Sunday 22 January 2012

Neptune in Pisces 2012 - 2026

I was reading the story of 'The Brave Little Tailor' with a student the other day. For those of you unfamiliar with the story, in a nutshell,  it is about a tailor who killed 7 flies in one go, and to celebrate his heroic feat, he decided to set off on a journey to tell the world about it.  

I asked my student if this story was set in modern times, would this Little Tailor need to spread his news by leaving the comfort of his own home?  She replied, 'No, he could inform the media and be on television!'  I agreed but added that we could also take advantage of the internet and use Youtube and Facebook.  I'm sure most of us are in the habit of running to Facebook or Twitter to announce how we're feeling, sharing our joys and woes, or posting pictures of our new haircut (or even in the middle of one!), manicure or pedicure.

This uprise of communicating through cyberspace coincides with Neptune traversing in the territory of Aquarius  - a sign associated with computers, technology and science (also further supported by Uranus in Aquarius from 1996 to 2003).  Neptune first entered Aquarius back in January 1998 and retrograde back into Capricorn until November 1998, then it remains in this innovative sign for the next 14 years and will leave it on 3rd February 2012.

For the past 14 years, the use of computers has utterly immersed itself into everyone's lives - whether or not you own an iphone, ipad, or Blackberry, many areas of our lives have been 'computerised'.  I still remember my family doctor handwriting my prescriptions when I was young.  My school reports were all handwritten too.  It was not until I attended university that my tutor specifically requested to have all assignments word processed.  Now we can book our flights online, pay bills and make other money transfers online, buy movie tickets online, book appointments online......the list is endless.  We can now access the internet on our phones, increasing the level of convenience and mobility even more.  Basically, technology (Aquarius) has made our lives easier and bringing us closer together, i.e. connecting people via cyberspace.

I wonder with Neptune entering Pisces, its home sign, what kind of shift this may possibly bring?  Perhaps the boundaries between people will dissolve further through telepathy or other psychical development?  What do you think?


  1. I am not sure where this is going to go. I am thinking 12th house here also and I suspect some are going to be lost in the depths of cyberspace. Possibly as in loss of identity. I think Uranus in Aries is going to motivate some into a way of reinventing themselves to be seen and to transcend this loss of self, perhaps by restructuring their very foundation since Pluto is in Capricorn. But exactly how, I'm not sure, just have to wait and see what kind of epiphany Uranus brings.

  2. Oh, I hope so. I know that one of my personal goals is to develop my intuition further. 2011 was just too spooky. I plan on doing that by learning to meditate and doing it often. But I'm Pisces rising so Neptune rules my chart.

    But I'm not crazy about having my chart ruler in the 12th house for 8-10 years.

  3. I often find the Universe likes to bring us surprises. Only time will tell exactly how each aspect/sign will manifest in real life...

    I like what you're saying though dmzlh2 - we'll see what Neptune and Uranus have in store for us all.

    Mark: Having your chart ruler in the 12th house (of Pisces) may be quite favourable if intuitive development is what you're seeking....

  4. I'm an aquarius and I felt it immdeiately when neptune entered pisces. For the next 4 months i felt terrible - really down. Up until that point I didn't really believe in astrology as such. I'm not sure why i felt so terrible as i don't have any pisces and the only neptunian thing I have is a 12th house moon.

  5. Welcome Ray. Do you identify strongly with your Aquarian side? I wonder if the 12th house Moon is being triggered by a transit or two, hence your emotional upsets?

  6. I don't really identify with being an aquarian despite having a sun and mercury in it.
    I don't know too much about transits and in-depth astrology, other than the last major one i had was neptune conjunct my sun in 07 which was difficult, but not too bad. My virgo ascendant is at 8 degrees so the neptune opposition is a few years away yet.

    It was just the sheer suddenness of it happening on the exact day neptune entered pisces. It was like my emotional state had woken up and I realised how bad I felt. I cut down my drinking a lot by june because of the hangovers (which got worse) but also because i wasn't enjoying it at all. I did feel better once i'd cut the weekend binges out. I noticed some friends and family doing the same so perhaps other people were experiencing a similar reaction.

    The thing is, i read my hororscope and take an interest in astrology, but up until then i'd never really believed in it fully, if u know what i mean. I felt so dramatically different on the day pisces moved in and felt the same way for months afterwards that i'm fairly positive it was to do with neptune's move into pisces.

  7. That's very interesting Ray. Neptune is a transcendental planet, which affects the collective so changes are felt by the masses instead of just individually. Sounds good that addictive binges are being weeded out of your life!

  8. Hi, love your blog. I felt the Neptune in Pisces transit of 2011 immediately and an unexpected, intense romantic relationship emerged as soon as it began and ended just a couple of weeks after Neptune moved back into Aquarius. I have wondered if that was just a glimps of what will come for me with Neptune moving into Pisces in 2012? Very intense emotions, very unexpected beginning and ending. Any thoughts???

  9. Oh, I forgot to mention regarding the Neptunian transit relationship..
    My Sun and Moon are in Gemini, Ascendent in Leo
    His Sun is in Leo, Moon in Aries, Ascendent in Scorpio.

    Not sure if this would help. Looking forward to your thoughts on this. Thanks!

  10. Welcome Anonymous! Yes, the brief interlude of Neptune in Pisces can act like a glimpse into what the 14-year cycle in Pisces could entail. Coincidentally, Prince William's wedding took place during this romantic, fairy tale-like interval. The suddenness you have described might be linked to Uranus (transiting/natal)......

    As for the synastry, I wouldn't want to make any assumptions based on the sun, moon and asc, as there may be other aspects influencing them. You could go to and get a free synastry reading, or explore it with an astrologer near you.

  11. my date of birth is 12 mar 1984 what gemstones should i wear for success

  12. Aquamarine is the March birthstone, though I have heard gemstones and astrology are made up by the Victorians?!


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