Tuesday 6 October 2009

Appreciate the Small Things in Life

This morning, on my way to work, the panic outburst of a woman chasing after her escaping puppy caught my attention.  The lady managed to put a firm grasp on her doggie before it left the park gate, but as I continued onward with my journey, I soon witnessed a man, whose doggie was also running away from him, but this time towards the park gate.  It turned out that the two dogs were running towards one another because they couldn't wait to see each other!  I momentarily stopped to make sure that was the case, afterall, why would dogs do that?!  However, that was exactly what it was, the two doggies met at the gate and then, totally ignoring their owners, sauntered into the park side by side.  

I know there are many stories of this kind where animals have demonstrated human traits/behaviours, but this incident instantly put a smile on my face as I continued on my way to work.

Pondering Pisces

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