Sunday 27 July 2008


With transiting Uranus passing through my 8th house of endings (with natal Uranus in the 4th house oppose natal Moon in the 10th house), I have bid farewell to my job, colleagues and a few days ago, my car. Being a nervous driver, I'm not particularly keen on driving and thought nothing much of selling my car in preparation for my next move. However, the moment I stuck the 'For Sale' poster on the car window, I felt my heart ached - that was when I realised how much I was attached to it! As usual, I prayed for angelic help and within hours of advertisement, I found my car a good home.

Having invoked Kali a few months back - the Hindu goddess of endings and beginnings, I'm feeling the full effect of her power. I will soon be saying more goodbyes - to my current place of residence and my family and friends. Angels, help me get over the sadness of leaving and assist me in focusing on the new adventure ahead!

Sunday 20 July 2008

Endings and Beginnings

With the full moon in Capricorn falling in my 6th house of workplace and daily routine, coupled with Jupiter transiting in the same sector, I come to the decision to close the door to primary teaching and return to teaching English as a foreign language. With the involvement of the Moon (plus my natal moon in the 10th house of career), it was a highly emotional event for me as a chapter of my life ends and a new one begins. I am looking forward to new challenges ahead in a country I have never worked in before. The concepts of meeting new people and adopting a new lifestyle both worries and excites me. I know that I am following my heart in this venture as my progressed Sun in Aries travels in the 9th house of foreign travels and higher learning. I truly believe that the angels have guided me to this opportunity and I wholeheartedly continue to ask the question 'How can I serve?'

Sunday 13 July 2008

Careful What You Wish For

S Club 7's 'Reach for the stars' was playing in the background as I was strolling down the soft drinks aisle at my local supermarket. The song took me right back to my days in Japan. I remember the song was still in the charts at the time and I had a secret wish to use that song to choreograph a dance with the English Club members to perform during their School Festival. Unfortunately, the tradition was for them to make posters on foreign matters and create an exhibition in the school lobby.

I wished then that I could be given an opportunity to choregraph a dance. I've never done that before but thought it would be a fun challenge. Three years past and still the wish wasn't granted. Perhaps it's not a meant to be.....

Last year, I was told that I was to enter my class of 28 children in a local Dance Festival. At the time, I had forgotten all about my wish to choreograph a dance. In fact, I was stressing out - I'm not a dancer! I can't do this! Luckily, after some initial advice from a colleague, I was able to have enough confidence to take the project to a successful completion.

This year, I was again given another opportunity to choregraph several dances, but unlike last time, I volunteered for the job. I finally recognised that it was the opportunity I had been praying for 7 years ago. I didn't notice it last year because it wasn't in the form I had asked for, even though the outcome was highly positive. Sometimes, when we pray, we have our own picture of how we want that wish to come true. I find it helpful to just pray for happiness now and let the universe take care of the finer details. It is tempting to tell the universe exactly how you want something to happen, however, that may not necessarily be for the highest good for all concerned.

Saturday 5 July 2008

Cosmic guidance

Looking at my chart, my natal Mars is being opposed by my transiting Saturn and progressing Ascendant. Lately, I have been experiencing a fair amount of frustration and anger arising from being challenged by external agencies. However, Mars in my chart also symbolises my passion to stand up for my own beliefs and to motivate myself to a goal which holds personal meaning. In recent weeks, I have found that my sense of self-worth had been under the spotlight and that I have felt the stifling and restrictive nature of societal structures on my spiritual well-being.

Fortunately, I can detect hope and harmony in my chart. The harsh and intense lessons I was forced to endure turned out to be a positive experience. For example, in last week's post, I mentioned that my workplace was expecting inspectors. I am glad to say that the outcome was far better than intially anticipated. On a more personal level, I have also gained my astrology certificate after a whole year of ploughing through papers and an exam.

Spiritually, the last couple of weeks have confirmed that positive affirmations do work - but so do negative self-fulfilling prophecies. Therefore, it is very important to monitor your thoughts and avoid negative thinking.

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