Monday 26 December 2011

Cosmic weather report for the last week in 2011

The atmosphere lightens up as the Moon in Capricorn pulls away from its square to Saturn and enters Aquarius on Boxing Day.  In humanitarian Aquarius, the Moon then square Jupiter, opening our eyes to those unfortunate souls in society who may not have had such a heart-warming Christmas.  Is there anything we could do to help them?

On Tuesday 27th, the Moon conjunct Venus in Aquarius, creating an air of detachment, which helps us to let go of any emotional attachments as we get ready for the new year.  This is further reinforced by the Moon in sextile to Mercury.

By mid-week, the Moon is busy connecting to Saturn (trine) and Neptune (conjunction) before entering dreamy Pisces.  We are encouraged to be realistic with our time and not have our boundaries crossed by offering too much of ourselves away.  The Sun conjunct Pluto may bring power struggles, though with the Moon sextile Pluto, the intensity is directed in positive ways.

Leading up to the weekend, with the Moon square Mercury in Sagittarius and oppose Mars in Virgo, we are reminded not to get caught-up in the details but to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

Feelings become more volatile as the Moon enters fiery Aries on New Year's Eve.  We begin to ruthlessly review the past year,  reminiscing on all the things we have or have not achieved.  A feeling of impatience accompanies our evaluation of 2011 as we look forward to making a new start in 2012.

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