Sunday 24 February 2013

VOC diary for the week beginning 25th February 2013

Greenwich Mean Time

Monday 25th February: VOC in Leo from 04:50 to 06:52
                                 Full Moon in Virgo at 20:26
Tuesday 26th February: Venus enters Pisces at 02:02
                                    VOC in Virgo from 18:12
Wednesday 27th February:  VOC in Virgo ends at 13:01

Thursday 28th February: VOC in Libra from 08:36
Friday 1st March: VOC in Libra ends at 17:33

Saturday 2nd March:  *************************

Sunday 3rd March: VOC in Scorpio from 09:18 to 21:10

Hong Kong Time

Monday 25th February: VOC in Leo from 12:50 to 14:52
Tuesday 26th February: Full Moon in Virgo at 04:26
                                      Venus enters Pisces 10:02
Wednesday 27th February:  VOC in Virgo from 02:12 to 21:01

Thursday 28th February: VOC in Libra from 16:36
Friday 1st March: **************************

Saturday 2nd March:  VOC in Libra ends at 01:33

Sunday 3rd March: VOC in Scorpio from 17:18 (ends Monday at 05:10)

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Monday 18 February 2013

Full Moon in Virgo 2013

Full Moon is a time when the Sun is in opposition to the Moon, thereby fully illuminating the lunar terrain with solar energy.  Previously hidden information is likely to be exposed at this culmination point in the lunar cycle.  Any wishes made or projects began at the time of the New Moon has reached the stage where evaluation is called for before continuing on with the next step of the plan.

On Monday 25th February 2013 at 20:26 GMT, we have a Full Moon in Virgo at 7 degrees 23 minutes.  

There is a Pisces stellium - Neptune, Sun, Chiron, Mars and Mercury, with Venus joining the party six hours after the Full Moon.  The natural ruler of this stellium is also within the cluster (Neptune), giving us a strong message of focusing on the more spiritual side of life and to have trust in the Universe.

The solar rays shine on the Virgo moon, bringing its shadow qualities to the fore, e.g. being a stickler, a perfectionist, a critic.  As an earth sign ruling the 6th house of routines, Virgoans prefer to stick with what they are familiar with, though they can be flexible if necessary (it is a mutable sign afterall).   The dispositor of the moon, Mercury, is retrograding in Pisces, therefore, both dispositors of the Sun and Moon are in Pisces, giving us an added emphasis in utilising the Piscean energy at this time, even if it may seem uncomfortable to the more practically-minded individuals.  

This Full Moon is in a mutable T-Square with Jupiter in Gemini (besides being a traditional ruler of Pisces, it is also disposited by Mercury in Pisces - further reinforcing the Piscean message).  Jupiter is a happy-go-lucky planet, but in a T-square, we tend to get overly-optimistic, overly-arrogant and basically over-doing things.  This is a learning opportunity for us to be spiritual (Pisces) in a practical (Virgo) world.  Moreover, it is a time to see with eyes of compassion and faith (Pisces) rather than through critical eyes and harsh judgments (Virgo).  There are facets of life which simply cannot be explained logically.

Where the Virgo Moon falls in your chart is the area of life where you may need to be less critical, less of a perfectionist - let go and relax!  Where the Pisces Sun /cluster falls is the area of life where you may need to get a grip on yourself and not give in to procrastination and pessimism.

With such a strong Pisces message, perhaps we could think about other people by focusing on service, e.g ask the Universe how you can serve on this mortal realm.  This is a time to learn about living a spiritual life in a practical way.  As Teilhard de Chardin once quoted, 'We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience.'

Sunday 17 February 2013

VOC diary for the week beginning 18th February 2013

Greenwich Mean Time

Monday 18th February: Sun enters Pisces at 12:01
                                                Saturn goes retrograde at 17:02
Tuesday 19th February: VOC in Gemini from 18:47
Wednesday 20th February:  VOC in Gemini ends at 10:44

Thursday 21st February: ************************
Friday 22nd February: VOC in Cancer from 02:07 to 22:11

Saturday 23rd February:  Mercury goes retrograde at 09:41

Sunday 24th February: *****************************

Hong Kong Time

Monday 18th February: VOC in Taurus from 04:30 to 05:49
                         Sun enters Pisces at 20:01
Tuesday 19th February: Saturn goes retrograde at 01:02
Wednesday 20th February:  VOC in Gemini from 02:47 to 18:44

Thursday 21st February: *************************
Friday 22nd February: VOC in Cancer from 10:07

Saturday 23rd February:  VOC in Cancer ends at 06:11
                                                         Mercury goes retrograde ends at 17:41

Sunday 24th February: *****************************

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Sunday 10 February 2013

How Romantic is Valentine's Day 2013?

