Sunday 21 July 2013

Full Moon in Aquarius 2013

On 22nd July 2013 at 19:15 BST, we have a full moon in Aquarius at 0 degrees 06 minutes.  I'm going to be egocentric (quite fitting with the Sun entering Leo at 16:55!) and talk about my own experience of this full moon.

Full Moons are culmination points where hidden factors come to the fore.  It is also a great time to evaluate projects previously started.  

For me, this full moon exactly conjunct my natal Venus in the 6th house.  Natally, I have my Venus oppose Jupiter, with the latter conjunct ASC.  the Leo-Aquarius axis brings us the message of being an individual in society.  In addition, we have Venus entering Virgo at 13:40 on the same day.  Virgo is the sign of service; Venus is about our values.  

With this cosmic concoction, we are urged to assess our values  (Venus in Virgo) and participate in society (Aquarius) in a way that allows us to shine as an individual (Sun in Leo), but simultaneously serving the greater community (Moon in Aquarius).  Too often, we associate 'success' with global recognition and acclaim.  However, if someone is serving others and making a difference in their own community, is that person not successful just because s/he is unknown to the rest of the world?  It is great to receive applause but let's not lose sight of our individual life purposes.

Besides this exact conjunction of the full moon to my natal Venus, I also have transiting Chiron in Pisces exactly conjunct my Sun and transiting Neptune conjunct my Mars.  I definitely can feel the message there - surrender and be a nobody.  Neptune dissolves everything it touches.  With it conjunct my Mars, self advancement is not favourable as suggested by Rob Hand in his 'Planet in Transit', instead, 'act because you enjoy the action, not because you are trying to win.'  Recently, I got myself involved in a project which I enjoyed immensely.  It took up a lot of my time and there's no monetary reward but for the first time in years, I stopped asking the question, 'What's the point of all this hardwork?'  I simply did not CARE because I was having so much fun doing what I love.  I didn't care if the response was lukewarm.  As far as I'm concerned, I enjoyed the process; I've learned a great deal about the subject and that's all it matters.  

What's the full moon reflecting in your life?

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