Monday 30 July 2012

Full Moon in Aquarius 2012

The full moon in Aquarius (10 degrees 15 minutes) on 2nd August at 03:28 GMT brings us to our monthly culmination point. Look out for natal planets in fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) making major aspects (conjunction, opposition or square) to this full moon.

This is a time when hidden information is exposed under the full illumination of the Sun and a time to review your current projects, especially ones started two weeks ago at the time of the Cancer new moon.  Full Moons are also times when emotions are heightened.  However, since the moon is in Aquarius, a fixed air sign, a touch of logic is added to the mix.

The theme of 'me' versus 'you'/'they' is prominent in this full moon. The Sun is in egocentric Leo, concerning with self-expression and allowing the inner self to shine (especially with communicative Mercury also in Leo, albeit in retrograde). However, we have the Moon in humanitarian Aquarius, concerning with tapping into the group consciousness. Together, we are urged to allow ourselves to shine (Leo) and be unique in a group setting (Aquarius) where similar goals are shared by all the members of the group, i.e. network with like-minded souls who hold similar hopes and dreams as you.

The Sun is in its natural sign this time (Leo) so let's take a look at Uranus and Saturn, which rule the Aquarian Moon. Uranus in Aries, another ego-driven sign, trine the Leo Sun and Mercury and sextile the Moon. Take a detached-stance in your thinking. Saturn in Libra conjunct Mars and trine Venus in Gemini, encouraging the need to compromise with others where appropriate - being an individual is important but so is being a team-player.

There is a definite 'buzz' in the air with all the planets (except Neptune and Pluto) in fire or air signs. In addition, this full moon is blessed with a trine to Jupiter in Gemini, boosting our optimism and expanding the mind. Think big and be positive.

Where does the full moon fall in your chart?

Sunday 29 July 2012

VOC diary for the week beginning 30th July 2012

British Summer Time
Monday 30th July:  VOC in Sagittarius ends at 08:29

Tuesday 30st July:  ************************

Wednesday 1st August:  VOC in Capricorn from 00:30 to 10:55

Thursday 2nd August:  Full Moon in Aquarius at 04:27

Friday 3rd August: VOC in Aquarius from 08:23 to 14:58

Saturday 4th August:  ***********************

Sunday 5th August: VOC in Pisces from 18:55 to 21:58

Hong Kong Time

Monday 30th July:  VOC in Sagittarius from 05:01 to 15:29

Tuesday 30st July:  ************************

Wednesday 1st August:  VOC in Capricorn from 07:30 to 17:55

Thursday 2nd August:  Full Moon in Aquarius at 11:27

Friday 3rd August: VOC in Aquarius from 15:23 to 21:58

Saturday 4th August:  ************************

Sunday 5th August: ***********************


Tuesday 24 July 2012

Mercury retrograde in Leo 2012

This is the second Mercury retrograde in 2012, where the planet of communication appears to be moving backwards from the point of view on earth.  

Mercury retrograde in Leo timeline

Mercury enters Leo - 26th June 2012

Shadow period - 27th June to 14th July 2012
                         - 8th to 21st August 2012

Mercury goes retrograde - 15th July 2012
(12 degrees 32 minutes to 1 degree 26 minutes)

Midpoint (Sun conjunct Mercury) - 28th July 2012

Mercury goes direct - 8th August 2012

Mercury leaves Leo - 1st September

The general advice during this time is to avoid the signing of contracts and purchasing of expensive items.  However, Mercury retrogrades 3 times a year, in different signs each time, that must mean something?  WHY are there misunderstandings and miscommunications?  Last year around this time, we also had a Mercury retrograde in Leo.  At the time, my sister urged me to listen to Robert Ohotto's radio show on the topic.  Ohotto is an intuitive astrologer.  The show may still be available on iTunes but he has an updated version for the current retrograde, which is available for purchase on his website.   (

I like the way Ohotto uses archetypes to interpret astrology.  Leo is about allowing your unique self to shine and illuminate others.  One of the archetypes associated with Leo is the Child archetype.  Where Mercury is retrograding is the area of your life where you need to shine and express yourself proudly.  Can you identify the parts of you which have been suppressed by your family, culture or society?

The first 11 days from the start of the retrograde cycle leading up to the midpoint (i.e. when the Sun conjunct Mercury for the current cycle) is the period where we can feel rather unsettled.  We are subconsciously aware of the need to release our ego and surrender our issues to the Universe, but are reluctant to do so. By the time we get to the midpoint, a message will be delivered to us.  In Leo, it is likely to be related to our creative self, e.g. 'I am born to shine', 'I take the risk of allowing my authentic self to come out and greet the world'.  This does not necessarily mean that we have to become world famous.  It merely means we need to be true to ourselves and not deny our gifted talents, whatever they may be.  We then integrate  them consciously into our system.  It is important to note that other people (or even yourself) may have trouble with adjusting to the new you.  We could even take the 'easier' route instead, i.e. to become invisible and push our true creative self back into the chasm of our psyche.

