Saturday 21 January 2012

Welcoming the Aquarius New Moon, T-Square and all, with open arms

This afternoon, I received the shocking news of the demise of a relative.  My heart goes out to her family at this time.  May you rest in peace.

Every time when I hear of such losses, particularly of people I had personally interacted with, however transient, it feels as if the Universe is giving me a hard slap on the face, saying 'Life is too short, ANYTHING can happen.  Do what you need to do before it's too late.'

Today, even before hearing this piece of sad news, I felt like I was being trapped in a pressure cooker.  Well, transiting Mercury is exactly square my Pluto and transiting Sun is now exactly oppose my Jupiter.  

My poor Jupiter in Cancer, hiding away in the 12th house.  It wants to stay there, but it's being pushed and shoved about by the current Jupiter-Saturn opposition and soon the Aquarius New Moon will march right across it, hands on hips.  This afternoon, I suddenly realised that one of the personal influences this opposition has on me is to balance the need to distribute my time.  With the Jupiter-Saturn opposition falling in my 3rd/4th house cusp and 9th/10th cusp, I want to retreat into the safety of my home but I need to be 'out there' as culturally expected of me during this festive season (imagine feeling the need to isolate oneself during Christmas!).  But to be fair, I do want to be out there too (it is an opposition after all, so one does tend to flit from one side to the other).   As they're both ruled by Venus, I should balance both sides as amicably as possible and not allow my fiery Mercury in Aries to run amok - it won't because it's trapped deep down in my 8th house, it'll just seethe with anger, keeping the irritation boiling at the bottom of my psyche.  Luckily, transiting Mars is slowing down, getting ready for its retrograde on Tuesday 24th.  That sounds great to me.  Switch down a gear, slowly does it...

How are you feeling as we approach the Aquarius New Moon?


  1. (((hugs))) sorry about your family member.

  2. Thx Dmzlh2. I'm the type of person who gets upset over the demise of people I don't even personally know, eg. famous people, so even though I'm distantly related to her, I still feel sad - more so for the people she's leaving behind, though they appear to be coping pretty well. I believe she had had a relatively content life and she left this planet at a ripe old age.


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