Tuesday 31 January 2012

The Perfect Chart

Last week, I attended a long weekend course led by Dr. Deepak Vidmar, an American Astrologer, currently residing in India.  

During this insightful weekend, he mentioned that he had conducted an exercise with a previous group where he asked his participants to create their own perfect charts.  

Over lunch, we had a brief discussion on how to create a 'perfect' chart.  Jupiter in the 2nd house was the immediate favourite, closely followed by Venus in Taurus in 7th house.  We had a slight disagreement over the placement of Saturn - 12th house?  No, too much karmic burden.  10th?  Ummmmm....

Each chart shows the lessons we have agreed to experience in this lifetime.  Wherever we place and whatever the sign we allocate to each planet, there will be advantages and disadvantages.

If you had the choice, where would you place each planet and in which sign?

Friday 27 January 2012

Living Astrologically: When a Pisces, who disowns her Piscean traits, has transiting Moon, Venus and Chiron in Pisces

With my Pisces Sun oppose my Virgo Saturn, I tend to focus on the negative quite heavily.  It's not that I completely dislike my Pisces Sun;  I like to have compassion, but I don't fancy having my kindness being taken advantage of.  I like to be intuitive but I need to be able to take a step back and not get overwhelmed by other people's problems.  One important point I have learned from reading tons of New Age books is that you cannot help others if you are unhappy.  When I'm confused and unfocused, I can't do anything constructive, hence, for the purpose of practicality, I like to identify with my Virgo Saturn, because it helps me to have order in my life.  

All the predictions for 2012 I've seen in newspapers, magazines and the internet gave Pisces a fantastic forecast, saying 2012 will be a great year for Pisces, which, I'm sure, is mainly based on the fact that Neptune enters Pisces this year.  As mentioned previously in another blog post, I'm dreading this move and don't really want to think about what this 'flood' will bring.  Neptune has not enter Pisces at the time of writing, but currently (26th January), we have the Moon, Venus and Chiron in Pisces.  On closer inspection, I find the transiting Moon and Venus conjunct my natal Sun and transiting Chiron (also t. Neptune in Aquarius) conjunct my natal Mars.  In addition, transiting Chiron also sextile my MC, transiting Jupiter conjunct my MC and tightening its conjunction with my natal Chiron (late afternoon of 26th January 2012) and transiting Neptune quincunx my natal Jupiter exactly.  There was an incident which highlighted this combination of aspects quite aptly.  In a nutshell, the Piscean energy heightened my already hypersensitive nature.  I felt my anger button being triggered, even though the speaker had no malicious intent of arousing my anger at all.  I felt incapable and pitiful but at the same time, those unintentionally hurtful words gave me an instant insight into a solution that I had been seeking for the past month.  So my Mars felt bruised, but my Sun was able to receive the message delivered by the Moon-Venus conjunction in Pisces, thanks for the objectivity I derived from Neptune in Aquarius.  So far so good.  I can cope with that....

I was comparing this to another incident that occurred to me the day before (25th January) where I was interrogated about my financial situation during a family reunion.  As a private person, I highly loathe that kind of talk, but with family members, one needs to deal with it as amicably as possible (at least, that's my philosophy, especially that it's culturally more acceptable in the part of the world I'm currently in to discuss such a topic).  In the end, I answered as much as I felt comfortable without giving everything away, then I quickly returned the gesture and asked about her finances.  Again she answered but without giving too much away.  I pretty much had the same aspect as 26th January, the only difference being the Moon in Aquarius, separating from a conjunction to my natal Venus, but transiting MC in Pisces conjunct transiting Chiron, both conjunct my natal Mars.  Besides having an objective and detached Moon, the other saving grace is the ASC, which was in Gemini at the time, so I was in a lighthearted, chatty mood.  Compare to the Cancer ASC the next day, where I wanted to crawl into a shell and have some privacy and was made to feel defensive instead.

Conclusion so far:  I can deal with the 'Pisces flood' so long as I can have some air to breath (preferably the Aquarian kind).

How's the Piscean energy treating you so far?

Wednesday 25 January 2012

Mercury in Aquarius 2012

Having been thinking in a practical and prudent way, Mercury is due to leave the reserved and patient sign of Capricorn and enter unpredictable Aquarius from 27th January (18.11 GMT), where it will stay until 13th February.

Mercury in Aquarius continues the theme of connecting with the 'group mind'.  The New Moon in Aquarius on 23rd January provided the fertile ground to sow seeds of long-range goals, preferably ones with worthy causes, which can benefit the masses.  

The planetary energies are rather interesting.  On the one hand, we have the Aquarian energy, encouraging the need to think outside the box and be different (transiting Uranus sextile Mercury within 24 hours of its ingress into Aquarius), but on the other hand, we have the planet of action, Mars, retrograding in Virgo, discouraging overt actions and impulsive/sudden changes.  In addition, on the day of the Leo Full Moon on 7th February, Mercury will conjunct the Sun but oppose the Moon AND Saturn goes retrograde in Libra, repeating the 'let's shock the world and do it!  It's for the good of humanity!' versus 'Wait a minute, play safe.  Don't just think about your own needs but be aware of those around you too' message.  Full Moons tend to shed light on hidden issues, bringing awareness to anything you have not considered/seen before.  This is followed by the disseminating phase, or 'tweaking' time, where those unknown factors are taken into account and anything which no longer works will need to be released, so a new plan of action may need to be drafted again as we head towards the next New Moon.

By 9th February, Mercury will quincunx Mars, again, reinforcing the discomfort feeling of wanting to shock or do something for the good of others, but not forgetting the need to plan out all the steps in order to make it a reality.  Luckily, before Mercury is due to leave Aquarius, it will make a wonderful trine to Saturn, so after weeding out any unwanted/unrealistic parts, what's left should be sturdy enough to be taken to the next phase.  With Mercury entering romantic Pisces on Valentine's Day and a Pisces New Moon on 21st February (22.34 GMT), our minds can have a break from the high-voltaged energy of Aquarius (ruled by Uranus), and be massaged by the gentle yet vague Pisces.

This Aquarian Mercury will send a shock to my 7th house, oppose my Ascendant, square my MC, Chiron, Uranus and Moon, but sextile my Mercury.  I quite like getting zapped in the mind, it can numb the brain, but I would rather of think it as an invigorating experience, injecting some objectivity and originality into my system for just under 3 weeks.

Where will transiting Mercury in Aquarius visit in your chart?  
Image: Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Monday 23 January 2012

Mars in Virgo retrograde 2012

Mars, the planet of action, has been slowing down its pace, getting ready to go in reverse from 24th January and will go direct again on 14th April.

