflies according to the colours, shapes and patterns associated with each zodiac sign.  My sister is not into astrology the way I am so she did all the research from scratch.  She said she got stuck on Taurus because between all the websites and books she had consulted, every single colour under the sun seemed to be associated with Taurus!  She did ask me at one point and I told her I wasn't too concerned with colours except that Taurus is an earth sign so I would go for an earthy colour.  She's forever making gifts for her friends so I thought she was doing something for them - until I opened the big envelope from her in the post.  

Thanks sis:-)

Saturday 18 February 2012

Mercury in Aries 2012

Maybe I'm biased, but I'm looking forward to having Mercury transiting in Aries from Friday 2nd March (11.40 GMT).  Natally, I have Mercury in Aries, but in the 8th, so the Arian energy rarely gets unleashed without having lots of strings attached.  Luckily, with transiting Uranus in Aries, which conjunct my Mercury, I'm beginning to feel those 'strings' loosening under the pressure of that Arian energy.

In Aries, Mercury is ruled by Mars, which is currently retrograding in Virgo, so the two planets are in mutual reception.  We have a theme of communicating fearlessly - but not bluntly, because let's not forget we have Saturn and Mars in retrograde (Mercury will join the 'Retrograde Party' on 12th March).  Uranus in Aries, though, is likely to inject unconventionality wherever possible, balancing out the 'retrograde quality'.  It is interesting to note that during this period, retrograding Mars will physically be the closest to Earth on 3rd March, as if to say, 'Look at me!  Look at me!  Be assertive, not aggressive!'

Astrologically, there are 2 grand trines on the day when Mercury enters bold Aries.  Both of which contain a retrograde planet: an air/water grand trine with Saturn in Libra, Moon in Gemini, and Neptune-Chiron in Pisces (out-of-sign aspect) and an earth grand trine with Mars in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Taurus.  Each grand trine is like a circuit of positive, enclosed energy.  In the air/water 'circuit', we have Saturn retrograding in Libra linking up to the Moon (the past) and Neptune-Chiron (healing) so the past may be catching-up with us,  either as a fleeting thought or an physical re-encounter, urging us to let something go. In the other earth closed circuit, we have Mars retrograding in Virgo (repeating the 'thoughts and ideas' theme from the other grand trine with the Mercury-ruled Moon).  With Pluto and Jupiter,  again, we have the theme of bringing up something from the past, this time, from the depths of our psyche (Pluto, ruled by Saturn - the other retrograding planet from the air/water grand trine), but instead of being forced to come out into the light, we have Jupiter, gently coaxing the junk out.

Then, moving away from the grand trines, we have Mars (in retrograde) oppose the Sun and Saturn (in retrograde) oppose Venus.  Are you ready to face up to your life mission and re-set your belief system?  External stimuli, in the forms of male authority figures, may challenge your present beliefs and if you have been sitting around, feeling confused, it's time to get up and get moving - even if only mentally, don't let procrastination get the better of you.

Mercury begins its retrograde motion from 12th March.  Mercury retrograde is not just about miscommunications and computers going haywire.  It's a time for us to wake-up from our groggy states and introspect the goings-on in our lives - slow down and look carefully at where you are going.  What needs to stay, what needs to go?  In Aries, the focus is on ourselves.  It is not about being selfish, but about being proud of who we are, being honest with who we are and what we want to achieve in life.  It is about getting in touch with the warrior inside of us.  Be bold.  Be brave.  A turning point will be reached on 21st March, when we have a tight Sun-Mercury conjunction in Aries.  Look out for any messages/insights we may receive around this date.  I'm particularly fond of the work of an intuitive archetypal astrologer, Robert Ohotto, whose interpretation on retrograde cycles are rather insightful and pioneering.  You can find out more about his work and listen to his radio shows on

Timeline of transiting Mercury in Aries:

2nd March - Mercury enters Aries

12th March - Mercury retrograde begins

23rd-24th March - Mercury re-enters Pisces

4th April - Mercury goes direct

17th April - Mercury re-enters Aries

8th May - Mercury leaves Aries

Transiting Mercury in Aries will traverse my 8th and 9th houses, conjunct my Mercury for most of March due to its retrograde motion and will conjunct my Mercury for a second time in the latter half of April, so I will get plenty of opportunities to unleash my thoughts and ideas and not be afraid to speak my mind,  but without being impulsive and hurting others with my words.

Happy Mercury tracking!

