Tuesday 20 December 2011

Jupiter in Taurus going direct

Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, first entered the sign of reliable and patient Taurus on 5th June 2011.  Jupiter brings us a feeling of joy, confidence and faith in what we do, but we can equally be overwhelmed by this expansive energy.  By 30th August though, it began its backward motion, giving us almost 4 months worth of introspective time to dialogue with our inner voice, and to work out how to utilise this wave of abundance in practical and sensible ways.  On Christmas Day this year, Jupiter will go direct again and will stay in Taurus until 11th June 2012.

Personally, I have my transiting Jupiter in my 10th house of professional life and public status.  Every time when Jupiter enters Taurus, I'm endowed with a feeling of hope and that whatever happens, it will all turn out to be fine in the end.  You can interpret this as blind faith, I guess!

Where's Jupiter in your chart at the moment?  What is it bringing you?

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