On the surface, 'Mars' and 'retrograde' may not seem to go hand in hand.  Traditional astrology claims that when this fiery and aggressive planet goes backwards, all actions should be put on hold.  However, that may not be practical, with the current retrograde period lasting up to 3 weeks.  Personally, I found that any actions executed during a Mars retrograde, which have been carefully researched and thoroughly planned out, can bring positive results.  The 'retrograde' is not referring to 'no action', but 'no rushed actions'.  Just like James H. Boren's quote, 'When in doubt, mumble; when in trouble delegate; when in charge, ponder'.  

Mars can be impulsive but in Virgo, the brash energy is being filtered and dampened.  Virgo demands meticulous order and critical analysis.  Superimpose the retrograde on top, we are encouraged to be even more scrupulous with our actions.  There's no need to be scared into a state of inertia.  In retrograde, Mars needs to direct its energy inward. So in essence, we are still 'doing' something, i.e. researching,  fine-tuning, just that it's not an overt action, so to the public, you appear to be idling.

Let's crunch some numbers.  Mars will begin its retrograde motion at 23 degrees 5.5 minutes on 24th January and will halt at 3 degrees 41 minutes on 13th April.  These degrees were already covered from 18th November 2011 to 23rd January 2012.  Any planets within these degrees will receive a transit from Mars, requiring them to slow down and reconsider.  Then from 14th April to 19th June, Mars will yet again traverse over these degrees, so going over old ground again.  What happened between 18th November 2011 to 23rd January 2012?  Between 24th January to 13th April, those issues will get a second chance to be scanned over.  Then from 14th April to 19th June, the same ground will be traipsed on again, so whatever you have missed out on the previous two occasions, you have a third chance to triple check before Mars leaves Virgo on 3rd July 2012.

What natal planets/angles does Mars aspect?  Which house(s) is Mars transiting in?  Where's your natal Mars?  Since this Mars is ruled by Mercury, take a look at your natal Mercury too.  Also check out the house with Aries on its cusp.

It is better to read a little and ponder a lot than to read a lot and ponder a little.  Denis Parsons Burkitt

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Sunday 22 January 2012

Neptune in Pisces 2012 - 2026

I was reading the story of 'The Brave Little Tailor' with a student the other day. For those of you unfamiliar with the story, in a nutshell,  it is about a tailor who killed 7 flies in one go, and to celebrate his heroic feat, he decided to set off on a journey to tell the world about it.  

I asked my student if this story was set in modern times, would this Little Tailor need to spread his news by leaving the comfort of his own home?  She replied, 'No, he could inform the media and be on television!'  I agreed but added that we could also take advantage of the internet and use Youtube and Facebook.  I'm sure most of us are in the habit of running to Facebook or Twitter to announce how we're feeling, sharing our joys and woes, or posting pictures of our new haircut (or even in the middle of one!), manicure or pedicure.

This uprise of communicating through cyberspace coincides with Neptune traversing in the territory of Aquarius  - a sign associated with computers, technology and science (also further supported by Uranus in Aquarius from 1996 to 2003).  Neptune first entered Aquarius back in January 1998 and retrograde back into Capricorn until November 1998, then it remains in this innovative sign for the next 14 years and will leave it on 3rd February 2012.

For the past 14 years, the use of computers has utterly immersed itself into everyone's lives - whether or not you own an iphone, ipad, or Blackberry, many areas of our lives have been 'computerised'.  I still remember my family doctor handwriting my prescriptions when I was young.  My school reports were all handwritten too.  It was not until I attended university that my tutor specifically requested to have all assignments word processed.  Now we can book our flights online, pay bills and make other money transfers online, buy movie tickets online, book appointments online......the list is endless.  We can now access the internet on our phones, increasing the level of convenience and mobility even more.  Basically, technology (Aquarius) has made our lives easier and bringing us closer together, i.e. connecting people via cyberspace.

I wonder with Neptune entering Pisces, its home sign, what kind of shift this may possibly bring?  Perhaps the boundaries between people will dissolve further through telepathy or other psychical development?  What do you think?

Saturday 21 January 2012

Welcoming the Aquarius New Moon, T-Square and all, with open arms

This afternoon, I received the shocking news of the demise of a relative.  My heart goes out to her family at this time.  May you rest in peace.

Every time when I hear of such losses, particularly of people I had personally interacted with, however transient, it feels as if the Universe is giving me a hard slap on the face, saying 'Life is too short, ANYTHING can happen.  Do what you need to do before it's too late.'

Today, even before hearing this piece of sad news, I felt like I was being trapped in a pressure cooker.  Well, transiting Mercury is exactly square my Pluto and transiting Sun is now exactly oppose my Jupiter.  

My poor Jupiter in Cancer, hiding away in the 12th house.  It wants to stay there, but it's being pushed and shoved about by the current Jupiter-Saturn opposition and soon the Aquarius New Moon will march right across it, hands on hips.  This afternoon, I suddenly realised that one of the personal influences this opposition has on me is to balance the need to distribute my time.  With the Jupiter-Saturn opposition falling in my 3rd/4th house cusp and 9th/10th cusp, I want to retreat into the safety of my home but I need to be 'out there' as culturally expected of me during this festive season (imagine feeling the need to isolate oneself during Christmas!).  But to be fair, I do want to be out there too (it is an opposition after all, so one does tend to flit from one side to the other).   As they're both ruled by Venus, I should balance both sides as amicably as possible and not allow my fiery Mercury in Aries to run amok - it won't because it's trapped deep down in my 8th house, it'll just seethe with anger, keeping the irritation boiling at the bottom of my psyche.  Luckily, transiting Mars is slowing down, getting ready for its retrograde on Tuesday 24th.  That sounds great to me.  Switch down a gear, slowly does it...

How are you feeling as we approach the Aquarius New Moon?

Friday 20 January 2012

Living Astrologically - Jupiter-Saturn Opposition

Jupiter expands, Saturn restricts.  They have been playing tug of war with one another, on and off, since 2010.

Superimpose that onto my chart, and you'll find my natal Jupiter fitting in nicely in-between them as the focal planet, forming a T-Square with this Jupiter-Saturn opposition.

Since December 2011, when these two giant planets fighting out there began to tighten the orb in relation to my natal Jupiter in 12th house, I have been feeling the urge to come out of hiding, to be true to myself and not be afraid to tell the world what I truly believe in.  I'm still not quite there yet.  There are still people around me whom I don't feel comfortable with being honest to.  I'm getting there......but the Universe is sick and tired with being kind to me.  Next Monday, the Aquarius New Moon will form a T-Square with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction - superimpose all of that onto my chart and now we have a grand cross!  I don't know exactly how it's all going to work out, I'll give you the lowdown after next Monday.  However, I'm certainly feeling the holiday stress leading up to Chinese New Year, which I have never experienced before.  I blame it on the current T-square and the approaching Grand Cross.....

Where does the Jupiter-Saturn opposition fall in your chart?  

