Saturday 30 January 2010

Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, luck and overindulgence, entered into the sign of Pisces on January 17th and will remain there until 5th June; its retrograde motion will take us back into the terrains of Pisces from 8th September to 22nd January 2011.  During these periods, the Piscean energy is magnified under Jupiter, pushing issues of spirituality and the seeking of truth and wisdom to the fore.

Aries:  With Jupiter tucked away in your house of hidden talents and Universal wisdom, it is likely that during the next six months will be a time of quietly reflecting on your beliefs on what life is all about.  

Taurus:  During the periods mentioned above, you may find yourself joining groups or meeting individuals who are on similar spiritual paths as you.  Perhaps they may inspire you to explore ways to give back to the community.

Gemini:  You may get the opportunity to receive spiritual enlightenment through your career.  Authority figures you encounter in your profession could bring you insight into life's mysteries.

Cancer:  You may toy with the idea of furthering yourself in a higher education setting.  It is likely that teachers or gurus you meet could shed light on issues of compassion and forgiveness.

Leo:  This may be the time to dig deep into your psyche and eliminate beliefs which no longer work for you.  

Virgo:  Watch out for people you encounter in the next six months, especially romantic or business partners; they are likely to bring you wisdom on what life is all about.

Libra:  Look out for people at work or in your day-to-day life, they could bring you some insightful messages.

Scorpio:  This could be a time where you have the urge to show the world your compassionate heart.  Bringing yourself to forgive others and yourself is not as hard as you think.

Sagittarius:  You do not need to travel to the four corners of the world to gain wisdom and enlightenment, spiritual insights could be gained in the comfort of your own home.

Capricorn:  You may find yourself more tolerant and open-minded to matters of spirituality and the less tangible aspects of life.

Aquarius:  This could be time when you deeply question yourself on your spiritual beliefs and values.   What really makes you tick?

Pisces:  Your outlook on life may take on a more philosophical approach.  You are likely to put more emphasis on more deep and meaningful aspects of life.

Saturday 16 January 2010

A Change of Perspective

I arrived at the bus stop this morning, finding it completely empty.  Drats!  I turned to look in the opposition direction and found the bus zooming down the road.  I missed it by only a few seconds.  Oh well, life goes on!  I thought to myself as I took up position at the start of the bus queue.  The line then began to grow and before I knew it, I saw the next bus approaching our stop. All of a sudden, it dawned on me that I was first in the queue - i.e. I get to have first pick of my seat. Instead of focusing on the negative side (in this case, missing the bus), we should turn our attention on the positive aspect of the situation (i.e. being first in line for the next bus!).

Friday 1 January 2010

Happy New Year!

The start of the new year is the time to take an inventory of 2009 and to embrace the new year with a set of New Year resolutions.  This neatly coincides with the lunar eclipse in Cancer on December 31st.  This is a time to release all that no longer serves you.  What have you learnt in 2009?  What objectives would you set yourself for 2010?  Eclipses are also times when secrets are being brought to the light.  You may uncover secrets being kept from you or vice versa, your secrets could rise to the surface.

This lunar eclipse in Cancer oppose the Sun in Capricorn.  Where the Moon falls in your chart is the area of your life that needs illumination in order to achieve your goals.  The house the Sun occupies is where you need to focus your energy.  I highly recommended you read your Sun and Ascendant signs.  You can discover your Ascendant by clicking on one of the links on the right to get your birthchart drawn for free.  For this, you will need your birthtime - as accurately as possible.

Aries:  It appears that your career is in the foremost of your mind and it is where you would like to exert your energy.  You may feel this emphasis skews the home-work balance and so spending time at home and with family is indicated, or at least, on your wish list.

Taurus:  Dedicating your time and energy to higher learning is indicated.  This may take the form of classes in a further education setting, or joining a spiritually-related group and gaining wisdom on the meaning of life.  You are likely to inject practicality in what you learn from those settings.  Changing the way you think could help you get closer to your heart's desire.

Gemini:  You may like to focus your time on building-up resources with a business partner or a significant other.  Achieving material success could be on your mind.  You may feel external influences are questioning your own values and beliefs.  You may even equate your earning power to your own self-worth.

Cancer:  Relationships and matters of the heart are likely to be on your mind; perhaps you would like to take action on reaching out to that special someone?  You may feel forced to come out of your shell and to greet the world with a mask.  A caring sign, you are likely to give your time and energy to help others.  However, it is important to achieve a healthy balance of give and take.  Accepting help from others is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Leo:  Everyday life may seem mundane but wisdom can be derived from these routine interactions.  A co-worker or someone you meet on a routine basis, e.g. postman, milkman, could bring you an insightful message, making you aware of something about yourself which you have never realised before.  Perhaps a hidden talent.  This is likely to be a time to have some quality 'me' time and to delve deep within to do some soul searching.

Virgo:  There appears to be a focus on self-expression and commitment related to children, either your own or other people's - perhaps you work with them?  If you are a parent, this may be the time where you may like to spend some extra quality time with your children, or for non-parents, spending time in the presence of children - your friends' children or children in your community.  Often, children come out with the funniest and wisest comments - perhaps these could inspire you and allow you to re-acquaint with your own inner child.  

Libra:  Home life is likely to take up the bulk of your time.  This may be the time where you may become interested in tracing your family tree or just learning more about your family history.  It may be that you are striving for a balance between your home and work life.  Achieving career success is high up on your agenda.

Scorpio:  It may be that you have set yourself a goal to learn more about the meanings of life and to follow the great teachings of your favourite gurus.  Let's not lose sight of practical matters and ground yourself in the here and now.  You are learning to apply your spiritual insights into your immediate surroundings.

Sagittarius:  This may be a time where you may feel the need to release old beliefs and anything which no longer works for you.  A significant other could instigate this transformation.  This could lead to the development of a new set of values and beliefs.  There appears to be a focus on material possessions and money in general.

Capricorn:  A kind and caring partner could help you to achieve your goals, or a lesson in relating to others could bring you closer to what you want to achieve.  You may focus much of your energy on building a new vision on how you approach life in the new year and how you present yourself to the world.  Perhaps you would like to be portrayed as someone who is organised, diligent and responsible.

Aquarius:  During this time of the current lunar eclipse, you are likely to turn your attention away from the spotlight and focus on things which are more hidden from the world.  You may like to go deep within and search within your soul for any talents which you have forgotten about or you don't know you possess.  Achieving success in the workplace is likely to be on your mind, or that you may feel forced to react to circumstances occurring at work.

Pisces:  You may invest time and energy into reaching out to your community, joining charity groups or just spending time with your friends.  Striving for a balance between helping others and helping yourself is indicated.  You may set yourself goals to focus on yourself through engaging in activities you enjoy or spending time with people you love.

Magnetic Wave Therapy

While sauntering around the stalls at the 44th Hong Kong Brands & Products Expo on the last day of 2009, I came across the following poster:

I was rather captivated by the mapping of the human body onto the hand - similar to reflexology but on the foot.  I began to snap away with my camera when a sales assistant came and gave me a leaflet with a copy of the poster on it.  She then offered us a free consultation by a magnetic wave device - a small machine with a metal probe for delivering mild magnetic waves to the hand.  If the part of the body is weak, then a numbing sensation can be felt.  If the part of the body requires medical attention, then pain can be felt.  For more information on this product, please visit

My diagnosis is that I need to pay attention to my appendix, neck and to relax more (yes, the machine worked out that I have a nervous disposition!).  Also some slight hormonal imbalance - probably comes with the stress!

Pondering Pisces

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