However, if we do opt for this route, we may release the following archetypes as a way of managing our invisibility:

Narcissist - Were you invisible as a child and were shamed for being who you were?  Ohotto describes this archetype as a 'black hole full of shame' where you take others' light and never get to see your own core self.  Your jealousy is aroused by seeing other people's successes and glories, who had the guts to go after their dreams.

Vampire - Do you rely on other people's praises and 'suck' their essence to sustain your own life force?  You seek attention externally and can't even see yourself in the mirror.  When other people shine, their light destroys you (Vampires are destroyed by the Sun).

Perfectionist - Do you sabotage yourself by talking your way out of plans which can get you closer to your true self?  This may be achieved by discarding ideas by being overly critical or judgmental.

Other archetypes include the coward, addict, co-dependent and victim to name but a few.

Where is Mercury retrograding in your chart?  Also look to see where your natal Mercury is and the houses with Virgo and Gemini on their cusps.  It is retrograding in my first house, with my natal Mercury in Aries 8th house, Virgo on the end house and Gemini on 11th.  In a recent astrology class (11th), I shared with the participants some of the archetypal wisdom I have picked up.  Unfortunately, my values (2nd) were different from theirs, or perhaps due to language barrier (Mercury retrograde!), the idea wasn't well received.  One of the responses I got was, 'That sounds a bit far-fetched'.  I did shrink a bit and even had second thoughts of writing this blog entry.  Do I want to take the risk of having more people accuse me of being impractical (and maybe even mad)?  However, if I can't even be true to my own beliefs, then what kind of life am I leading?  I believe I will find other like-minded people who will respond positively to what I have to share.  And even if I don't, at least I'm being true to myself.


Saturday 21 July 2012

VOC diary for the week beginning 23rd July 2012

British Summer Time
Monday 23rd July:  VOC in Virgo from 01:44 to 23:38

Tuesday 24th July:  ************************

Wednesday 25th July:  VOC in Libra from 16:22

Thursday 26th July:  VOC in Libra ends at 03:29
                                   VOC in Scorpio from 16:38

Friday 27th July: ********************

Saturday 28th July:  VOC in Scorpio ends at 06:17

Sunday 29th July: VOC in Sagittarius from 22:01

Hong Kong Time
Monday 23rd July:  VOC in Virgo from 08:44

Tuesday 24th July:  VOC in Virgo ends at 06:38

Wednesday 25th July: VOC in Libra from 23:22

Thursday 26th July:  VOC in Libra ends at 10:29
                                   VOC in Scorpio from 23:38

Friday 27th July:  **********************

Saturday 28th July:  VOC in Scorpio ends at 13:17

Sunday 29th July: *************************

Sunday 15 July 2012

New Moon in Cancer 2012
A new cycle begins on 19th July at 04:25 GMT as the Sun and the Moon conjunct in the sign of Cancer (26 degrees 54 minutes).

Where this New Moon falls in your chart is the area of your life where a new cycle begins.  The effect is more potent if it aspects any of your natal planets/points by conjunction, square or opposition.  

In Cancer, we are concerned with nurturing our emotional needs, parenting our inner child and to experience a renewed sense of belonging to our family/tribe/culture.  

This nurturing new moon square the now direct Saturn in Libra.  Saturn, exalted in Libra, is about redefining our boundaries in our relationships with others.  With Saturn square the New Moon,  it is a time to seek emotional security in our dealings with other people. It can also signify an emotional trauma which needs addressing.

Another configuration worth mentioning is the T-square with Uranus oppose Mars, and Pluto as the focal planet, or put more simply, Mars in Libra squaring Pluto from 'the other side' of the Pluto-Uranus square.  Here, we have Libra yet again, thrown into the background influence of the infamous Pluto-Uranus square.  Can we deal with conflicts (global or personal) harmoniously?  Can we express our needs without being aggressive?  Relating this back to the Cancer New Moon, the conflict may involve the issue of belonging to a culture/family, or fighting over lands.  The key is to be assertive without upsetting the other party, i.e. seeking a win-win outcome.

It is also interesting to add that Mercury is retrograding in Leo.  This is a time to delve within (especially with Pluto also in retrograde) and reacquaint with that part of ourselves that has been suppressed by our family/society/culture.  Leo is associated with the Child archetype, namely the creative child.  Have you been depriving yourself of some fun which can help to nurture that inner child of yours?