Image: meepoohfoto / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Thursday 19 January 2012

Living Astrologically - Emotional Roller-Coaster

I don't normally keep a close check on how each transiting planet affects my own chart.  However, having experienced elation, frustration, offensiveness, sadness and shock, all within 24 hours, I thought I should take a look at what the planets were doing to my own chart.

I was surprised to find that yesterday (17th January 2012), all the transiting planets were in tight/exact aspect to many of my personal planets:

- transiting Sun trine my natal Moon
- transiting Moon trine my natal Sun
- transiting Mercury sextile my Sun
- transiting Venus conjunct my Mars
- transiting Jupiter conjunct my MC
- transiting Saturn square my Jupiter and quincunx my Mercury
- transiting Uranus conjunct my Mercury
- transiting Neptune quincunx my Jupiter
- transiting Pluto trine my Chiron
- transiting NN square my Sun
- transiting Chiron conjunct my Mars and sextile my MC
- transiting Mars sextile Uranus and square my Neptune (separating)

Do you ever get days like this?

Image: anat_tikker / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Wednesday 18 January 2012

Nodal Problem

The North Node (aka Dragon's Head) symbolises the life experiences which can help us grow spiritually, i.e. what we need to develop in this lifetime.  The South Node (aka Dragon's Tail) symbolises the path of least resistance, i.e.the traits we have over-developed and tend to fall back on during challenging times, which can prevent us from reaching our full potential.

FAS Summer School 2008
To illustrate, I have my North Node in Virgo and South Node in Pisces.  Therefore, I need to develop Virgo qualities and avoid falling back on my Pisces tendencies.  In reality, procrastination affects me greatly so I need to have more self-discipline and focus more on my goals.  This laziness can, at times, encourage me to adopt a 'I can't be bothered' attitude, allowing me to excuse myself from participating in social events, so I need to put myself out there more as 'participation' is part of the Virgo North Node lesson.  

The houses your nodal axis straddles across will add another layer to your interpretation.  For example, my North Node is in the 2nd house and South Node in the 8th house so I need to develop my own self-worth and not put others' needs before mine at the expense of my own self-development.

I found other FAS students near me
The ruling planets of your nodal axis should also be considered.  For example, my Virgo North Node is ruled by Mercury, where my natal Mercury is in Aries in 8th.  Virgo North Node tells me that I need to have clear goals in my life and that I need to put myself out there more.  Its ruling planet, Mercury, can tell me how I can go about achieving that.  In this case, by communicating boldly and not being afraid to speak my mind on topics which may be considered taboo, I can reach my potential denoted in my Virgo North Node.  In reality, I'm attempting to achieve this  through astrology (and other forms of New Age healing methods). I have attended astrology classes, joined an astrology club and through this blog, I'm in connection with fantastic astrologers from all over the world.  I'm motivated to reach out and share my passion with other like-minded people.  However, I need to watch out for the ruling planets of my Pisces South Node - Neptune and Jupiter.  With my Neptune in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Cancer, I tend to avoid participation by hiding away into the safety of my shell and become unfocused on my future plans, especially the finer details.  I tend to get blindly optimistic and assume that everything will just work out in the end, but not doing anything in a concrete way to bring about the change.

I have one problem with my nodal axis - if the South Node denotes what I need to move away from, then what should I do, with a Pisces Sun, when your Sun sign is what you need to work towards in your lifetime?  I guess my Pisces South Node is related to the negative Piscean traits (e.g. escapism, procrastination) and I need to develop the more positive Piscean qualities (e.g. compassion, creativity) as part of my Sun's lesson.

What are your life missions?  What's preventing/hindering you from reaching them?
I strongly recommend Jan Spiller's Astrology for the Soul for those who want to gain further insights on this topic.

Tuesday 17 January 2012

Astrological Rapport

Astrologically speaking, water Pisces and earth Taurus get on very well together.  I have met many Taureans and I did become great friends with them, however,  I have never got on with them the way I have got on with Athena.

I don't warm up to people easily but I felt at ease with Athena instantly.  We have been friends for well over a decade now and it's not until quite recently that I put our charts together and found many tight conjunctions between us.

- Her Saturn conjunct my Sun in 8th - I can be completely honest with her and trust her wholeheartedly.  I feel my secrets are completely safe with her.

- Her Sun conjunct my MC/Her Uranus-Mars-Pluto cluster conjunct my Saturn in 2nd  - Her vibrant energy has a positive effect on the way I see myself.

- Her Neptune conjunct my Uranus in 4th - She inspired me to go after my dreams and gave me a lot of spiritual guidance.  She introduced Angel therapist, Doreen Virtue's spiritual teachings to me, opening my eyes to a new way of seeing life.

- Her Jupiter conjunct my Moon in 10th - I can tell her anything and not afraid of being judged by her.  She always encourages me to have faith in myself.

- Her Venus conjunct my Chiron in 10th - I love being in her presence.  She has a calming effect on me.

Have you ever met people you have an instant rapport with?  What's the astrology between you and them?

Monday 16 January 2012

New Moon in Aquarius 2012

Time to get down on your knees and pray - we have a New Moon in Aquarius on 23rd January, which coincides with the first day of the Chinese New Year in 2012 - Year of the Dragon.

This New Moon falls on 2 degrees 42 minutes Aquarius.  Pinpoint this in your chart to see which area of your life is being highlighted and make your wish accordingly.  Embellish it further by finding Uranus in your chart (as Uranus rules Aquarius), and the 11th house (Aquarius' natural home), which is associated with friends, community groups, charities, long term wishes and goals.

The Jupiter-Saturn opposition forms a T-Square with this New Moon in fixed signs.  The challenge here is to balance the need to make your plans practical and achievable yet still supporting your heart's desires and personal beliefs. Interestingly, Jupiter in Taurus and Saturn in Libra are both ruled by Venus.  Harmony is the ultimate aim of any opposition/T-Square, but here, the Love Goddess has made herself present in this tug of war, wanting the two giant planets to see each other's point of view and to focus on society as a whole (Aquarius New Moon being the apex planet).

Mars in Virgo goes retrograde the next day, which helps us to be even more thorough and methodical in our actions, and to go through any small print with a fine-toothed comb before commitment.

Mercury entering Aquarius on 27th January continues the humanitarian theme from the Aquarian New Moon, inspiring the mind to wander into unexplored terrains for a worthy cause.

So to sum up, whatever your wish might be, make it realistic, adopt an optimistic outlook, be open to new ideas and think outside the box.  Take the focus off 'me' and concentrate on reaching out to the masses by connecting with the 'group mind'.