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Sunday 12 February 2012

Whitney - We'll always love you

I was shocked beyond words this morning when I heard about Houston's demise.  Since my blog entry on transiting Uranus conjunct transiting Venus in Aries, 2 songs crept into my head and refused to leave:  Anita Baker's Sweet Love and Whitney Houston's All At Once.    How is it possible that the owner of the soothing voice that had been occupying my mind for the past couple of days is no longer breathing in the mortal realm?  

Houston's amazing voice had captivated a global audience for decades.  Her performance wasn't just for the sake of self-expression, but serving others through her God-given talent - her breathtakingly beautiful voice (Sun conjunct Venus in Leo in 6th oppose Saturn in Aquarius in 12th).  It was a shame drug addiction ruined her singing career (Pisces Ascendant conjunct Chiron in 1st oppose Pluto-Mercury-Uranus in 6/7th; Neptune in Scorpio in 8th).

As transiting Pluto from the 10th house tightly square her natal Mars in 7th (Placidus, 8th Equal House), Houston completed her Sacred Contract on Planet Earth, leaving behind a legacy of divinely powerful songs (transiting MC separating from her natal Moon-Jupiter conjunction in Aries in 1st; transiting Jupiter trine Uranus in Virgo 6th).  With her Chiron exactly conjunct my Sun, I have always personally found Houston's voice to be extremely therapeutic. 

Whitney, rest in peace.  Thank you for the music.  Thank you for being an inspiration to us all.

Saturday 11 February 2012

New Moon in Pisces 2012

It's that time of the month again - wishing time!

On 21st February 22.35pm GMT, we have a New Moon at 2° Pisces 42'.  Neptune, in its ruling sign Pisces, conjunct this New Moon tightly, accentuating the theme of spiritualism.  In addition, we have Chiron conjunct this New Moon, thus the whole package becomes a new beginning on spiritual healing.  

With the Sun, Moon, Neptune, Chiron and Mercury all in compassionate Pisces, this gentle New Moon in Pisces provides the perfect nurturing ground to plant your seeds relating to issues of forgiveness, acceptance and tolerance.  Is there someone you have been harbouring bitterness, anger or grudges towards?  This is the perfect time to let go and allow the Universe to infuse and cleanse you with some unconditional love.  Forgiving the other person is about releasing yourself from the grip of the situation - you are forgiving the person involved, not the action committed (paraphrasing Doreen Virtue's spiritual teaching).  If you can take one step further and forgive their actions too, then even better.

However, with Mercury in Pisces oppose Mars retrograding in Mars and Mercury in a T-Square with the nodal axis, it might be easier to think rather than act.  Your mind is likely to be full of spiritual thoughts but not have the motivation to do anything about them, thus this is also a good time to do internal work, e.g. meditation, introspection, retreats.  On the other hand, the Piscean energy can either bring confusion or inspiration to the mind, clouding your thinking processes or imbuing you with plenty of imagination and creativity.

This New Moon trine Saturn and sextile Jupiter, bringing plenty of opportunities to manifest any realistic and practical goals set under this New Moon.  With Jupiter oppose Saturn though, as optimistic as you may feel, the process of letting go and releasing your problems to the Universe can open up cans of worms in your relationships with others, and you may find it a struggle to forgive and forget.

I have this New Moon tightly conjunct my Mars and sextile my MC - time to plan for my next step in my career....

Where is this New Moon in your chart?  How is it interacting with your own chart?

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Friday 10 February 2012

Share your thoughts on transiting Uranus conjunct transiting Venus......

Since its ingress into bold and courageous Aries on Wednesday 8th February, transiting Venus has been locked in an Aries conjunction with transiting Uranus.  The conjunction tightens over the next couple of days (9th-10th) before the love goddess pulls away from Uranus in the chariot of fire by next week.

Venus, a sensual planet, may not express itself well in Aries, as Aries is detriment in Venus.  Coupled with its link to liberating and shocking Uranus, we could expect loving feelings to come suddenly, your own values and beliefs expressed bluntly and loudly, and depending on where this electrifying pair is in your chart, you may throw caution to the wind and live life in the fast land - but only temporarily....

For me, on the first day when Venus entered Aries (i.e. Aries Point), I found myself declaring, in public, 'I don't want any principles.  They got me nowhere in the past so I would much rather live life without any!'  This transiting pair happened to be sitting right on my natal Mercury in Aries 8th house - Aries point!  And as if that wasn't enough, I had another outburst a while later with, 'I'm sick and tired of being considerate and putting other people's needs before mine.  I'm doing this because I want to.'  It felt so liberating, but I'm sure, knowing me, I'll start to cringe once transiting Venus loosens its grip on Uranus by next week.  For now though, I'm still savouring the proud  feeling of allowing myself to speak my mind.......

