Sunday 18 August 2013

Full Moon in Aquarius 2013

On 21st August, 02:44 BST, we have a full moon in Aquarius at 28 degrees 11 minutes.

A full moon marks the culmination point, where hidden information comes under the spotlight.  It is a great time to tweak existing projects and plans before continuing on to the next phase.

The Sun conjunct Mercury in Leo oppose the Aquarius Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces. This full moon is ruled by Uranus, which is oppose Venus in Libra, forming a T-square to the existing Uranus-Pluto square.  

Full Moon Message
We are entitled to our own thoughts and opinions (Sun-Mercury in Leo), and possibly quite proud of them too.  However, this full moon in Aquarius is encouraging us to use our individualism in a wider context - to give back to the community/to contribute to humanity, instead of finding ways to get applause from the audience. The T-Square (Uranus - Pluto - Venus) and the Venus quincunx Neptune are urging us to make adjustments to break out of our own existing (probably tightly-held) personal beliefs and values.  This is a good time to release some outdated beliefs in the area of relationships and to make room for a breath of fresh air.

This full moon straddles my 1st -7th axis, forming a T-square with my natal Moon in 10th (which activates the natal Moon-Uranus opposition).  This is an opportunity for me to release some emotional baggage in order to free up some space for more impersonal concerns.  It's not always about 'me, me, me,' but 'How can I serve in this world?'
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