Sunday 7 July 2013

New Moon in Cancer 2013

The New Moon in Cancer on 8th July at 16 degrees 18 minutes presents us with our monthly opportunity to reset our intentions.

Ruled by the moon, Cancer is associated with our home, family (mother in particular), our feelings and emotions, our past traumas and emotional security.

Under this new Moon, we also have Jupiter in Cancer, thus expanding the emotional issues at hand.  In addition, we have Jupiter as part of a grand water trine with Saturn and Neptune, giving us a chance to manifest our dreams.  However, with 3 free flowing trines, there is a danger of just thinking and no action.  This may not be a bad thing since we also have Mercury in retrograde in Cancer so introspection is the key.  Use this time to research, revise, and reconsider.  Jupiter conjunct Mars in Gemini could provide the action we are seeking though it could end up as verbal frustration.

As Mercury is closely conjunct this Cancer new moon, this is a time to make sense of our inner vulnerabilities - not just feeling it as an emotion (Moon) but also to attempt to think and verbalise it (Mercury).  I would personally use the mode of writing instead of speaking though.  With Mercury in retrograde, an element of misunderstanding may creep in when confiding in someone of our vulnerabilities and traumas.

Lastly, we have this new moon locked in a T-Square with Uranus and Pluto.  Sense of insecurity triggered by external events.

Where does this new moon fall in your natal chart? 

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