VOC diary for the week beginning 16th July 2012

British Summer Time
Monday 16th July:  VOC in Gemini from 11:56

Tuesday 17th July:  VOC in Gemini ends at 01:31

Wednesday 18th July:  *******************

Thursday 19th July:  VOC in Cancer from 05:24
New Moon in Cancer (26 degrees 55 mins) at 05:24
VOC in Cancer ends at 11:13

Friday 20th July: ********************

Saturday 21st July:  VOC in Leo from 06:17 to 18:24

Sunday 22nd July: Sun enters Leo at 11:00

Hong Kong Time
Monday 16th July:  VOC in Gemini from 18:56

Tuesday 17th July:  VOC in Gemini ends at 08:31

Wednesday 18th July: *******************

Thursday 19th July:  VOC in Cancer from 12:24
New Moon in Cancer (26 degrees 55 mins) at 12:24
VOC in Cancer ends at 18:13

Friday 20th July:  **********************

Saturday 21st July:  VOC in Leo from 13:17

Sunday 22nd July:  VOC in Leo ends at 01:24
                            Sun enters Leo at 18:00


Monday 9 July 2012

Mars in Libra 2012

Mars entered diplomatic Libra on 3rd July and is due to leave on 23rd August.
During this 7-week sojourn, Mars, representing our driving force, is acting through the Libran goddess energy.  While this is traditionally known to be in detriment, it merely means that the natural Arien energy of Mars is 'me-oriented', driving us to assert our personal will, to urge the ego to become an individual and to stand out from the crowd boldly.  In Libra, however, we put the focus on other people instead.  In modern astrology, Mars in Libra is about being fair and diplomatic; it is about asserting yourself without upsetting others (i.e. keeping the harmony), you are urged to fight for justice, especially on behalf of other people, so instead of 'me, me, me', it is about 'you & them'.

Mars is Mars, even if it is in peace-loving Libra.  Mars asserts, aggresses and acts.  With Mars in Libra, it focuses the energy on relating to others.  We are given 'opportunities' to get irritated and annoyed by others so that we can experiment with a different way of dealing with our anger.  There is no need to be violent about it.  You can still get your point across without getting red in the face and slamming on tables.  In Libra, upsetting the balance is not encouraged.  So what do we do with the pent-up anger?  Whatever you do, package it in a socially presentable way.  If you really can't or don't want to suppress it, then at least be kind, express your frustration in a way that reduces damage to the minimum.

Mars in Libra gives us a touch of beauty to our actions, even if we do get angry, the foremost thought is to think about the other person.  Why are they being provocative? And why do I feel aggravated?  Is it because I/they do not feel appreciated?  Or that I am/they are not being treated fairly?  It is about expressing our anger in a harmonious way, so that we can get the message across in an agreeable way that is more socially acceptable, though some of us may get overwhelmed and end up being indecisive on what to do.

Wherever Mars is traversing in your chart indicates the area where we are asked to exert our energy fairly,  beautifully and collaboratively.  During this period, Mars will conjunct Libra, oppose Aries and square Cancer and Capricorn so look out for these signs in your natal chart.  Also check out your natal Mars and the house with Aries on its cusp.

In mid July, transiting Mars in Libra will tighten its opposition to Uranus and square to Pluto, i.e. the Pluto-Uranus square. Will this allow the Goddess energy to enter some global conflicts and resolve issues by identifying a common goal and aim for a win-win outcome?

Although transient, Mars will aspect the following outer planets in the natal chart during this period, triggering tension which is also felt by those in your generation.

By conjunction:  Uranus in Libra (1968 - 1975); Neptune in Libra (1943 -1956); Pluto in Libra (1972 - 1983)

By opposition:  Uranus in Aries (1927 - 1935); (2010 - 2018)

By square:  Uranus in Cancer (1948 - 1956); Uranus in Capricorn (1988 - 1996); Neptune in Capricorn (1984 - 1998); Pluto in Cancer (1914 - 1939); Pluto in Capricorn (2011 - 2022)

N.B. Due to retrograde motions, please check individual charts to determine the exact sign in these outer planets.

Saturday 7 July 2012

VOC diary for the week beginning 9th July 2012

British Summer Time
Monday 9th July:  VOC in Pisces ends at 13:13

Tuesday 10th July:  *****************

Wednesday 11th July:  VOC in Aries from 10:23 

Thursday 12th July:  VOC in Aries ends at 0:30

Friday 13th July: Uranus goes retrograde at 10:48
                     VOC in Taurus from 20:45

Saturday 14th July:  VOC in Taurus ends at 13:26

Sunday 15th July: Mercury goes retrograde at 03:15

Hong Kong Time
Monday 9th July:  VOC in Pisces ends at 20:13

Tuesday 10th July:  ******************

Wednesday 11th July: VOC in Aries from 17:23

Thursday 12th July:  VOC in Aries ends at 07:30

Friday 13th July:  Uranus goes retrograde at 17:48

Saturday 14th July:  VOC in Taurus from 03:45 to 20:26

Sunday 15th July:  Mercury goes retrograde at 10:15


Friday 6 July 2012

To hell with you, Perfectionist!

