Wednesday 18 January 2012

Nodal Problem

The North Node (aka Dragon's Head) symbolises the life experiences which can help us grow spiritually, i.e. what we need to develop in this lifetime.  The South Node (aka Dragon's Tail) symbolises the path of least resistance, i.e.the traits we have over-developed and tend to fall back on during challenging times, which can prevent us from reaching our full potential.

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To illustrate, I have my North Node in Virgo and South Node in Pisces.  Therefore, I need to develop Virgo qualities and avoid falling back on my Pisces tendencies.  In reality, procrastination affects me greatly so I need to have more self-discipline and focus more on my goals.  This laziness can, at times, encourage me to adopt a 'I can't be bothered' attitude, allowing me to excuse myself from participating in social events, so I need to put myself out there more as 'participation' is part of the Virgo North Node lesson.  

The houses your nodal axis straddles across will add another layer to your interpretation.  For example, my North Node is in the 2nd house and South Node in the 8th house so I need to develop my own self-worth and not put others' needs before mine at the expense of my own self-development.

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The ruling planets of your nodal axis should also be considered.  For example, my Virgo North Node is ruled by Mercury, where my natal Mercury is in Aries in 8th.  Virgo North Node tells me that I need to have clear goals in my life and that I need to put myself out there more.  Its ruling planet, Mercury, can tell me how I can go about achieving that.  In this case, by communicating boldly and not being afraid to speak my mind on topics which may be considered taboo, I can reach my potential denoted in my Virgo North Node.  In reality, I'm attempting to achieve this  through astrology (and other forms of New Age healing methods). I have attended astrology classes, joined an astrology club and through this blog, I'm in connection with fantastic astrologers from all over the world.  I'm motivated to reach out and share my passion with other like-minded people.  However, I need to watch out for the ruling planets of my Pisces South Node - Neptune and Jupiter.  With my Neptune in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Cancer, I tend to avoid participation by hiding away into the safety of my shell and become unfocused on my future plans, especially the finer details.  I tend to get blindly optimistic and assume that everything will just work out in the end, but not doing anything in a concrete way to bring about the change.

I have one problem with my nodal axis - if the South Node denotes what I need to move away from, then what should I do, with a Pisces Sun, when your Sun sign is what you need to work towards in your lifetime?  I guess my Pisces South Node is related to the negative Piscean traits (e.g. escapism, procrastination) and I need to develop the more positive Piscean qualities (e.g. compassion, creativity) as part of my Sun's lesson.

What are your life missions?  What's preventing/hindering you from reaching them?
I strongly recommend Jan Spiller's Astrology for the Soul for those who want to gain further insights on this topic.


  1. How can I tell what is North and what is South in terms of nodes?

    When I go to, it just sez True North. is the opposite of that my South Node?

  2. Yes, True Node is your North Node and the opposite sign is your South Node (forming an axis).

  3. This is interesting. I have NN in Libra in 7th House and SN in Aries in 1st.

    I can see that meaning that I need to learn to work with others and not be a Lone Wolf. That's kind of what I'm going through now, anyway. I'm trying to work, in a sort of partnership with a company. I'm a little wary of doing it b/c I've been burned before. But I approached them so I can't make too many demands from people who don't know me. And, I need to trust them...which I don't. Yet, anyway.

    I have Jupiter sitting pretty close to that NN in Libra in the 7th, so I do attract partners, both biz and personal. But my family was just recently urging to stop being alone. It was Xmas, so they were concerned about me. I think its true that I've set up a pattern that I need to break. I think my Jupiter attracts partners so easily that I take them for granted (on the personal life side). But now I am making more of an effort both personally and professionally.

    Funny you posted that today since I was just going through feelings of mistrust with this new biz partner.

    And I know in the past with my Pisces rising, people have attempted to take advantage of me, so I'm sensitive to that.

    As a Pisces, you may know what I mean... ;-)

  4. It sounds like you're deeply aware of your own chart. With NN in Libra, your natal Venus will tell you how to go about approaching your NN.

  5. Okay, my natal Venus is in Gemini and rules my 2nd House. So... I gonna say that perhaps the way to have successful business partnerships, I should communicate clearly how I would like to share the money.

  6. I know this may sound cliche but 'communication' is the key to healthy and successful partnerships of all kinds, so I agree with your interpretation about voicing your needs. Perhaps with Gemini, unforeseen changes can be dealt with flexibly and aim to keep the harmony (Venus) as much as you can, ie. try to opt for the 'nicer' option instead of tapping into Mars. How does that sit with you?

  7. I think that's how I'm dealing with it now. I resisted my urge to send out an email with an edge (threaten to pull out). Today, I cooled out. Not sure what I'll do moving forward, but I will choose to be 'nice' but not a pushover.

  8. I can totally relate to that. When the Moon was in Scorpio the other day, I had a sudden urge to expose someone because I uncovered some info concerning them. Luckily, with the Moon in Sag now, I'm feeling more philosophical about it - if those people are meant to get exposed, the Universe will take care of it. Human intervention can sometimes lead to detrimental outcomes. I let go and let God deal with it.

  9. oThis is fantastic! I have virgo north/pisces south as well. I actually googled "virgo north node laziness" because I have the tendency to "spiritualize" my life and claim that worldly material events don't matter in the long run - that actions don't matter too much because we'll all be dead soon! (scorpio themes...sun in 8th house...scorpio rising)

    So, yes it's a great reminder that real spirituality is orderly physical's time to get out there, communicate & put this compassion to real use!

    I'm an artist & have a had a hard time dealing with money & the art world, which has beaten me down a bit & disengaged me from action...but w a new (practical) direction w graphic design (which is useful & communicative!) I feel a lot better about approaching the world w my gifts. thanks for the rapport!

  10. I'm a Virgo North Node, sun sign Scorpio on the cusp of Sagittarius (Nov 21 birthday). I didn't know your Sun sign signifies what you're work is in life? What does that mean for people with a cusp sign? Extra work? Thanks for your article, very informative! :)

  11. Dear Candlelight,

    Your Sun sign is the sign you're progressing towards. So if you're a Scorpio, then during your lifetime, you're learning to become a Scorpio. You may find you have some Scorpio traits already but the main lesson is to fully become one. If you check your dob in an ephemeris (which lists the signs of all the planets in the solar system), you'll find that you are one sign or the other. One of my favourite astrologer, Robert Ohotto, emphasised that you are only one sign or the other. He was born on a cusp too but he was born one hour into his Sun sign so that's the sign he's working towards. You can't have both. Your birth year will determine which Sun sign you are. You can go to and check the ephemeris there.


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