Sunday 2 January 2011

Capricorn Solar Eclipse

2011 is finally here. Have you reviewed 2010 and made a wish list for 2011?

Four days into 2011 is a Solar (or New Moon) eclipse in Capricorn. It also happens to be my friend, Natalia's birthday - Happy Solar Return Nat!

The Sun and Moon are conjunct at 13 degrees Capricorn. New Moon is the time to start afresh, which is highly appropriate as we have just stepped through the threshold of 2011. We are reminded to leave the old behind - all that no longer work, and embrace the new. What do you need to get rid of and make a clean start on? This solar eclipse happens to fall in my 6th house of workplace, daily routine and health. Perhaps I need to consider starting a new exercise regime and watch what I eat? The house where this eclipse falls in is the area of life you may like to consider some changes. Why not take advantage of this solar eclipse energy and create a plan of action?

It is also important to note that Saturn in Libra squares this solar eclipse. If you are feeling lethargic about making a target list for 2011, perhaps people around you may somehow urge/force you to evaluate the area of life in question.

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