Saturday 13 October 2012

New Moon in Libra 2012

Cosmic Potential Libra New Moon 2012

The Sun and Moon are due to meet in the sign of Libra on 15th October (12:02 GMT) at 22 degrees 32 minutes.  Libra is about balance, diplomacy and justice.  Where this new moon falls in your chart is the area of your life which could do with some balance in relating to other people.  Perhaps you are working too hard and need to relax your body and spend more time with your loved ones.  Or it could be that you have been unfocused at work and need to pull yourself together and move away from 'friends' who are leading you astray.  

Mars sends a trine to Uranus on the day, adding some impulsive action to the already volatile Uranus-Pluto square.  Globally, expect more angry people grouping together to fight against bigger organisations.  On a personal level, look out for that impulsive streak to act or lash out.

How can we defuse this fury?

Well, this new moon receives two trines, one from Neptune and the other from Jupiter.  The former reminds us that we are all from the same Universal source so display more compassion in our relationships with others.  As the saying goes, 'One is All, All is One'.  The latter trine reminds us that Jupiter in Gemini may have given us an ample amount of information to process and with it currently in retrograde, discern what is useful and what is not.  Discard the unusable from your system.  Avoid taking on too much in the name of love and service, especially with this new moon's ruler, Venus in Virgo, square Jupiter.  Be realistic with what you can handle.

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