Saturday 26 October 2013

VOC diary for the week beginning 28th October 2013

Greenwich Mean Time
Monday 28th October:  VOC in Leo from 12:25
Tuesday 29th October: VOC in Leo end at 03:44

Wednesday 30th October: *******************
Thursday 31st October: VOC in Virgo from 02:48 to 12:21
Friday 1st November: ************************

Saturday 2nd November: VOC in Libra from 12:46 to 17:34

Sunday 3rd November: Solar Eclipse in Scorpio at 12:49

Hong Kong Time
Monday 28th October:  VOC in Leo from 20:25
Tuesday 29th October: VOC in Leo end at 11:44

Wednesday 30th October: *******************
Thursday 31st October: VOC in Virgo from 10:48 to 20:21
Friday 1st November: ************************

Saturday 2nd November: VOC in Libra from 20:46

Sunday 3rd November: VOC in Libra ends at 01:34
                                         Solar Eclipse in Scorpio at 20:49
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Oppositions: Reuniting with Oneself Through Others

Oppositions are when two planets are 180 degrees apart.  It is a polarity whereby the native could hop from one side to the other.  The key is to balance between the two forces.  Very often though, one part is owned by the native while the other is projected onto another person.  Through social interactions, we come face-to-face with these disowned parts of ourselves.  

I have a traditional and strict father.  I first noticed 'my father' in my personality when I first became a teacher.

During my Saturn Return, a Saturnian figure stood before me in the role of a colleague - a highly critical and judgmental character.  It wasn't until I had moved on to the next place of work that I discovered 'her' in me.

Natally, I have a Sun-Saturn opposition.  I have always identified with the Saturn side, albeit the negative traits, for example, being fearful, pessimistic and rigid.........

Through interacting with others, I gradually learned to appreciate the positive traits of this supposedly malefic planet.  Besides diligence, maturity and being dutiful, Saturn also wants us to claim our authority - which I've been struggling with for as long as I can remember.

This year, the presence of a Sun-Pluto opposition in my progressed chart filled me with dread.  Natally, Saturn is a familiar figure but Pluto is almost a stranger.  Moreover, my progressed Mars entered Aries last month.  I knew then there would be battles to fight and power to retrieve.  I didn't really want to think too much about that though, no point in scaring yourself, right?

Just when this piece of info floated to the back of my mind, Pluto ambushed me.  That was last week.

It's been a while since I had my ego bruised.  I did not like the feeling at all.  

All of a sudden, a voice sounded within,  'Take charge of the situation!'  it barked.  

I rose up to the challenge.  I found my inner power.  Just as well as I need an outlet for my progressed Mars in Aries.....

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Thursday 24 October 2013

Neptune Transits

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Howard Sasportas mentioned in his 'Gods of Change' that one of the purposes of Neptune transits is to dissolve boundaries.  No matter how rigid your thinking, how stubborn your personality or how stable your structure, Neptune can dissolve them all.  Maybe not instantly or suddenly like Uranus, but its gentle effect will slowly melt down any obstinate barriers.

The reason for Neptune's overwhelming splash is not to punish us.  The Sea God merely wants to get rid of any inflexible components in the psychological make-up so that we can move one step closer towards our solar destiny (as depicted by our Sun's sign, house and aspects).  Another reason, which resonates strongly with me, is the issue of seeking approval.  Neptune may dissolve away a job opportunity, melt away the bond of a long-term relationship or liquefy your material wealth, leaving you feeling hurt, empty and worthless.  However, the Neptunian lesson is for the individual to understand that happiness is sought internally and not externally.  Neptune does not want us to rely on a job, a house or a relationship to supply us with a source of happiness or to give us approval.  You are perfect, whole and complete as you are NOW.
I'm about to receive my 3rd (and final, thank god!) Neptune conjunction to my Mars.  Mars has an innate drive to achieve, to make a mark on the world.  Mars is self-centred.  Neptune is selfless.  So what happens when such two opposing forces meet?  Well, if I insist on asserting myself regardless of others, then the chances of succeeding are fairly low.  I need to shift my focus on 'How can I serve others while exerting my energy?' instead.  However, Neptune asks us to be emotionally honest - is our motive really to help others or to gain recognition and power in a roundabout way?

Sacrifice is another Neptunian theme.  Under a Neptune transit, something may have to be given up, or sacrificed, in order to move on to the next step in life, for example,  a spouse's job relocation may mean the sacrifice of one's own career in order to keep the marriage intact.  

Addiction, substance abuse, victim/saviour relationships are other possible manifestations under this transit.

Where is the Sea God traversing in your chart?