From the perspective of Chinese astrology, the word 'expression' colours the first day of this Lunar New Year where people are generally more expressive with their hostile thoughts and feelings, e.g. public demonstrations, debates.  There is a slight melancholic tone where people review the previous year and arrive at the conclusion that they have underachieved, despite having exerted a lot of effort towards their goals. This is especially relevant for the younger generations and employees.  2012 is a wood year (but with Water Dragon) representing growth and learning.  However, this comes at a price - competition.  Wood and water are very strong in 2012 so wood- and water-related industries will prosper, e.g. education, fashion, transportation.  Fire industry may not do as well in comparison, e.g. IT, electronics.  I want to thank my friend Jason for his Chinese astrology input.

So where is this Aquarius New Moon in your chart?  What aspects does it make with your other planets?

Sunday 15 January 2012

Transiting Venus in Pisces 2012

Venus, the planet of love, fun and values, leaves humanitarian Aquarius and into romantic Pisces on 14th January 2012.  Venus is due to stay in this dreamy sign for just over 3 weeks, until 7th February 2012. This coincides with Saturn going retrograde and a full moon in Leo.  In addition, 12 days into this ingress, Mars will go retrograde in Virgo.  So it looks as if we will be given ample opportunities to review (look for Libra and Leo in your chart) and refine our plans, paying special attention to the smaller details (look for Virgo in your chart).

Venus is exalted in Pisces, meaning that the gentle and romantic Piscean energy is comfortably expressed in this loving planet.  It is like feeling at home in someone else's house. (Venus' 'natural homes' are Libra and Taurus)

The effect of transiting Venus is rather transient as it moves 1 degree 15 minutes per day at its fastest.  During its 3-week sojourn, it will conjunct planets in the sign of Pisces.  Look for Pisces in your chart to see which area of your life will be visited by this Love Goddess.

Venus in Pisces is supposed to be romantic, making you feel attractive, caring and amicable.  For me, I have Pisces on my 8th house cusp.  Tracking Venus in Pisces for the last couple of years, I found that my experience of this transit is anything but lighthearted and romantic, thanks to my natal Sun-Saturn opposition.  When transiting Pisces conjunct my Sun (Mars and SN), making me feel utterly charming and gentle, I have Saturn in Virgo on the other side screaming out warnings, 'Don't let your guard down!  It's not as good as it looks!  You're not worth it!'  Currently, I feel more confident with keeping my Saturn in order.  However, my next task is to make peace with Neptune, as I have a natal Sun-Neptune square, of which I have ignored for the most part of my life.  It's screaming out for attention, especially with Neptune entering Pisces, its natural home, at the start of next month.  I'm working on it Neptune...

Where's Venus transiting in your chart?  Even though Venus in Pisces hasn't brought me any 'nice gifts' in the past, I'm sure it has given loads to others - are you one of those lucky souls?

Image: Dynamite Imagery / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Saturday 14 January 2012

Astro Dialoguing or Multiple Personalities?

Beep beep beep beep!  Beep beep beep beep!

'Time to get up.  Rise and shine!'  announced Saturn in Virgo, throwing back the covers and preparing to get ready for the day ahead.

'10 more minutes, please!' groaned Pisces Sun, groggily.

'Yeah, we set the alarm to go off 10 minutes early so we can have a snooze, remember?' complained Mars in Pisces.  'Isn't that right, Taurus Moon?'


'She's still dreaming,' observed Jupiter in Cancer. 'Look, all this arguing is making me wide awake so we might as well skip the snoozing session this morning...I can't stand it when you guys argue all the time......'

'Knock it off, all of you!' shouted Mercury in Aries, threatening to whip those who are still in Slumberland.......

Every waking moment, we face the challenge of integrating the different aspects of our personality.  Most of us can achieve it well enough to lead a relatively 'normal' life, while others end up getting severely out of balance mentally.

Astrology is no magic tool but it can help us identify different facets of ourselves.  It is akin to putting all the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together, except there is no guarantee that all the pieces will fit together perfectly.  The key is to understand each aspect, and to find ways to 'live' with them all simultaneously and as peacefully as possible.

I often swing between being a procrastinator, where I leave work lying around half finished, to a complete martinet, where I force myself to tick off everything on my 'to do' list at record time.  Knowing that it's my Virgo Saturn and Pisces Sun in opposition helps me to understand that both sides belong to me.  When I'm being a workaholic, I purposefully give my Pisces Sun a kick to help me negotiate a rest, and when laziness is getting the better of me, I invite Virgo Saturn to sort it all out.

When I know I'm being overcautious and is on the verge of passing up a fantastic opportunity, I tell my Scorpio Uranus to counsel its opposition buddy, Taurus Moon and come to a mutual agreement.

I used to find it hard to comprehend times when I would crave recognition, but when I do get it, I would squirm and push the compliment away - all thanks to my Leo Ascendant and Pisces Sun-Mars-SN chasing after different dreams.

Blending all the different planetary energies harmoniously together is an art in itself - a lifelong task.

Which aspects of your chart do you find it the hardest to harmonise?

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Friday 13 January 2012

8th House - Sink or Swim?

I can still recall the moment when I first discovered that I have my Sun, Mars, Mercury and North Node in the 8th house of death.  

Oh great!  Does that mean I'm not going to last very long in the mortal realm?  

Well, not necessarily,  because other keywords for the 8th house include:  'regeneration', 'transformation', 'sexuality' and 'taboo subjects'.  

Fabulous!  Is something really traumatic going to happen to me and either I live through it or drop off the face of the Earth?  

I guess in hindsight, I've had my dark moments in life, but as a beginner, those keywords only served to freak me out.  

When I first began to read charts for friends, I remember feeling rather apprehensive about the 8th house.  Those keywords are a start (along with 'shared resources', 'investments', 'inheritance').  But how do you make them practical (and not so scary)?  

When I share my chart with other astrologers, they often comment on my packed 8th house, 'You have a lot of depth in your character', 'You tend to attract trauma into your life so you should become a counsellor,' 'You need to get light from other people.'  

In my experience, I found that those with a prominent 8th house tend to get moments of deep depression where they may contemplate death or have extremely dark thoughts about others or themselves.  Or they just love to analyse people and find out what makes them tick.  Naturally, the sign on the 8th house cusp is also an important factor to consider, but so far, I've found that people with a prominent 8th house is unlikely to be naive - even if they appear to be so on the surface.

What's your take on the 8th house?

Thursday 12 January 2012

Friday 13th - Love is in the air!

Yes, love is in the air on Friday the 13th January.

Venus, the planet of love, values and pleasure, conjunct Neptune, a higher octave of Venus, governing dreams, ideals and spirituality.  However, this conjunction at 29 degrees Aquarius may not necessarily bring the lovey dovey kind of love that you might expect, as Aquarius expresses itself with detachment and independence.  The 'love' is certainly there, but towards a bigger audience with a worthwhile cause, e.g, a charity, a community group.

This conjunction, along with Mercury conjunct Pluto, can help to unleash any creative ideas locked within you, ones which are likely to make deep and long lasting impressions on others.

