Wednesday 4 January 2012

The Energy of 2012 - Jupiter

Jupiter expands, grows, prospers and seeks meaning.  I particularly welcome its ingress in Taurus on 5th June 2011, and look forward to it entering Gemini on 12th June 2012.  This is because having analysed my own Jupiter transits, I've identified periods of contentment associated with transiting Jupiter traversing my Taurus 10th house, where my natal Moon resides, and also, surprisingly, Jupiter in Gemini transiting my empty 11th house.  

Being a Pisces, I can understand the happy feeling associated with my natal Sun sextile transiting Jupiter, but having transiting Jupiter square my Pisces Sun during its sojourn in Gemini?  I guess being equipped with more than enough self-control and discipline (not always considered to be favourable though), I'm able to put this square to good use by not allowing it to get out of hand, which is a possible manifestation of Jupiter - over-confidence. Besides that, transiting Jupiter expands my 11th house of friends, community groups, hopes and wishes with a mercurial tinge (Gemini cusp), and in Gemini, Jupiter sends a supportive beam to my natal Mercury, giving my Mercury plenty of opportunities to expand and grow.

What's transiting Jupiter bringing you?

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  1. Not sure. Its in my First House. Looking forward to it entering my 2nd house in a few weeks. Hoping it increases my income.

  2. Depending on the planets in your first house and the aspects they make to the rest of the chart, having transiting Jupiter in your first house tend to give you a brighter outlook on life and a 'I can do it!' attitude.

    t. Jupiter can increase your income, but it can also increase your spending, as the 2nd house also rules your material possessions. Of course, you have to take into account of any 2nd house planets and their aspects too...

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