Transiting Planets in Water Houses

12 years ago, around August 2001 (when Jupiter first entered my 12th house), I watched a Japanese animation called 'Spirited Away'.  I got to the scene where Haku was comforting a tearful Chihiro (watch from 48:27 to 50:25 ).  He said 'If you can't remember it (your name), you'll never find your way home.'  I found Chihiro's sobbing absolutely heart-wrenching.  It hit a nerve in me.  I suddenly felt rather lost too, and so I made a wish to the Universe to find out who I truly was.  Almost 2 years later, around July 2003, I thought I had the answer.  I was filled with confidence.  Life was great.  A series of events then happened in August 2003, which totally took that optimism away.  This coincided with Saturn entering my 12th house.  I then spent the next 2.5 years digging into my psyche, attempting to clear out whatever I needed to get rid of in order to eradicate that negative feeling........unfortunately, I was never able to fully expunge it from my system.  I restored an adequate amount of optimism and happiness in my hardware so I just accepted that these things happen in life and you just have to move on.

12 years later, with Jupiter back in my 12th house, but this time, Saturn in my 4th and Neptune in my 8th, I was led to plunge into the depths of my psyche and see what monsters still lurk down there.  Under the current Mercury retrograde in Scorpio in my 4th house, I somehow found myself re-watching 'Spirited Away'.  I got to the heart-wrenching part again and the same lost feeling returned.  However, this time round, I feel less naive - if I manage to find the answer then great, if not, that's fine too.  You get shown whatever you are meant to be ready for.

Sunday 20 October 2013

Living Astrologically: Mercury retrograde in Scorpio 2013

Mercury is due to make its final retrograde motion this year on 21st October at 18 degrees 23 minutes Scorpio.


30th September/1st October - Mercury enters shadow period 

21st October - Mercury goes retrograde at 18 degrees 23 minutes Scorpio

11th November - Mercury goes direct at 2 degrees 31 minutes Scorpio

26th/27th November - Mercury leaves shadow period

The first 10 days of a Mercury retrograde period is often filled with confusion and challenges.  We then reach the midpoint, i.e. when Mercury conjunct the Sun, signalling the delivery of the Mercury retrograde message.  This will occur around 1st-2nd November. 

I looked at my own chart and found that the Trickster will activate my angles under this retrograde. Starting with forming a fixed grand cross with my ASC-DSC axis and Chiron, then conjunct my IC for 4 days as it slows down to move direct again.  At least all this will happen after the midpoint message. I have a feeling that this may bring another PET or two into my life once again.  It is likely to be the start of a new chapter, especially with these aspects occurring shortly after the solar eclipse in Scorpio.  Since it involves my IC, perhaps it will bring an opportunity for me to build a new foundation (IC) in my life. However, old structures might have to be demolished first in order to make room for the new.  Well, I'm due to attend more psyche-digging workshops during that time, quite apt for the Scorpionic energy......

Where will the Scorpion be pinching/stinging in your life?

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Living Astrologically: Transiting Jupiter in 12th

It's rather uncanny how transiting Jupiter in Cancer is playing out in reality while traversing in my 12th house.  

Last month, I've had my first taste of family constellation.  It's a group workshop which explores (Jupiter) your family history (Cancer).  It involves a lot of digging (12th) into one's family unit (Cancer).  

12th house is also associated with hidden talents and forgotten dreams.  When transiting Jupiter first crossed over the threshold of my 12th house cusp, my interest in hypnotherapy was revived.  I recalled my initial fascination with the subconscious, which eventually led me to embark on a degree in Psychology.  Unfortunately, it didn't turn out the way I expected so I switched career upon graduation.  I have no regrets as I had a fabulous time in my first job as a teacher in Japan, but my original wish to be a hypnotherapist got put on the back burner.  Transiting Jupiter is certainly stirring up a lot of forgotten memories in my 12th house.  Luckily, with its benevolent effect, I'm traipsing down into the abyss of my psyche with optimism and curiosity.

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VOC diary for the week beginning 21st October 2013

British Summer Time
Monday 21st October:  Mercury goes retrograde at 11:28
                            VOC in Taurus ends at 17:13
Tuesday 22nd October: *****************************

Wednesday 23rd October: VOC in Gemini from 01:34
                                       Sun enters Scorpio at 07:09
Thursday 24th October: VOC in Gemini ends at 04:35
Friday 25th October: VOC in Cancer from 21:30

Saturday 26th October: VOC in Cancer ends at 17:11

Sunday 27th October: *************************

Hong Kong Time
Monday 21st October:  VOC in Taurus from 05:01
                                           Mercury goes retrograde at 18:28
Tuesday 22nd October: VOC in Taurus ends at 00:13

Wednesday 23rd October: VOC in Gemini from 08:34
                                       Sun enters Scorpio at 14:09
Thursday 24th October: VOC in Gemini ends at 11:35
Friday 25th October: *************************

Saturday 26th October: VOC in Cancer from 04:30

Sunday 27th October: VOC in Cancer ends at 00:11
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Saturday 19 October 2013

Living Astrologically: Lunar Eclipse in Aries 2013

For someone who needs to learn to be more assertive, I am not surprised to find myself encountering many PETs in my life.  Personal Emotional Trainers, as mentioned in Rhonda Byrne's 'The Power', are people serving the purpose of training our emotions by provoking strong feelings such as anger, hatred and fear in us.  To put quite simply, they have the ability to annoy the hell out of us so we can understand ourselves better.  To put it another way, PETs are only our projections.