With my natal Sun in opposition to Saturn, I am fully aware of my cautious and fearful disposition.  Every time when this axis is activated by transits, something is sure to occur which will lead me to question myself (my natal Saturn in 2nd house).  I'm likely to feel depressed and bereft of self-confidence.  I then seek ways to boost my self-esteem.  This is achieved by either sharing my feelings with a trusted friend, or, depending on the actual situation, I may attempt to prove my self-worth my gaining external recognition (i.e. studying for a certificate).  Whatever I choose to do, it often involves seeking approval elsewhere.  I've always attributed this tendency to the fact that I'm a perfectionist so when I am told I'm not up to par, I will find ways to rectify that.  My natal Saturn is in Virgo. 

I honestly cannot recall being a perfectionist as a child.  It was not until transiting Saturn entered my first house when I finally met my 'Perfectionist' in the form of a work colleague.  I didn't have much contact with her initially, but as transiting Saturn was slowly approaching my natal Saturn in my 2nd house (i.e. my first Saturn return), we became friends and I began to entrust her with my woes at work.  However, gradually, I noticed how she would criticise and undermine me indirectly, so I was never sure if she was being malicious or I was being paranoid about it all.  To cut a long story short, I ended up joining forces with other like-minded 'victims' of hers and  moved on professionally by the time my first Saturn return came round.

In my next place of work, I found myself having judgmental thoughts on my new colleagues - just like the 'Perfectionist' I had met previously.  I was forced to accept that, in me, there also lies a Perfectionist.

I have met many more Perfectionists since then.  At least now, I'm recognising them as part of me.  Every time when one appears, I will fervently try to do some inner work to make myself feel better.  Every time, I thought I had 'sussed it out', but on encountering the next Perfectionist, I find myself thinking 'Oh no!  Why do I feel so crap again?  I thought I was over that!'

Today, I was rather inspired by a radio show, titled 'Creating a true emancipation from your past', hosted by Robert Ohotto, an American intuitive astrologer.  ( available until Monday 9th July 2012).  Ohotto mentions the 'rubber band effect', where we might think we have conquered our problems, only to find ourselves getting annoyed when we land in yet another similar situation.  The root of this tendency can be traced back to being a perfectionist.  Ohotto suggests that it is the culture we are in that is wounding us (even our parents and their parents were under cultural influence, who then passed on their 'culturally-tainted wisdom' to us).  Ohotto urges us to ask ourselves if we are 'shame-based driven' or 'self-love driven.'  Are you losing weight following society's beauty guidelines or because you love yourself enough to work towards a healthier body?  Every time when you say to yourself:

'I am not good enough because _________, therefore I must get rid of/heal from ___________,' 

you are shaming yourself and attempting to 'fix' the problem, Perfectionist-style.  Ohotto sums up the whole idea by saying that 'Emancipation from the past is about loving yourself forward instead of demanding perfectionism.'  

In essence, it is OK to be less than perfect.  
It is acceptable to give yourself a rest.  
It is fine to give yourself a break and room to breath.  
It is not sinful to 'tread water'.  
Be kind to yourself.  Be forgiving to yourself.  

'You should lose weight.'  Really?  But I'm clinically healthy.  
'You should be married by now.'  Why?  Just because it is culturally expected of me?  
'You should find yourself a higher paid job.'  But I'm happy where I am.  

Whatever the claim, it has its roots culturally.  Unfortunately, almost everyone on this planet is under the cultural spell.  Many of us allow external criticisms and judgments to get the better of us and unleash the Perfectionist within.  Being motivated to go after our goals has its advantages, but when it is having a debilitating effect on us physically and psychologically, we need to understand that those hurtful words were uttered due to our cultural upbringing.  So instead of getting defensive, ask yourself what do YOU really want out of life?  I wonder if the period when Venus was in retrograde (15th May to 26th June 2012) had brought you any insights on this matter?  

What do you truly value?

Sunday 1 July 2012

Full Moon in Capricorn 2012

The full moon on 3rd July (18:53 GMT) is at 12 degrees Capricorn 13 minutes.  This full moon forms a T-Square with the Uranus-Pluto square, where Pluto conjunct the Moon and Uranus square the full moon axis.

Full Moons are culmination points where the Moon is under the full illumination of the Sun.  Symbolically, it is a time when hidden messages come to light.  

With the Moon conjunct the Pluto end of the Uranus-Pluto square, the message is likely to be deeply insightful.  It is a time to deal with the darkness pragmatically and strategically (Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn) and to handle our emotions (Sun in Cancer) by confronting our inner wounds and accept that there are things in life which we simply cannot change (Sun trine Chiron).

Where does this full moon fall in your chart?

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