Tuesday 9 December 2014

I keep on meeting....Aries

Astrology is a celestial language.  It is a way for the stars above to communicate with us.  All we need to do is decipher the meaning behind the patterns formed, i.e. planets dressed in different signs dwelling in various houses.

I remember once I purchased an astrology book talking about what it means if you keep on meeting people under a particular sign.  Just over a decade ago, I kept on meeting one Virgo after another!  Have you had this experience? I believe that there are no coincidences.  There are meanings behind everything, it's just a matter of understanding the message encrypted within.  Therefore, if you keep on encountering individuals born under a particular sign, it's highly likely that there are traits of that sign which you need to be aware of.  

Aries - Keep on meeting these active and dynamic individuals is a probable sign that the Universe would like you to be more brave and courageous.  Blaze a new trail and unleash the warrior in you. Be a pioneer.  Be spontaneous.  On the other hand, if you are prone to be rash and impulsive, then it's time to redress the balance.  It's a matter of projection.  If you find yourself becoming irritated with people who appear to be selfish, do not listen to you, short-tempered and impatient, then there's a high chance that either you have those traits but are unaware of them, or you have acted in those ways in the past and still have not forgiven that part of yourself.   It could be that you are the complete opposite (i.e. selfless, a fantastic listener and have a load of patience) but cannot stand those people who can get away with doing the opposite, e.g. 'He's so big-headed.' (you're probably jealous of his confidence).  'She's such a bitch.' (you may be jealous of her assertiveness because you're a doormat) etc......

This is a fantastic time to introspect and become aware of what's been triggered in your emotional system.  It's nothing to do with the other person, s/he is simply there as a reminder (don't shoot the messenger!).  Why is it that you have that emotional reaction?  Chances are that it can be traced back to a childhood incident which has left a scar inside of you.  Are you willing to track it down and uproot it?

I've been doing this pretty intensively for the past 5 months. Every time, when I feel emotionally triggered/challenged, I would ask myself what is it that I am unhappy about, and then try to relate it back to a childhood incident.  I originally apply the rules of family constellation in this process of 'digging up my emotional roots' but found that including astrology can also add another dimension to this search.

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