Wednesday 11 January 2012

Oppositions - reflections of your inner soul

I have quite a number of oppositions in my chart:

- Sun oppose Saturn
- Sun oppose North Node
- Mars oppose Saturn
- Moon oppose Uranus
- Jupiter oppose Venus
- Venus oppose Ascendant

With oppositions, we tend to identify with one side and disown the other.  The Universe then brings people with those hidden/disowned traits to annoy the hell out of us.  We then get extremely pissed off and moan to our friends about those irritating sods.  However, if you calm your mind and take an objective stance, you're likely to find that those jerks are merely mirroring a part of you that you have disowned.  For example, during my first Saturn return, I met some unsavory souls who challenged my self-esteem to the core.  I found them highly judgmental and critical.  I then discovered (through a mutual associate) that they are jealous and insecure on the inside hence they put on the mask of a bully to hide their own insecurities.  After some self-reflections, I honestly can admit that I too possess those negative qualities, just that I've buried them deep within me.  After that, I went through a phase of catching myself displaying those qualities on other people (i.e. judging and being critical of other people).  I'm still finding it an art to balance between being nice (Pisces) versus being stern (Virgo), but hey, that's what life is all about.  It certainly keeps me on my toes!

Oppositions are like see-saws, besides owning one side and projecting the other, we might jump from one side to the other.  This is how my Moon-Uranus opposition, straddling across the 4th-10th axis, is turning out in reality.  One minute I just want freedom and focus entirely on my career, and the next, I see all my married friends, some are even mothers, around me and I crave to have my own family too.  Recently though, I've been in close contact with a number of working mums - ones with high powered jobs or their own businesses to attend to.  It's amazing to see how they balance both sides with ease (on the surface of course) but it's rather inspirational to see them having the best of both worlds.  However, they do tend to lean towards the family side more as they are willing to stunt their career growth in order to allow more time for their children.  I see people like them and think - how can I effectively use my Moon-Uranus opposition?  Can I achieve that too?

The Jupiter-Venus opposition is an aspect which took me the longest time to understand.  I once consulted a professional astrologer and I specifically asked her about that aspect.  Her reply was 'Jupiter is a beneficial planet, Venus is too.  So you have lots of good things opposite each other - too much of a good thing is not so great.'  End of explanation.  Oh, thanks for that analysis, it's as clear as mud!..........Last year, I met a fantastic astrologer - Lilian, who is one of the founders and the current president of Hong Kong Astrology Club.  I discussed my Jupiter-Venus opposition with her, which to be fair, is really a quincunx (out-of-sign aspect).  Her answer was surprisingly insightful.  She said just by looking at the planets, I should have lots of love opportunities but I just don't see them that way (very true!).  Then she said I should focus on the signs too - Cancer versus Aquarius, flipping between wanting freedom and independence on the one hand but craving emotional support on the other.  I've always given that interpretation to my Moon-Uranus, but my Jupiter-Venus actually reinforces that delineation too.  What she said was pretty basic but it's like asking a hair stylist to cut his own hair, you can only do so much before you come to unreachable places/blindspots and are unable to continue.  I like sharing my chart with other astrologers, I always hear something new every time.

What have you disowned/projected?

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