Monday 16 January 2012

New Moon in Aquarius 2012

Time to get down on your knees and pray - we have a New Moon in Aquarius on 23rd January, which coincides with the first day of the Chinese New Year in 2012 - Year of the Dragon.

This New Moon falls on 2 degrees 42 minutes Aquarius.  Pinpoint this in your chart to see which area of your life is being highlighted and make your wish accordingly.  Embellish it further by finding Uranus in your chart (as Uranus rules Aquarius), and the 11th house (Aquarius' natural home), which is associated with friends, community groups, charities, long term wishes and goals.

The Jupiter-Saturn opposition forms a T-Square with this New Moon in fixed signs.  The challenge here is to balance the need to make your plans practical and achievable yet still supporting your heart's desires and personal beliefs. Interestingly, Jupiter in Taurus and Saturn in Libra are both ruled by Venus.  Harmony is the ultimate aim of any opposition/T-Square, but here, the Love Goddess has made herself present in this tug of war, wanting the two giant planets to see each other's point of view and to focus on society as a whole (Aquarius New Moon being the apex planet).

Mars in Virgo goes retrograde the next day, which helps us to be even more thorough and methodical in our actions, and to go through any small print with a fine-toothed comb before commitment.

Mercury entering Aquarius on 27th January continues the humanitarian theme from the Aquarian New Moon, inspiring the mind to wander into unexplored terrains for a worthy cause.

So to sum up, whatever your wish might be, make it realistic, adopt an optimistic outlook, be open to new ideas and think outside the box.  Take the focus off 'me' and concentrate on reaching out to the masses by connecting with the 'group mind'.

From the perspective of Chinese astrology, the word 'expression' colours the first day of this Lunar New Year where people are generally more expressive with their hostile thoughts and feelings, e.g. public demonstrations, debates.  There is a slight melancholic tone where people review the previous year and arrive at the conclusion that they have underachieved, despite having exerted a lot of effort towards their goals. This is especially relevant for the younger generations and employees.  2012 is a wood year (but with Water Dragon) representing growth and learning.  However, this comes at a price - competition.  Wood and water are very strong in 2012 so wood- and water-related industries will prosper, e.g. education, fashion, transportation.  Fire industry may not do as well in comparison, e.g. IT, electronics.  I want to thank my friend Jason for his Chinese astrology input.

So where is this Aquarius New Moon in your chart?  What aspects does it make with your other planets?


  1. The new moon lands in my 11th house. It makes a trine to my 4Gem Venus.

    If that means new love or money, I'll take it. :)

  2. This conjuncts my natal chiron which is opposite my uranus in leo and puts my natal mars and neptune at the apex of that natal t-square.

    BTW Mark sent me, he and I share the same house systems. Love your writings.

  3. Huge apologies to dmzlh2 - I accidentally deleted your latest comment! How embarrassing....
    Here it is:

    :::waves at Mark:::

    I hope it means they loved me at my job interview and now I have to make plans to succeed at my new career :)

  4. Mark: Sounds nice. Could be love or money. Or new friends/being part of a community group/doing something for a good cause or just good times with your pals - you'll probably have a great time if you have a party that day:-)

  5. dmzlh2: Sounds like this New Moon might bring some kind of spiritual healing to you, or motivating you to tap into your creativity and do something different.....

  6. sHa!, I think dmzlh2 does healing. Not sure if the new job would involve healing, but guessing it does.

  7. Even if the job is not in the healing sector, the New Moon conjunct Chiron could bring a sense of healing/a release of past wounds...


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