Saturday 3 December 2022

Masculine & Feminine signs


Photo by Jben Beach Art

In astrology, masculine signs are fire and air, whereas earth and water are feminine signs.

The easiest way is just to look at your sun sign, which is the sign you read about in horoscopes.  However, if you know your birth time, you can draw your birth chart (try for free birth chart calculations) and work out the proportion of your masculine vs feminine signs.  

You may find that your sun sign is masculine but you are a passive person, one reason could be that the other planets (e.g. Mercury, Venus, Mars) in feminine signs overriding your unexplored masculine Sun.  

You can spot people with masculine signs a mile off, they are the ones who are active, always on the move, not afraid to speak their mind and to go after their dreams.  

Those who are more feminine are more reserved, they tend to hold back, physically and verbally until you crossed their boundary.

The bey is to reach a healthy balance of the two polarity.  Not to be a bully or a pushover.

Photo by Jben Beach Art,

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