Saturday 14 January 2012

Astro Dialoguing or Multiple Personalities?

Beep beep beep beep!  Beep beep beep beep!

'Time to get up.  Rise and shine!'  announced Saturn in Virgo, throwing back the covers and preparing to get ready for the day ahead.

'10 more minutes, please!' groaned Pisces Sun, groggily.

'Yeah, we set the alarm to go off 10 minutes early so we can have a snooze, remember?' complained Mars in Pisces.  'Isn't that right, Taurus Moon?'


'She's still dreaming,' observed Jupiter in Cancer. 'Look, all this arguing is making me wide awake so we might as well skip the snoozing session this morning...I can't stand it when you guys argue all the time......'

'Knock it off, all of you!' shouted Mercury in Aries, threatening to whip those who are still in Slumberland.......

Every waking moment, we face the challenge of integrating the different aspects of our personality.  Most of us can achieve it well enough to lead a relatively 'normal' life, while others end up getting severely out of balance mentally.

Astrology is no magic tool but it can help us identify different facets of ourselves.  It is akin to putting all the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together, except there is no guarantee that all the pieces will fit together perfectly.  The key is to understand each aspect, and to find ways to 'live' with them all simultaneously and as peacefully as possible.

I often swing between being a procrastinator, where I leave work lying around half finished, to a complete martinet, where I force myself to tick off everything on my 'to do' list at record time.  Knowing that it's my Virgo Saturn and Pisces Sun in opposition helps me to understand that both sides belong to me.  When I'm being a workaholic, I purposefully give my Pisces Sun a kick to help me negotiate a rest, and when laziness is getting the better of me, I invite Virgo Saturn to sort it all out.

When I know I'm being overcautious and is on the verge of passing up a fantastic opportunity, I tell my Scorpio Uranus to counsel its opposition buddy, Taurus Moon and come to a mutual agreement.

I used to find it hard to comprehend times when I would crave recognition, but when I do get it, I would squirm and push the compliment away - all thanks to my Leo Ascendant and Pisces Sun-Mars-SN chasing after different dreams.

Blending all the different planetary energies harmoniously together is an art in itself - a lifelong task.

Which aspects of your chart do you find it the hardest to harmonise?

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