With a number of planets in earth signs (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto), we want to get things done.  We don't want to merely dream and imagine but to capture those ideals and manifest them into reality.  Saturn in Libra (ruled by Venus) trine the Venus-Neptune conjunction, along with the Sun-Mars trine in the background further reinforce the theme of putting your passion into action.

So this Friday the 13th isn't all doom and gloom.  Here is a great blog entry on the history behind this dreaded day:  http://auntiemoon.wordpress.com/2012/01/10/friday-the-13th-exalt-the-feminine/

My Cancer Jupiter, tucked away in the 12th house is being quincunx by this Venus-Neptune conjunction and square by Saturn.  I may feel uncomfortable to come out of my hiding place, but Saturn is threatening me with a cane......

Where does this Venus-Neptune conjunction fall in your chart?

Image: Kookkai_nak / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Wednesday 11 January 2012

Oppositions - reflections of your inner soul

I have quite a number of oppositions in my chart:

- Sun oppose Saturn
- Sun oppose North Node
- Mars oppose Saturn
- Moon oppose Uranus
- Jupiter oppose Venus
- Venus oppose Ascendant

With oppositions, we tend to identify with one side and disown the other.  The Universe then brings people with those hidden/disowned traits to annoy the hell out of us.  We then get extremely pissed off and moan to our friends about those irritating sods.  However, if you calm your mind and take an objective stance, you're likely to find that those jerks are merely mirroring a part of you that you have disowned.  For example, during my first Saturn return, I met some unsavory souls who challenged my self-esteem to the core.  I found them highly judgmental and critical.  I then discovered (through a mutual associate) that they are jealous and insecure on the inside hence they put on the mask of a bully to hide their own insecurities.  After some self-reflections, I honestly can admit that I too possess those negative qualities, just that I've buried them deep within me.  After that, I went through a phase of catching myself displaying those qualities on other people (i.e. judging and being critical of other people).  I'm still finding it an art to balance between being nice (Pisces) versus being stern (Virgo), but hey, that's what life is all about.  It certainly keeps me on my toes!

Oppositions are like see-saws, besides owning one side and projecting the other, we might jump from one side to the other.  This is how my Moon-Uranus opposition, straddling across the 4th-10th axis, is turning out in reality.  One minute I just want freedom and focus entirely on my career, and the next, I see all my married friends, some are even mothers, around me and I crave to have my own family too.  Recently though, I've been in close contact with a number of working mums - ones with high powered jobs or their own businesses to attend to.  It's amazing to see how they balance both sides with ease (on the surface of course) but it's rather inspirational to see them having the best of both worlds.  However, they do tend to lean towards the family side more as they are willing to stunt their career growth in order to allow more time for their children.  I see people like them and think - how can I effectively use my Moon-Uranus opposition?  Can I achieve that too?

The Jupiter-Venus opposition is an aspect which took me the longest time to understand.  I once consulted a professional astrologer and I specifically asked her about that aspect.  Her reply was 'Jupiter is a beneficial planet, Venus is too.  So you have lots of good things opposite each other - too much of a good thing is not so great.'  End of explanation.  Oh, thanks for that analysis, it's as clear as mud!..........Last year, I met a fantastic astrologer - Lilian, who is one of the founders and the current president of Hong Kong Astrology Club.  I discussed my Jupiter-Venus opposition with her, which to be fair, is really a quincunx (out-of-sign aspect).  Her answer was surprisingly insightful.  She said just by looking at the planets, I should have lots of love opportunities but I just don't see them that way (very true!).  Then she said I should focus on the signs too - Cancer versus Aquarius, flipping between wanting freedom and independence on the one hand but craving emotional support on the other.  I've always given that interpretation to my Moon-Uranus, but my Jupiter-Venus actually reinforces that delineation too.  What she said was pretty basic but it's like asking a hair stylist to cut his own hair, you can only do so much before you come to unreachable places/blindspots and are unable to continue.  I like sharing my chart with other astrologers, I always hear something new every time.

What have you disowned/projected?

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Tuesday 10 January 2012

Living Astrologically - Full Moon in Cancer 2012

Astrology is about the interpretation of symbols.  Planets, signs, houses and aspects are representations of our mortal world, physically, mentally and spiritually.  

Astrologers make predictions by analysing the symbols involved.  So how did the full moon in Cancer yesterday unfold for you in reality?

For me, I received feedback on a piece of assignment that I had completed on Christmas eve (i.e. Capricorn New Moon).  The insightful feedback received will help me to improve myself for the next piece of work.  This is the essence of a full moon - review, tweak your plans/ideas before returning to the project/work/event (i.e. as we approach the next new moon from the current full moon phase).

However, besides this, I got another message from this full moon.  Full moons are often related to resolutions and culmination points, but they can also be times when you see something clearly, often for the first time.  Compare this to the outward appearance of a full moon - it is placed opposite the Sun and it is reflecting the sun's light full on.  We see the moon completely, clearly, in its entirety.  

As I was getting ready for bed that night, I thought to myself, 'This full moon in Cancer at 18 degrees 27 minutes falls in my 12th house of secrets.  It sextile my NN in 2nd and square Pluto in 3rd.  But nothing happened......'  Then I stopped myself.  A conversation I had with a relative that day came rushing back to me. I recalled her revealing some news to me concerning another family member.  Something about her past that I was interested in but never had the guts to ask.  However, the opportunity just presented itself  so I posed the question, ever so casually, and discovered some shocking info about that relative.  I was stunned as the realisation dawned on me (Full Moon message) that I did 'get' something from this full moon.  In my Cancer 12th house (hidden secrets), sextile NN (I was meant to find out in a causal way), from a relative (Pluto in 3rd).....I personally would sum the Full Moon in 12th house square my natal Pluto in 3rd as 'family gossip'!

Monday 9 January 2012

I'm not a witch - honest!

I often get told that I put people at ease.  So I was horrified when my colleague's daughter found me otherwise.

In my absence, Bailey is a cheerful girl.  My colleague says she's very talkative and can be bossy at times.  However, put me in front of her and her sweet smile disappears in an instant.  She doesn't cry but just stares at me with a worried look.   She also becomes silent, making me convinced that her parents are exaggerating on her communicative nature.  She's not like that at all with other people!  Why is she like that with you?  

Great! So what's wrong with me?  I'm not shouting, I don't even look remotely angry.........

I shared this with an astro pal.  She reckoned that it's something related to Saturn in our charts.  So I looked at the synastry between us and found that my Saturn conjunct her Venus exactly! (with an orb of about 10 minutes).  No wonder.  I'm a strict disciplinarian (Saturn), stifling her fun (Venus).  There are other more pleasant aspects between us, but the poor girl, at the  mere age of 18 months, detected this 'Your Saturn is sitting on my Venus!' aspect straightaway.........

Have you ever met someone you took an instant dislike to?  Or the opposite?

