Monday 9 January 2012

I'm not a witch - honest!

I often get told that I put people at ease.  So I was horrified when my colleague's daughter found me otherwise.

In my absence, Bailey is a cheerful girl.  My colleague says she's very talkative and can be bossy at times.  However, put me in front of her and her sweet smile disappears in an instant.  She doesn't cry but just stares at me with a worried look.   She also becomes silent, making me convinced that her parents are exaggerating on her communicative nature.  She's not like that at all with other people!  Why is she like that with you?  

Great! So what's wrong with me?  I'm not shouting, I don't even look remotely angry.........

I shared this with an astro pal.  She reckoned that it's something related to Saturn in our charts.  So I looked at the synastry between us and found that my Saturn conjunct her Venus exactly! (with an orb of about 10 minutes).  No wonder.  I'm a strict disciplinarian (Saturn), stifling her fun (Venus).  There are other more pleasant aspects between us, but the poor girl, at the  mere age of 18 months, detected this 'Your Saturn is sitting on my Venus!' aspect straightaway.........

Have you ever met someone you took an instant dislike to?  Or the opposite?


  1. Interesting! This has happened to me twice this holiday season. Two great-nieces who are about the same age as the little girl in your post. Neither one "warmed" to me and usually babies love me (Cancer rising). I understood right away that they were 'leery' of me and kept my distance, but didn't check the astrology until reading your post. With me, both their saturns are nearly conjunct my mars, plus they both have personal planets in scorpio - I have a strong scorpio signature.
    Really interesting that there can be a 'power' undercurrent with such small beings. Thanks for the post!

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience. Lots of 'power undercurrent', as you have aptly put it. Children's intuitive antennae are pretty sharp and alert. Unfortunately, we get educated to suppress it as we age so most of us lose touch with that side of ourselves. Don't we always hear stories of children sighting spirits/talking to 'empty walls' but then 'grew out of it'?


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