With my transiting Saturn hovering in my 4th house, forming a T-square to my ASC-DSC axis, I've met my fair share of these people in the past year.  I've also noticed whenever there is a full moon in Aries, it also summons a few PETs my way.  Thinking back, there was a time when my secondary school friends were training me to be a bitch - they weren't PETs, they were literally saying, 'You're too nice, you need to be more of a bitch.'  Little did I know that they were actually onto something then......

Lunar eclipses are super full moons, signalling the peak of a situation.  At 25 degrees Aries 45 minutes, the Aries-Libra axis is under the spotlight, i.e. the 'me' versus 'you' dynamic.  It is about striking an equilibrium between asserting oneself without upsetting others.  On the other side of the coin, we don't want to be a doormat and get trampled on.  Oppositions seek balance.

This lunar eclipse in Aries square my natal Jupiter (which conjunct my ASC), thus highlighting issues of asserting myself and standing my ground in a partnership.  I didn't think it would be potent at all, since some astrologers do not even consider squares to be significant enough when it comes to eclipses.  However, it has brought along a PET, though I do not consider this individual to be much of a challenge, more like a nuisance; a wake-up call to remind me to stand up for myself and not hide in the background anymore. This eclipse straddles my 3rd-9th axis, it is time to speak-up and speak out.   Eclipses are like alarm clocks, waking-us up from our slumber.  I've definitely been woken up by it!  The shock is still reverberating in my system....

Where do you need to assert yourself?

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Saturday 12 October 2013

VOC diary for the week beginning 14th October 2013

British Summer Time
Monday 14th October:  VOC in Aquarius from 21:28 to 22:05
Tuesday 15th October: Mars enters Virgo at 12:04

Wednesday 16th October: VOC in Pisces from 08:14
Thursday 17th October: VOC in Pisces ends at 02:17
Friday 18th October: ***************************

Saturday 19th October: Lunar Eclipse in Aries at 00:37
                                       VOC in Aries from 00:37 to 08:26

Sunday 20th October: VOC in Taurus from 22:01

Hong Kong Time
Monday 14th October:  ***************************
Tuesday 15th October: VOC in Aquarius from 04:28 to 05:05
                  Mars enters Virgo at 19:04

Wednesday 16th October: VOC in Pisces from 15:14
Thursday 17th October: VOC in Pisces ends at 09:17
Friday 18th October: ***************************

Saturday 19th October: Lunar Eclipse in Aries at 07:37
                                       VOC in Aries from 07:37 to 15:26

Sunday 20th October: ****************************
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Friday 4 October 2013

VOC diary for the week beginning 7th October 2013

British Summer Time
Monday 7th October:  Venus enters Sagittarius at 18:53
Tuesday 8th October: VOC in Scorpio from 05:53 to 13:21

Wednesday 9th October: ***********************
Thursday 10th October: VOC in Sagittarius from 11:10 to 16:17
Friday 11th October: ***************************

Saturday 12th October: VOC in Capricorn from 01:01 to 18:59

Sunday 13th October: ***************************

Hong Kong Time
Monday 7th October:  *********************
Tuesday 8th October: Venus enters Sagittarius at 01:53
                                     VOC in Scorpio from 12:53 to 20:21

Wednesday 9th October: ***********************
Thursday 10th October: VOC in Sagittarius from 18:10 to 23:17
Friday 11th October: **************************

Saturday 12th October: VOC in Capricorn from 08:04

Sunday 13th October: VOC in Capricorn ends at 01:59
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Wednesday 2 October 2013

New Moon in Libra 2013

This Saturday's new moon in Libra at 11 degrees 56 minutes is imbued with intensity and energy, with its opposition to Uranus and square to Pluto, thus forming a cardinal T-square.

A tendency to go deep within is indicated by the Scorpio cluster in Mercury, Saturn, North Node and Venus - the new moon ruler.  Use this time to dig as deep as you can handle and expunge (Pluto) the emotional debris.  Courage (Uranus in Aries) is required for this, perhaps a sudden external event could be the trigger, or more likely, the unexpected encounter of a person (New Moon in Libra afterall), could help push this process along.  This could be a love interest, a therapist, or even an enemy!

Look in your chart and see if you have any planets, points or angles in cardinal signs (Libra, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn) between 10 degrees 56 minutes to 12 degrees 56 minutes, as this would add an extra layer of meaning to the new moon message.

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