Wednesday 5 September 2012

Saturn transits from 3rd to 4th house - time for a system update

I was yet again inspired by intuitive astrologer, Robert Ohotto's latest radio show on 'The Power of your Imagination versus Will'.  

Ohotto mentions that we all have different programs running in us (aka our belief system).  These were all downloaded from childhood - from the interaction with parental or authoritative figures, to the background influence of our family, society or culture.

I certainly have the 'Critic' and 'Perfectionist' programs running in me, though I think I was only conscious of them from my mid 20s (as transiting Saturn was approaching my 2nd house, where my natal Saturn also resides).

I also recall that in my late 20s, I began to 'update' my beliefs on money. I assimilated, culturally, that money was earned through blood and sweat, hence I associated money with extreme hardship.  How refreshing it was when I encountered Louisa Hay and John Randolph's views on this very topic.  In their books,  'You Can Heal Your Life' and 'The Abundance Book' respectively, they discuss that it is our consciousness on abundance that is bringing prosperity to us, and not just sheer hard work.

Here's a link to one of Louise Hay's article on success and abundance:

Here's a link to my previous blog entries on both of these authors on the topic of abundance:

As transiting Saturn approaches my 4th house of home, family, roots and emotional history,  I feel it is time, yet again, to take an inventory of my past and reassess which 'software programs' running in my psyche require an upgrade or a total eradication.

Taking this one step further, are there any virus in your system which is hindering the smooth running of your other programs?

Come to think of it, perhaps I need to update my 'firewall' to protect myself from malicious verbal attacks.  Or perhaps I merely need to update my virus scan?

What programs are currently running in your system?  

Are you due for an upgrade?


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