Sunday 8 January 2012

Out-of-sign aspects - don't judge a book by its cover

As if astrology is not complex enough, we have the added complication of out-of-sign aspects to deal with.  This is when 2 planets are in aspect with one another but the signs involved do not match that aspect.

When I first began studying astrology, I read that these out-of-sign aspects function by switching between the two aspects involved.  For example, I have a Mercury-Jupiter trine but between Aries and Cancer, therefore, sign-wise, it's a square.  The planets relate to one another in a trine but the signs are in a square.  According to those sources, this aspect flips between functioning like a trine and a square, so sometimes it's great, sometimes it's not. 

Besides this out-of sign aspect, I also have 4 more:

- Ascendant in Leo conjunct Jupiter in Cancer in 12th (semi-square sign-wise)
- Venus in Aquarius in 6th oppose Jupiter in Cancer in 12th (quincunx sign-wise)
- Moon in Taurus 10th sextile Mercury in Aries in 8th (semi-square sign wise)
- Moon in Taurus in 10th square Mars in Pisces in 8th (sextile sign-wise)

The way I see it, these out-of-sign aspects are like being teased by the Universe.  On the surface, it might be a trine or sextile, but deep down, it's actually a square or semi-square.  Trines are natural talents, often go undetected by the native.  In the case of my Jupiter-Mercury trine, I spent the first 2 decades living it as a square.  I felt highly uncomfortable with sharing my thoughts and ideas and talking in general.  I knew this had to be overcome, so bit by bit, I took the necessary steps to push myself to develop more confidence.  Luckily, I was blessed with beneficial transits which gave me massive support (in the name of Jupiter!).  Then, in my 20s, I began to receive positive feedback on my Mercury (e.g. presentation skills, public speaking), which I found difficult to accept at first.  But having put in a lot of effort to release that trine, I can honestly say that I can finally 'feel' it and beginning to own it.  Same for the Moon-Mercury sextile and Ascendant-Jupiter conjunction.  

On the other hand, for the Jupiter-Venus opposition and Moon-Mars square, I don't feel the harshness as much.  It's the opposite - they are not as bad as they look.

Overall, I would say that from my personal experience, these out-of-sign aspects are like cross-stitch kits or DIY kits, i.e. a 'trine kit' or a 'sextile kit'.  You need to 'make' the aspect yourself.  All the necessary components are provided for.  All you need to do is have the motivation to transform them into the final product, which matches the picture on the original package (i.e. work through the differences between the signs involved to claim or own that aspect).  

Do you have any out-of-sign aspects?  How are they turning out in your life?
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Saturday 7 January 2012

Cosmic Tracking before the Cancer Full Moon

Transiting Uranus is conjunct my natal Mercury (since the end of October 2011 and is due to break out of the tight orb by the end of this month).

Transiting Saturn is square my natal Jupiter and quincunx my Moon.

Transiting Chiron and Jupiter are approaching a conjunction to my natal Mars and MC respectively, separating in the middle of next month.

Down here on earth, I'm feeling more bold and open about sharing my spiritual beliefs with the world and not being afraid of other people's reactions.  I had a brief trek down memory lane last night (around the time when there was a combination of configurations in the sky - a grand cross, a grand trine, a kite and a mystic rectangle) and ended up getting rather emotional (though at the time, I had no idea about the 'configuration party' in the sky)......

How are the planets treating you?

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Friday 6 January 2012

Astrology Spotting

I don't want to go into how astrology was once accepted by the church and now it's shunned.    However, I do want to share some visual evidence of their union once upon a time.  

I first witnessed this union back in the winter of 2003, during a 2-week tour of Europe.  I saw a stained-glass window depicting the 12 signs of the zodiac inside Cologne Cathedral in Germany.  Initially, I was shocked to see it, as I normally get an ear full from my Christian friends on how sinful I am and how I'll grow out of it 'When you know all you need is God', so seeing glimpses of astrology inside a church was simply unbelievable.  My disposable camera  couldn't capture its splendour at the time, so here's a link of it from another traveller's blog:  http://www.traveljournals.net/pictures/39773.html

In the majestic setting of Oxford in 2008, I attended the annual Summer School organised by the Faculty of Astrological Studies.  If I recall correctly, over dinner or breakfast one day, John Etherington told us about the astrological stone roof bosses found at the gate of Merton College, so one afternoon, I set off with some other faculty students and captured the following:
Can you identify some of the zodiac signs represented here?
Cancer and Leo
Aries and Capricorn


In the summer of 2010, during a visit to the Victoria & Albert museum in London, I encountered more astrology.  You can read about them here:


Have you come across any astrological symbols in churches, cathedrals or other ancient buildings?

Mercury in Capricorn 2012

Mercury, the planet of communication, is due to enter earthy Capricorn on 8th January 2012 (the day before the Cancer Full Moon), and will stay for about 3 weeks (until 27th January 2012).

Having been pondering on the bigger questions of life while in philosophical Sagittarius for 2 months (including a retrograde interlude), Mercury is now ready to get realistic and filter-out plans that are too idealistic to implement.  

Its ingress in ambitious Capricorn on 8th January trine Jupiter in Taurus and square Uranus in Aries reinforces the importance of thinking optimistically, yet cautiously and practically, aiming for steady progress rather than rushing through any projects haphazardly.  

The Cancer Full Moon on 9th January marks an ideal point to review the progress of projects already in action.  Mercury sextile Chiron helps us to let go of anything that is a hindrance and moves us forward positively.

The exact Mercury-Pluto conjunction on 13th wants to make a powerful impact with words and ideas.  On the other hand, we also have a Venus-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius encouraging our creative juice to flow outside the box, but still making it realistic with Venus trine Saturn.  Venus-Neptune in Aquarius also highlights the theme of extending our love to those in need within our communities.

As we approach the New Moon in Aquarius on 22nd/23rd January, Mercury conjunct Moon and trine Mars in Virgo focusing our needs on the finer details.

Where is Mercury in Capricorn in your chart?

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Thursday 5 January 2012

Wish Upon a New Moon....

I always consider new moons to be our monthly chances to touch base with nature, as new moons are favourable times for making fresh starts, for pondering on your heart's desires and reporting them to the Universe for manifestations (if they are for the highest good).

Making wishes corresponding to the sign of the new moon can be particularly powerful, as discussed in  Jan Spiller's 'New Moon Astrology', where she listed, in detail, wish topics for each sign in order to maximise this lunar energy. She also identified transiting Sun travelling in the 11th house (using Placidus house system) as a potent period to send your annual wish list to the Universe.  For me, it is when transiting Sun is in Gemini.

Satori (http://www.elsaelsa.com/astrology/2012/01/01/the-new-years-sun-in-capricorn/#comments) also discussed having transiting Sun conjunct your natal Moon as another fortuitous time to set your intentions.  This puts mine towards the end of May, in the sign of Taurus.