With a host of planets (Mercury, Mars, Chiron and Neptune) in the romantic sign of Pisces, expect the day to be filled with love and sweetness.  However, with Chiron involved, perhaps there is a need to overcome any past trauma which can hinder you from expressing your love for another.

This Piscean brigade may seem emotionally overwhelming, but luckily, we also have Venus in Aquarius, giving us a touch of detachment and logic.  It's not all about the heart but also the head.  Venus in Aquarius can also indicate an unconventional way of relating to your object of affection.  

Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

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Saturday 9 February 2013

VOC diary for the week beginning 11th February 2013

Greenwich Mean Time

Monday 11th February: VOC in Pisces from 17:02
Tuesday 12th February: ***********************
Wednesday 13th February:  VOC in Pisces ends at 01:51

Thursday 14th February: ************************
Friday 15th February: VOC in Aries from 03:35 to 10:07

Saturday 16th February:  ************************

Sunday 17th February: VOC in Taurus from 20:30 to 21:49

Hong Kong Time

Monday 11th February: **************************
Tuesday 12th February: VOC in Pisces from 01:02
Wednesday 13th February: VOC in Pisces ends at 09:51

Thursday 14th February: **************************
Friday 15th February: VOC in Aries from 11:35 to 18:07

Saturday 16th February:  ************************

Sunday 17th February: *************************

Wednesday 6 February 2013

New Moon in Aqaurius 2013

New Moon in Aquarius 2013 Astrology
The New Moon in Aquarius at 21 degrees 43 minutes on 10th February 2013 (07:20 GMT) marks the first day of the Chinese New Year.  

This Aquarian New Moon tightly square the nodal axis, urging us to move beyond our comfort zone (South Node) and head towards what we are meant to achieve in this life time (North Node).  Let go of old paradigms and rigid concepts (SN in Taurus).  'Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway!' as the late Susan Jeffers had advocated in her book of the same title (NN in Scorpio).  The unknown can be scary, but what is more scary:  to remain in the same old place until the day you leave this planet or to trek on unexplored terrain and give your life some excitement?  I'll let you ponder on that one.

There is also a Pisces stellium (Mercury, Mars, Neptune and Chiron) with Venus in Aquarius, giving us a touch of compassion , to act on our intuition and to have faith in the Universe with our plans, even if our views are not supported by those around us.

The rulers of this New Moon are Uranus (modern) and Saturn (traditional).  The Uranus-Pluto square continues to be in the background.  Jupiter, planet of expansion and luck, sends his support to Uranus, providing an opportunity for more individuation.  However, holding onto the status quo may prevent you from  exploring a new avenue (Jupiter inconjunct Saturn).  

Make the most of your chart

Cosmic Potential 2013 Chart analysis
Many astrologers have discussed the concept of freewill in astrology.

In a natal chart, we are given many different routes of expression.  

We tend to side with one end of an opposition while disowning the other, or we could hop from one side to the other.  

Internal struggle can find its way to our system with a square, while the intensity in a conjunction can act like blindspots to aspects of our personality.

We can't rid ourselves of the oppositions and squares in our chart, but we do have freewill in how we can deal with them.  'Consciousness' is the key.  I can't even remember where I had read this but if you have a square or opposition, e.g. Venus square Saturn, frustrations may arise in love relationships where the native ultimately needs to learn to love him/herself.  The blockage can be ameliorated by becoming conscious of this psychological tendency.  With this awareness, the individual can learn from the expression of a trine and/or sextile between Saturn-Venus, e.g. to develop a realistic view of what to expect from others and to be cautious without being suspicious.

Currently, I'm grappling with my Moon-Uranus opposition.  I'm forever hopping from one end to the other:  craving intimacy one moment (Moon) and yearning for freedom the next (Uranus).  It's driving me nutty at the moment, though I know this is merely a learning opportunity - for me to learn to express it as if it is a Moon-Uranus sextile or trine.

