Thursday 3 March 2016

Solar Eclipse in Pisces 2016

On 9th March 01:54 (GMT) we have a solar eclipse in Pisces at 18 degrees 55 minutes.  

What does it all mean?

Solar eclipses are super new moons depicting new beginnings, but their effects are more potent than a standard new moon.  The orb of influence is wider too.  The house where the eclipse falls is the area of life which is getting a nudge; to dissolve (Pisces) what no longer works; to transcend beyond the present limits.  

Celeste Teal in her book 'Eclipses' mentions that 'An eclipse involves a process of transformation and shows where change is necessary [...] it acts are a cosmic regulator that maintains balance on earth, though often producing a crisis to bring attention to a situation [...] Eclipses reveal our individual ties to these universal processes, where we fit in the big picture and where and when we make links with others......'

Events related to a solar eclipse tend to have an element of surprise, it's like an alarm clock, waking us up from our slumber, for example, one year, a friend of mine was made redundant on the spot when his questionable behaviour was discovered by the company.  On the surface, it appeared that he lost a job but in actual fact, he knew in his heart that his talents lie elsewhere and so the Universe merely gave him one massive kick up the backside (because he refused to do it himself earlier!)

However, recently, I have noticed charts of friends and family members where the eclipse degree tightly conjunct an important planet/point natally but no changes were evident at all.  

Having discussed this with my more experienced counterparts, I come to the conclusion that as spectacular as eclipses may sound, they can come and go with no overt or covert changes in a native.  Further support may be needed by transits, in particular, solar return degrees.  I know solar returns aren't everyone's cup of tea, but I'm loving it more and more, especially that in the past 6 months, I'm been tracking a few close friends' charts.  Just by looking at their transits, I didn't notice anything peculiar, but when looking at their solar return charts, it's uncanny to see that the solar return luminaries/planets/angles were triggered by transits instead.  

What are your views on this?

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