Where is this transiting pair in your chart?  What has it 'made' you do?

Thursday 9 February 2012

Share your thoughts on Mars in Virgo retrograde

"Astrology can tell you many things. It can tell you what energy is available to an individual and how it’s likely to affect them. It cannot, however, tell you precisely how they will express it. Given the fact that each person has free will a person can express that energy on a continuum of lower to higher."  Satori, on, very succinctly expressed what astrology is all about:

The best way to learn astrology is by studying your own transits.  The current Mars retrograde is definitely putting a damper on my motivational energy.  However, since Mars in Virgo is ruled by Mercury, with my natal Mercury is in Aries 8th house, I have found that I'm less impulsive with voicing my thoughts (especially when I'm angry).  Transiting Mars is moving in my 2nd house and will conjunct my natal North Node by the end of this month and my natal Saturn by next month, since both are oppose my natal Sun, I'm sure issues of my beliefs and self-esteem are more likely to be the focus, judging by my recent events.

How's transiting Mars expressing itself in your life at the moment?
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Transiting Mercury in Pisces on Valentine's Day 2012 - read me a love poem, sing me a love song

How romantic is Valentine's Day this year?

In the background, we have Mars and Saturn in retrograde.  Mars, the planet of action, is going backwards in Virgo, the perfectionist, the analyst, making us think twice before we act.  Saturn, the planet of discipline, responsibilities and limitations, is going backwards in Libra, the diplomat, the socialite, endowing us with an air of solemnity in our interaction with others.

Venus, the planet of love is no longer in the romantic sign of Pisces but Aries, bold and courageous, not afraid to go after the object of her affection.  Not to worry, we have Mercury entering the romantic and charming Pisces on this loving day at 01.37 GMT.  It then conjunct Neptune by 06.46 GMT, heightening the dreaminess, the enchantment, setting the scene for the day for the part of the world that is to the east of Greenwich Mean Time.

Countries within 6 hours to the east of GMT will have the waning half moon in Scorpio (25 degrees 24 mins; 17.03 GMT) on Valentine's Day, a time to release what's deep inside us.  Countries to the west of Greenwich Mean Time will benefit from having the Moon moving into fun-loving Sagittarius (00.56 GMT 15th Feb), lightening up the atmosphere from the mysterious Scorpio.  Having said that, we then have the Moon square Neptune (01.39 GMT) and Mercury (04.27 GMT), followed by a trine to Uranus (05.05 GMT) and a square to Chiron (08.46 GMT), so for our counterparts to the west of GMT, the adventurous Sagittarius Moon wants to celebrate loudly against the gentle backdrop of Pisces Neptune, Mercury and Chiron, sprinkling in some surprise and excitement as it links up to Uranus in Aries.

Happy Valentine's Day whatever you plan to do.

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Sunday 5 February 2012

Saturn in Libra retrograde 2012

Saturn, the planet of boundaries, restrictions and limitations, goes retrograde in peace-loving Libra on 7th February (14.03 GMT), which is closely followed by the Leo Full Moon in less than 8 hours away.  

Tracking its ingress in Libra, I have found that Saturn, asking us to learn through our relationships with others, is not merely giving us a second, but a third chance to grasp the lessons in Libra. 

Saturn first stepped over the threshold of vain and indecisive Libra back on 30th October 2009.  By the time it reached 4 degrees 39 minutes on 13th January 2010, it began to retrograde in Libra and entered back into the territory of Virgo on 7th April 2010.  So between 30th October 2009 and 7th April, Saturn was travelling in Libra between 0 to 4 degrees 39 minutes, but in retrograde motion from 13th January 2010.

By 30th May 2010, Saturn began to move direct again, reaching Libra on 22nd July 2010 and will stay in this urbane sign until 5th October 2012.

The 2nd retrograde period of Saturn in Libra began on 26th January 2011 at 17 degrees 13.6 Libra, reaching 10 degrees 26.7 minutes Libra on 13th June 2011, thus revisiting the degrees already covered between 22nd October 2010 and 25th January 2011. 

