Sunday 27 July 2008


With transiting Uranus passing through my 8th house of endings (with natal Uranus in the 4th house oppose natal Moon in the 10th house), I have bid farewell to my job, colleagues and a few days ago, my car. Being a nervous driver, I'm not particularly keen on driving and thought nothing much of selling my car in preparation for my next move. However, the moment I stuck the 'For Sale' poster on the car window, I felt my heart ached - that was when I realised how much I was attached to it! As usual, I prayed for angelic help and within hours of advertisement, I found my car a good home.

Having invoked Kali a few months back - the Hindu goddess of endings and beginnings, I'm feeling the full effect of her power. I will soon be saying more goodbyes - to my current place of residence and my family and friends. Angels, help me get over the sadness of leaving and assist me in focusing on the new adventure ahead!

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