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Saturday 2 February 2013

VOC diary for the week beginning 4th February 2013

Greenwich Mean Time

Monday 4th February: VOC in Scorpio from 12:31 to 15:45
Tuesday 5th February: Mercury enters Pisces at 14:55
                                     VOC in Sagittarius from 20:42
Wednesday 6th February:  VOC in Sagittarius ends at 17:54

Thursday 7th February: VOC in Capricorn from 12:43
Friday 8th February: VOC in Capricorn ends at 19:16

Saturday 9th February:  ************************

Sunday 10th February: New Moon in Aquarius at 07:20
                                                VOC in Aquarius from 07:20 to 21:19

Hong Kong Time

Monday 4th February: VOC in Scorpio from 20:31 to 23:45
Tuesday 5th February: Mercury enters Pisces at 22:55
Wednesday 6th February:  VOC in Sagittarius from 04:42

Thursday 7th February: VOC in Sagittarius ends at 01:54
Friday 8th February: VOC in Capricorn from 00:43

Saturday 9th February:  VOC in Capricorn ends at 03:16

Sunday 10th February: New Moon in Aquarius at 15:20
                                                                 VOC in Aquarius from 15:20 to 05:19 (Monday)

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Friday 1 February 2013

Mars in Pisces, Venus in Aquarius 2013 - My Mars & Venus Returns

Cosmic Potential 2013 Venus return Mars return
On 2nd February 2013, Mars enters Pisces at 01:53 GMT followed by Venus entering Aquarius an hour later (at 02:46 GMT).  I'm particularly interested in these transits because they coincide with my Mars and Venus returns.  Astrologers have mixed views on the importance of the returns of these personal planets compared to the Sun and the bigger planets, e.g. solar returns, Saturn return, Jupiter return.  However, they can give us information on the finer details of how our Venusian and Martian energies can be used.

Our Venus return chart can give us information concerning our love relationship, our social life and also financial matters for the year ahead.

Our Mars return chart can indicate the direction of our personal drive for the next two years.  Where are your personal passions placed?  Where are you likely to exert your energy?

For me, my both my Venus and Mars return has Mars as the chart ruler (Aries ASC), with Mars in Pisces in 12th and Venus in Aquarius 10th.  The usual interpretation is a period of procrastination and listlessness, as Mars (action) is diffused in Pisces and also in the 12th house.  However, its conjunction to Neptune and Chiron can be particularly healing, especially that Chiron is getting some grounding from a trine to Saturn.  As with any astrological interpretation, you can work with the positive or negative aspects of the configuration.  Awareness is the key.  If you are aware of an upcoming period of lethargy, then conscious effort can help overcome, or at least, mitigate this tendency, especially if you have enough earth in your chart.  So in my case, I can be a lazy butt or I can turn my attention inward and go on a soul-searching journey or do something for the good of the collective.

Natally, I have an out-of-sign Venus-Jupiter opposition, but in this year's Venus return chart, Venus is trine Jupiter.  This is another feature to look out for in predictive work.  For example, with a Sun-Saturn square natally, conflicts with authority figures is one possible manifestation.  However, if during a transit/return, this pair is related in a more harmonious way, e.g. Sun-Saturn trine or sextile, you're more likely to find that during the period in question, relating to figures of authority is smoother than usual.  This is possibly because you are more receptive to their teachings and accept that the limits they impose on you are for your ultimate benefit, rather than feeling restricted by them.  So, for me, my Venus return could indicate that my values, however wacky, are more likely to be accepted, as I'm less likely to exaggerate and become arrogant.

As transits, Mars and Venus only have a transient effect, as they only remain in a sign for approximately 3 - 5 weeks respectively.  This is a time to think outside the box (Mercury in Aquarius until 5th February) and to have compassion for others (Mercury in Pisces from 6th February; Mars, Neptune and Chiron also in Pisces).  Motivate yourself to act in selfless ways.  Make your mark by focusing on service.  What can you do to serve?  Doreen Virtue, angel therapist, often emphasises the importance of focusing on service.  Once we are doing what we are meant to do on this planet, we feel confident with our actions and what's more, the money will flow to you naturally.  Remember money is merely an energy exchange.  It provides the means to allow our physical selves to live comfortably on this planet so we can go on serving others.  The Universe doesn't want you to suffer.  If you're not thriving, think about what is hindering you, chances are that it is yourself.  Are you afraid of moving beyond your comfort zone?

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