Tuesday 17 January 2012

Astrological Rapport

Astrologically speaking, water Pisces and earth Taurus get on very well together.  I have met many Taureans and I did become great friends with them, however,  I have never got on with them the way I have got on with Athena.

I don't warm up to people easily but I felt at ease with Athena instantly.  We have been friends for well over a decade now and it's not until quite recently that I put our charts together and found many tight conjunctions between us.

- Her Saturn conjunct my Sun in 8th - I can be completely honest with her and trust her wholeheartedly.  I feel my secrets are completely safe with her.

- Her Sun conjunct my MC/Her Uranus-Mars-Pluto cluster conjunct my Saturn in 2nd  - Her vibrant energy has a positive effect on the way I see myself.

- Her Neptune conjunct my Uranus in 4th - She inspired me to go after my dreams and gave me a lot of spiritual guidance.  She introduced Angel therapist, Doreen Virtue's spiritual teachings to me, opening my eyes to a new way of seeing life.

- Her Jupiter conjunct my Moon in 10th - I can tell her anything and not afraid of being judged by her.  She always encourages me to have faith in myself.

- Her Venus conjunct my Chiron in 10th - I love being in her presence.  She has a calming effect on me.

Have you ever met people you have an instant rapport with?  What's the astrology between you and them?

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