The 3rd retrograde period of Saturn in Libra is from 7th February 2012 at 29 degrees 30.5 minutes Libra, reaching 22 degrees 45.8 minutes on 24/25th June 2012, thus revisiting the degrees already covered between 4th November 2011 and 6th February 2012.

The best way to learn astrology is by analysing your own chart and transits.  I got my diaries out, focusing on those periods stated above and boiled down to the conclusion that Saturn in Libra, during its sojourn in my 2nd/3rd houses, sextile/trine my ASC/DES axis, oppose my Mercury and conjunct my Pluto, has been forcing me to learn new ways of relating to people, and through those interactions, I re-developed my own self-confidence and re-organised my belief system.  Transiting Saturn is currently square my natal Jupiter and natal Venus, further pushing me to ruminate my true beliefs and values.  It is a time to discard what is no longer needed and to make room for the new.

Saturn is the strict disciplinarian, but in Libra, dressed in refined attire, oozing grace and charm.

What have you learned/refused to learn/still need to learn?
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Saturday 4 February 2012

Transiting Venus in Aries 2012

There's not that much 'fire' in the sky lately, but following the Leo Full Moon on 7th February, the scale will tip slightly as Venus enters Aries on 8th February (6 a.m. GMT).  The planet of love then conjunct Uranus on 10th February (at 2.28am GMT), so by then, the Moon, Venus, Uranus and the North Node will all be in fire signs, giving us a little bit more passion and energy in the air.  However, don't forget we have Mars and Saturn (from 7th February) in retrograde, putting a damper on your motivation and encouraging you to slow down and introspect from the other side of the scale.

Venus is the planet of love, beauty and harmony, moving from the romantic and demure Pisces, to the bold and courageous Aries.  Pisces is about being selfless and immersing with the Universal source, whereas Aries is about the ego, the self, 'me'.  Venus seeks balance in interacting with others, but in Aries, the focus is likely to be more self-oriented and more willing to take risks, especially in the realm of love and pleasure-seeking.  Venus is also related to our values and belief system, so in Aries, we are less likely to be afraid to stand up for our own beliefs, but with Mars and Saturn in retrograde, the passion is more covert and relatively easier to control.

Be prepared to be surprised/shocked on 10th February when this love goddess conjunct Uranus, bringing something unpredictable, from sudden love attraction to excitement on the social front.

Traditionally, transits of Mars to Pluto are deemed to be more significant due to their slower orbits.  As transient as Mercury and Venus transits may be, I personally feel they are still worth looking at, especially for individuals with Mercury/Venus Sun and rising, where Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, and Venus rules Taurus and Libra.

For me, Venus conjunct my Mercury on its first day of ingress into Aries before moving into its conjunction with transiting Uranus.  My mind is on overdrive from its conjunction to transiting Uranus anyway, so having a slightly more mellow planet (albeit in a fiery sign) may bring a quick rest, but it will oppose my natal Pluto by the end of February, bringing possible power struggles in my relationship with others (or a compulsive attraction?!)

Can you feel Venus in your day to day life?

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Wednesday 1 February 2012

Full Moon in Leo 2012

What did you wish for back on 23rd January under the Aquarius New Moon, favouring long-term goals, benefiting the masses?  On 7th February (9.54pm GMT), under the Leo Full Moon (18 degrees 31 mins), we get a glimpse of our progress so far.  Besides bringing a resolution or reaching a culmination point, full moons can also bring light to a situation, showing you what you may have missed before.  The two-week period between the full moon and the next new moon is an optimal time to release things which no longer work.

With this Full Moon (Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Leo), we are reminded that even though we are part of a whole (reinforced by Neptune entering Pisces on 3rd February), we must also leave our own mark and incorporate our passion in what we do (Leo).  It is about gaining a balance between selfishness & selflessness.  We don't want too much of either one.  With a tight conjunction between the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius, there is a strong tendency to focus on the group mind.  Believe it or not, we are all going after similar goals - peace and happiness.  Identify what makes your heart sing and focus on that.  God has created someone else to help those you cannot reach - it merely is a division of labour; embrace your uniqueness (Sun semi-square Uranus) and overcome obstacles (Sun quincunx Mars in retrograde).  

The Aquarius New Moon was immediately followed by a Mars retrograde.  This Leo Full Moon is preceded by a Saturn retrograde.  There is a collective need to introspect - to go within and work out what our life lessons are, to understand the need to relate/interact with one another and to be amicable without being a doormat (Saturn in Libra quincunx Venus in Pisces).

Where is this Leo Full Moon illuminating in your chart?

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