Wednesday 31 August 2011

September Horoscopes


You come to the realization that success is not necessarily about self-achievement but it can be gained through the act of giving and being of service to others.


You may feel your colleagues are forcing you to change the way you work. Think about who you really are and what is important to you. They may have a point to challenge your old ways. Why don’t you look into their accusation/advice and see if they have a point?


Your thoughts turn to your home life. Perhaps you have been focusing too much on your career and have neglected your family? It’s not hard for you to make this up to your loved ones as you are an innate entertainer, bringing fun and joy to others.


This month, you are putting a lot of thoughts on your health; from physical to spiritual. You believe that a healthy body is the required vehicle to house the soul. Therefore, it is important to nourish it with wholesome food and beverages. Spiritually, the mind can be calmed through the practice of meditation or engaging in relaxing activities.


Thoughts turn to your material assets and ways to increase your earning power. Caring for your physical health is also highlighted. Money can bring you material comforts but not at the expense of exhausting your body.


With Mercury going direct again in your sign of Virgo, the fog lifts from your mind, leaving you a clearer vision of what you need to achieve this month. Others could give you ideas on ways to serve others and give something back to the community.


This month is a time to take a break from the social arena and retreat into a sacred space, allowing the mind to replenish its energy from the universal source.


Being Scorpio, you naturally need to keep your distance and have some kind of personal space from others. However, a busy month awaits you; be prepared to invest time on your friends and just having fun with them. This is the perfect time to share your hopes and dreams with your pals, regardless of their opinions. Even if you don’t get their support, you know they mean well anyway.


This is a month of focusing on your career. How can I make myself stand-out? What skills do you possess that can move your professional life forward? Most importantly, how can I make it fun and enjoyable?


Career-minded and ambitious Capricorns are getting philosophical this month. What’s the meaning of life? What is important to me? There is more to life than climbing the career ladder. The simple act of spending time with your loved ones is equally rewarding.


Always thinking about others, Aquarians like to focus on serving mankind. This month, your thoughts turn inward and downward; fighting for the underdogs of society could be your next project. Just as long as you are being of assistance to someone in need, who cares what other people think?


Romantic Pisces turn their thoughts to their significant other. It’s not always a bed of roses, but look on the bright side, the best part of a relationship is making-up after an arugment…..

Sunday 21 August 2011

The Moon Game

I attended my first astro event in Hong Kong over the weekend, organised by Hong Kong Astrology Club.

The Moon was the topic of the day.

This lunar body governs our emotions, feelings, habits and what gives us security. At one point, we split into groups according to the element of our moon and discussed on ways to protect our chicks from the vicious eagle if we were all hens.  

The fire group decided to give the chicks the opportunity to fend for themselves. The 'fire' hens wanted their chicks to develop a sense of independence.

The earth group would protect their chicks by finding a secure hiding place for them. The 'earth' hens did not think it's worth the effort to fight the eagle but to take a defensive approach instead.  

The air group would inform their chicks on ways to stay alive. Besides on educating their young, the 'air' hens would also wreck their brains to fight the eagle through trickery.  

Finally, the water group claimed that they would be terrified to be faced with the beast, but they would do all they could to protect their offspring by screaming at the eagle.

In the past, I've read about these 'elemental' discussions but it's something else to participate in one and witness the astrological influence on the final outcome.
Fire group
Earth group
Air group
Water group

Photo album of the event:

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