Thursday 9 February 2012

Transiting Mercury in Pisces on Valentine's Day 2012 - read me a love poem, sing me a love song

How romantic is Valentine's Day this year?

In the background, we have Mars and Saturn in retrograde.  Mars, the planet of action, is going backwards in Virgo, the perfectionist, the analyst, making us think twice before we act.  Saturn, the planet of discipline, responsibilities and limitations, is going backwards in Libra, the diplomat, the socialite, endowing us with an air of solemnity in our interaction with others.

Venus, the planet of love is no longer in the romantic sign of Pisces but Aries, bold and courageous, not afraid to go after the object of her affection.  Not to worry, we have Mercury entering the romantic and charming Pisces on this loving day at 01.37 GMT.  It then conjunct Neptune by 06.46 GMT, heightening the dreaminess, the enchantment, setting the scene for the day for the part of the world that is to the east of Greenwich Mean Time.

Countries within 6 hours to the east of GMT will have the waning half moon in Scorpio (25 degrees 24 mins; 17.03 GMT) on Valentine's Day, a time to release what's deep inside us.  Countries to the west of Greenwich Mean Time will benefit from having the Moon moving into fun-loving Sagittarius (00.56 GMT 15th Feb), lightening up the atmosphere from the mysterious Scorpio.  Having said that, we then have the Moon square Neptune (01.39 GMT) and Mercury (04.27 GMT), followed by a trine to Uranus (05.05 GMT) and a square to Chiron (08.46 GMT), so for our counterparts to the west of GMT, the adventurous Sagittarius Moon wants to celebrate loudly against the gentle backdrop of Pisces Neptune, Mercury and Chiron, sprinkling in some surprise and excitement as it links up to Uranus in Aries.

Happy Valentine's Day whatever you plan to do.

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