When and where are your personal new moons?  What will you wish for?

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Wednesday 4 January 2012

The Energy of 2012 - Jupiter

Jupiter expands, grows, prospers and seeks meaning.  I particularly welcome its ingress in Taurus on 5th June 2011, and look forward to it entering Gemini on 12th June 2012.  This is because having analysed my own Jupiter transits, I've identified periods of contentment associated with transiting Jupiter traversing my Taurus 10th house, where my natal Moon resides, and also, surprisingly, Jupiter in Gemini transiting my empty 11th house.  

Being a Pisces, I can understand the happy feeling associated with my natal Sun sextile transiting Jupiter, but having transiting Jupiter square my Pisces Sun during its sojourn in Gemini?  I guess being equipped with more than enough self-control and discipline (not always considered to be favourable though), I'm able to put this square to good use by not allowing it to get out of hand, which is a possible manifestation of Jupiter - over-confidence. Besides that, transiting Jupiter expands my 11th house of friends, community groups, hopes and wishes with a mercurial tinge (Gemini cusp), and in Gemini, Jupiter sends a supportive beam to my natal Mercury, giving my Mercury plenty of opportunities to expand and grow.

What's transiting Jupiter bringing you?

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Tuesday 3 January 2012

The Energy of 2012 - Saturn

Saturn, the planet associated with father/authority figures and boundaries, helps us to become a better person by putting us through a series of life lessons.  

Saturn provides us with the basic framework and rules to follow.  Saturn likes to be systematic, organised and law abiding.  Saturn strives for security and safety.  Where Saturn is in your chart indicates where your fears lie.  It indicates where we tend to overcompensate in order to feel secure again.  

In 2012, Saturn will finish off its final degrees in Libra and is due to enter Scorpio on 6th October 2012.  A period of retrograde will occur between 7th February to 25th June 2012.  Any planets, points or angles between 28 degrees 19 minutes Libra to 9 degrees 30 minutes Scorpio will feel the greatest tension from Saturn. As uncomfortable as you may feel, Saturn's visit is essential to our growth on the mortal realm.

In Libra, Saturn asks us to learn from our relationships with others and in Scorpio, to spring clean any hidden attachments lying around in our psyche.

Saturn Transiting through the houses

First house - Saturn enters the first house through the portal of the Ascendant.  Saturn may challenge our old ways of viewing life.  Saturn is a traditional father, demanding us to take life seriously.  If you are a responsible person by nature, this transit will deepen this trait, whereas for those with a laid-back attitude, this transit can inject a solemn and reflective tone into your system.  Saturn could tamper with your confidence level, but only to force you to get rid of anything superficial and unrealistic about yourself.  This is also a time of introspection where you restructure your inner landscape.  If you work hard on the 'Saturn first house' lesson, then, by the time Saturn exits this house, you will have discovered a renewed self-identity to work with for the coming years.

Libra Ascendant will have Saturn transiting the first house up to 5th October 2012.
Scorpio Ascendant will have Saturn transiting the first house from 6th October 2012.

Second house - This house is associated with our material possessions and values we hold.  Saturn transiting the second house is traditionally interpreted as a period of financial loss.  This can occur, but it didn't when I had my Saturn 2nd house transit 3 years ago.  What it did bring up, was a feeling of insecurity concerning my finances.  I also asked myself 'What's the point of working so hard?  What do I truly get out of it?' on a frequent basis during this transit.  This brings us to the crux of the 2nd house lesson - What do you really value?  What is important to you in life?  In essence, this transit allows us to restructure our inner value system.  For some, they may have to lose their material possessions to find out what's truly important to them.  For example, those who have lost their fortune in the current (or previous) bouts of economic crisis may have learnt that they still have their families with them, giving them support, while others may have found it hard to extract the hidden blessings in such situations.

Virgo Ascendant will have Saturn transiting the second house up to 5th October 2012.
Libra Ascendant will have Saturn transiting the second house from 6th October 2012.

Third house - Now that we have restructured our personality, outlook on life (1st house), values and resources (2nd house), Saturn will then turn our attention to our mind, which includes our communication style, our way of thinking, learning patterns and attitudes.  During this transit, Saturn may urge us to inspect and discipline our mental output, and to plan our time effectively in order to maximise our learning opportunities.  We may feel inadequate with our skills and knowledge base and might feel the need to enrol on relevant courses to compensate this lack.  As the third house rules siblings, neighbours and our immediate environment, we may find people around us who are reaching out to us (Saturn in Libra) more than before.  I can certainly relate to that - recently, my neighbours are making more small talks (3rd house) with me and prying into my private life, to my dismay......

Leo Ascendant will have Saturn transiting the third house up to 5th October 2012.
Virgo Ascendant will have Saturn transiting the third house from 6th October 2012.

Fourth house - Saturn crosses the IC threshold in order to enter the fourth house of our roots, home and foundation.  Saturn encourages us to explore our roots and release any unhealthy attachments to the past, especially those related to our early home life.  This can be a favourable time to undergo psychological therapy, particularly if any unresolved childhood issues are restricting your psychological/spiritual growth.  This transit may manifest on a more physical level, whereby, your actual home space will undergo some kind of re-organisation or restructuring.  As this house also represents one of the parents, this transit may bring some kind of parental duty to you, or you may be the recipient of it.

Cancer Ascendant will have Saturn transiting the fourth house up to 5th October 2012.
Leo Ascendant will have Saturn transiting the fourth house from 6th October 2012.

Fifth house - This house is associated with self-expression, romance, children and creative pursuits.  Saturn pushes us to re-evaluate our talents and to express ourselves in practical and useful ways.  Some of us may encounter older or more mature lovers, whom may bring discipline into our lives.  Children may enter our lives, though not necessarily your own, where you have responsibility over their well-being.  These may seem burdensome, or just 'not fun', but the purpose of these interactions is to promote growth.  The ultimate lesson in this house is to cultivate a healthy dose of pride and self-dependence, so that we do not need to reply on the opinions of others and be affected by how we are perceived.

Gemini Ascendant will have Saturn transiting the fifth house up to 5th October 2012.
Cancer Ascendant will have Saturn transiting the fifth house from 6th October 2012.

Sixth house - Our daily routine, work and physical health are under scrutiny by Saturn.  We may inspect our day-to-day arrangements to see if there are scopes for increasing the efficiency in running errands or going about our daily lives.  At work, extra workload and/or responsibilities may be laden on us.  We may feel our efforts go unrewarded and we could not live up to the unrealistic demands of our superiors.    Our physical health may be strained, urging us to take better care of ourselves.  A new exercise or diet regime may start at this time.  The lesson of this house is to be productive and work efficiently within the constrain of a healthy body.

