Sunday 7 August 2016

Saturn goes direct 2016

Saturn, the taskmaster, is due to go direct on 13th August at 10:49 (BST).  

Check your natal chart to see if you have any planets/angles/points in mutable signs at 9 degrees 46 mins.

Expect the veil of restriction, anxiety, fear and inhibition to lift (in varying amounts), depending on how much effort you have initially put in during the retrograde phase (25th March to 12th August 2016).  Shirking responsibilities and running away from problems means you end up missing out on chances to clock up XP points for future benefits.

During the retrograde phase, you may have felt limited in regard to resources and time, or perhaps you have felt stifled and couldn't get your creative juices to flow.  Instead, you could use this period to develop better structure/methodologies to put your ideas into action.  Think back to what happened around mid December 2015, what plans did you have then?  Did you experience a level of stunted growth by March 2016?  (When Saturn went retrograde at 16 degrees 24 minutes Sagittarius).  Now that this planet of form and discipline moves forward again, you can finally get the ball rolling.

Though I'm no expert on fixed stars, it's also interesting to note that transiting Saturn goes station direct on the degree of the fixed star Antares, you can read more about that here.

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