Taurus Ascendant will have Saturn transiting the sixth house up to 5th October 2012.
Gemini Ascendant will have Saturn transiting the sixth house from 6th October 2012.

Seventh house - Saturn steps through the Descendant doorway and into the seventh house of one-to-one relationships, which include marital and business partnerships.  A feeling of loneliness may accompany this transit, whether or not you are in a relationship.  The issues of commitment and fulfilling the expectations of others are likely to crop up.  For some, this could be the end of a marital relationship, having inspected all the flaws and come to the conclusion that it is intolerable.  For others, this could bring marital union, having inspected the current state of the relationship and come to the conclusion that it is time to be responsible and make a solid (official) commitment to your partner.  The essence of this lesson is to re-assess your relationships and understand the part you play in them.

Aries Ascendant will have Saturn transiting the seventh house up to 5th October 2012.
Taurus Ascendant will have Saturn transiting the seventh house from 6th October 2012.

Eighth house - Saturn, entering the eighth house of other people's resources and values, tends to allow you to re-assess values held by others (including your intimate partner) and, if different from your own, to incorporate them into your system without stifling your own individuality.  The issue of power and control may also be up for inspection.  This is also traditionally known as the house of death, therefore, during this transit, Saturn may bring up issues of your own mortality, where we are reminded that there is a limit to our existence on this earthly plane.

Pisces Ascendant will have Saturn transiting the eighth house up to 5th October 2012.
Aries Ascendant will have Saturn transiting the eighth house from 6th October 2012.

Ninth house - Issues related to philosophy, religion, higher education and foreign travels come under the watchful eyes of Saturn during its transit in the 9th house. We may question our outdated beliefs on what life is all about.  Finding the meaning of life and seeking religious or spiritual solace  may occur for the purpose of applying it in the material world.  Any long distance travels taking place during this 9th house Saturn transit are likely to be related to learning or fulfilling a practical intent, i.e. not for recreational purposes.  

Aquarius Ascendant will have Saturn transiting the ninth house up to 5th October 2012.
Pisces Ascendant will have Saturn transiting the ninth house from 6th October 2012.

Tenth house - This could to be a time of accomplishment in your career, perhaps even being rewarded with a position of leadership.  If this is in line with your wish, then it will be relished.  Otherwise, this may just be a period of increased (and unwanted) responsibilities in your professional life.   You may have reached the peak of your career, something that you have been striving for, but you may have sacrificed your personal life in order to obtain this recognition, and further work-related burdens await you.  The essence of this lesson is to be aware of the limitation and restriction we can experience in our professional life or from our place in society.

Capricorn Ascendant will have Saturn transiting the tenth house up to 5th October 2012.
Aquarius Ascendant will have Saturn transiting the tenth house from 6th October 2012.

Eleventh house -  In the house of hopes and wishes, community groups and friendships, Saturn asks us to question our role in our community and how we fit-in in our society.  Any superficiality will not be able to withstand Saturn's stern glare, from false friends and unrealistic dreams, to shallow networks and associations.  Any commitments made under this 11th house Saturn transit demand depth and practicality.

Sagittarius Ascendant will have Saturn transiting the eleventh house up to 5th October 2012.
Capricorn Ascendant will have Saturn transiting the eleventh house from 6th October 2012.

Twelfth house - As Saturn enters the 12th house of the Universal unconscious, we slow down our pace even more (Saturn slows us down anyway, but more so in the 12th house of retreat).  We may want some isolation time where we delve into the depths of our psyches and spring-clean any junk we have assimilated previously, e.g. skeletons in the closet and fears which are hindering our spiritual growth, and dig up anything hidden that can still be of use to us, e.g. hidden talents.  Feelings of inadequacy could crop up at this time.  The importance of this transit is to realise that life is cyclical and that failures can make us wiser.  Discard what is no longer practical to us and keep those that can help us onto the next lesson - the first house, where we get another chance to define our identity in the world.

Scorpio Ascendant will have Saturn transiting the twelfth house up to 5th October 2012.
Sagittarius Ascendant will have Saturn transiting the twelfth house from 6th October 2012.

Please note that all dates are given on the assumption that each house starts at 0 degree.  For those who have access to their charts, they could determine the dates of house transition by locating their Libra and Scorpio cusps.
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Sunday 1 January 2012

Full Moon in Cancer 2012 - Wolf Moon

The first full moon in January, or the moon after Yule, is known as a Wolf Moon, according to Native American Indians.

On Monday 9th January 2012, the full moon in Cancer at 18 degrees 27 minutes is a Wolf Moon.  Any planets, points or angles in your chart at this degree will be able to feel the potency of this lunar energy.

Full Moons signal completion, endings or culmination points.  It is a time when the moon is brilliantly reflecting the sun's light.   We are urged to gain a healthy balance between the inner (Cancer) and outer (Capricorn) world, our home (Cancer) life versus our career (Capricorn).  

Full Moons also tend to reveal the shadow sides of the signs involved, in this case, Cancer and Capricorn.  The intensity of the lunar radiance may expose the emotional drought in us, where our inner needs are sacrificed or simply not met (Cancer).  It can also indicate the shirking of responsibilities or being power hungry (Capricorn).  The houses this full moon axis straddle across can give us further information on the nature of these shadow qualities.

Mercury enters Capricorn a day before this full moon can help us to discipline our mind and to carefully plan our next step.  With Mars in Virgo in a supporting aspect to the Moon (sextile), we are encouraged to analyse any situations methodically before action.

Where does this full moon axis fall in your chart?

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Happy New Year! It's 2012!

Happy New Year to you all!  

The much speculated (and dreaded) 2012 is finally here.  

The myth of 2012 apocalypse is due to the abrupt termination of the Mayan calendar at 2012, causing a wave of panic to spread across the globe.  

Why did it stop there?  Is it indicating the end of the world?  

There have been speculations that the Mayans had to make an unexpected move or even got suddenly wiped out as a civilisation, hence unable to continue with their predictions.  

I personally don't think it is the end of us this year, though there are some intense aspects in store for us earthlings in the coming months....

But let's not worry about that on the first day of the new year.  The Moon in Aries pulls the attention away from this solemn matter and wants you to celebrate in style.

We have the Sun-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn square the Moon-Venus sextile before the end of the day.  The Moon in Aries sextile Venus in Aquarius wants us to detach from our duties and have some fun before we get back to work on Tuesday (with the Moon moving into practical Taurus).  The Moon-Jupiter conjunction in Taurus on Tuesday may want to extend the holiday mood and continue to indulge the senses with more food and laughter.

Meanwhile, we continue to have Mercury in Sagittarius struggling with Mars in Virgo (square) until Monday.  Can we see the bigger picture and attend to details simultaneously?

Image: AKARAKINGDOMS / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
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Pondering Pisces

Today, we shared our own career experiences with a 17 year-old who is about to apply for university.  My partner mentioned a few things whic...